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Amazing sight

I went with my parents, my Mom thought it was the highlight of our trip to Oaxaca. I found the tree beautiful. I am amazed at the age. Absolutely wonderful. If you decide to shop at the local... Read Full Review

MelanieR981 ,Fort Worth, Texas  on 25 Sep 2019 19:54 PM

Now that’s a tree!

Being from the east coast of Canada, my version of “big trees” is way off base. Some of our oldest trees are a few hundred years old, and are typically not as impressive as you would think. Those... Read Full Review

JoshtheTravelG ,Halifax, Canada  on 25 Sep 2019 9:24 AM

Much fun!

widest circumference tree in the world. 2000 years old....wow. it is interesting how shapes have grown into the tree over time. Read Full Review

Gregory W ,null  on 12 Jul 2019 18:02 PM

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