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Sad & Disappointing

Sad but true! Very disappointed with the haphazard renovation taking place. The place that we revere, where the massacre of hundreds of peaceful Indians by the evil empire took place and the mention... Read Full Review

bombaytraveller ,Mumbai, India  on 05 Dec 2019 6:20 AM

Destroyed & Missing history

Waste of time due to mismanagement and improper details about place and its importance is missing. Lack of photographs & detail which helps people to get connected about incident happened. Must... Read Full Review

justdoitviral ,Mumbai, India  on 04 Dec 2019 10:54 AM

Place is nice

Jallianwala bagh us nice and beautiful place with enjoyment your friends and family,place ia cleane and cool temperature.

Johnweak ,null  on 02 Dec 2019 23:21 PM

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