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A signature visit

While here at Singapore....a centrally located hub of ornamental and aesthetic value! Must or rather will visit when going to any of the attractions! Read Full Review

sabby4b ,Danapur, India  on 12 Oct 2019 0:18 AM

Must see photo opportunity

A crowded spot but quite easy to get a photo opportunity. People move and flow quickly, worth the effort and a lovely breeze on a hot day. It’s quite popular with tourist groups and buses, some nice... Read Full Review

zrRacer ,Melbourne, Australia  on 11 Oct 2019 22:37 PM

Iconic symbol of Singapore!!!

Merlion is an iconic symbol of Singapore, and this is a great spot for a photograph! It can get quite crowded, but it doesn't take much of a wait to get a good photography spot. One on side you can... Read Full Review

SushKhera ,Faridabad, India  on 11 Oct 2019 7:09 AM

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