• Wayanad Nature at Tejana Bamboo Villa

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4.0/ 5

High inclined leaps, gives trekking experience

Must visit once to get the cave feel with old precious inscriptions. The steps to reach top are small and so it's crowded at times.

NivethaR14 ,null  on 11 Oct 2019 0:39 AM

Too pain Not much gain

The caves are much hyped and over rated given its location and accesscibility. The mess starts with the parking lot which can't handle a bit of crowd, than you have to climb up steeply for more than... Read Full Review

661santanum ,Kolkata (Calcutta), India  on 07 Oct 2019 9:07 AM

Just a long climb to nowhere

A little arduous climb if you have kids, but my 4 yr old didn't need to be picked up thankfully. However, it is much more hyped than it's worth. Just a cave and a hill top view, nothing really... Read Full Review

duggalharshit ,Bangalore District, India  on 06 Oct 2019 6:59 AM

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