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Burj al arab

Burj Al Arab Worlds tallest hotel and the costliest one as well. Overlooking the sea and cleanest of beaches in Dubai it hosts the helipad and a sky high international tennis court. Slated and... Read Full Review

mahesh822 ,Mumbai, India  on 09 Dec 2019 21:27 PM

Incredibly beautiful and amazing feat of engineering

During my one day in Dubai I went to a brunch in the Al Muntaha Restaurant on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab. Not only are the views spectacular, but the food is excellent and the service is... Read Full Review

caroleromeo104 ,New York City, New York  on 09 Dec 2019 20:37 PM

View from a far

This is a six or seven star hotel and out of reach for normal travellers but the rich and famous.You could however choose to dine there but you would strictly be taken and can only be in the... Read Full Review

mohaniyer50 ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  on 09 Dec 2019 11:24 AM

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