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I felt chills!

Heart touching Masjid! Just the thought that you are entering the first ever Masjid is overwhelming! No visit to Madinah is complete with offering 2 rakats inside this awesome Masjid Maa Shaa Allah

Mo G ,Mombasa, Kenya  on 12 Jan 2019 20:46 PM

Go on Saturday morning

Special rewards associated with a Saturday morning visit. Try to get a spot under the original structure, specifically under the hole in the dome.

Marco_Battuta ,null  on 10 Jan 2019 20:48 PM

A must visit

if you can, visit the masjid on a saturday and perform mid day prayers there, this is a Sunnah. There is a bus just outside the museum at Masjid e Nabawi that costs 5 riyals to and from Haram to Quba.

3Shakera ,Johannesburg, South Africa  on 03 Jan 2019 7:26 AM

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