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View of this volcano was awesome though we just drove past on the way to the hotspring. We were informed it erupted way back in 1917. So there's plenty of history in this area. We were informed that... Read Full Review

Rupert S ,Singapore, Singapore  on 07 Feb 2019 20:09 PM

Trekking mount batur bali

I climbed Mount Batur, with my family, the scenery was incredible and I was very grateful, the guide gave me the best service, and my family, I was very happy to meet a very friendly, polite guide... Read Full Review

yen0204 ,null  on 06 Feb 2019 8:13 AM

Pain is temporary, glory is forever.

It's pitch black, you're surrounded by jungle, and you can vaguely make out lights moving up the slope of an unseen giant mountain far, far, far above you... if it wasn't for our guide I'm sure we... Read Full Review

Steve S ,Brisbane, Australia  on 06 Feb 2019 0:12 AM

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