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Srinagars gardens

tell a story of relaxation and mor peaceful times. Lovely flowers and very nice to visit. Very good on your budget.

ElP2015 ,Mannheim, Germany  on 14 Aug 2019 9:25 AM


Well maintained beautiful garden located in the heart of the city. Could find some rare flowers. Feast for photography lovers.

Baburajnair ,Coimbatore, India  on 31 Jul 2019 1:19 AM

Barely ok..and a normal garden

It is facing the dal lake and well maintained..but we also do have pretty decent gardens in our cities now.. might be if we went in the winters the story mught be different. But in summera .its just... Read Full Review

manansomani ,New Delhi, India  on 29 Jul 2019 6:24 AM

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