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Meiji Jingu Shrine

I visited here on a Monday cloudy afternoon in April. There were quite a few people walking around. It is a nice green space to enjoy in the middle of bustling Tokyo. Got some nice photos.

RoyaltyC ,Calgary, Canada  on 15 May 2019 22:17 PM

Set in a lovely park, very atmospheric.

This shrine feels more like the real thing, others in Tokyo felt a bit like tourist traps. We got here early when there were few people about and it felt very serene and peaceful. We were not... Read Full Review

GarryUK ,Newbury, United Kingdom  on 14 May 2019 18:25 PM

A nice walking spot in the middle of Tokyo

I guess if you want to see shrines in Japan, normally you would think of Kyoto. However, Meiji Jingu is actually a good temple to walk around in Tokyo. I went there immediately after I visited... Read Full Review

emma_give ,Tokyo, Japan  on 14 May 2019 5:37 AM

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