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Best Choice from our holiday in Mauritius!!! Speedboat is a must!

Our best choice while in Mauritius, definitely! We were between going or staying on the common beaches but we decided to give it a try. I haven't seen in my life water clear as here. Be aware that... Read Full Review

OrestePaven ,Cluj-Napoca, Romania  on 28 Jan 2019 7:25 AM

Petit coin de paradis...

Île Plate, also known as Flat Island, is a small island off the north coast of Mauritius. BEAUTIFUL!

Maisondelaplage ,Albion  on 21 Jan 2019 1:20 AM

Avoid Karl Kaiser at all costs

We were waiting at the meeting point at the meeting time for the return. They loaded a small boat in front of us to take people back on the main catamaran. They never came back for us. Furthermore... Read Full Review

817guillaumeh ,La Plaine des Cafres, Reunion Island  on 12 Jan 2019 0:08 AM

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