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3.5/ 5

A Must Do

This is a location that everyone must do while in London. It’s free of course and it’s an easy walk. While at the Tower of London we exited and proceeded along the river to the bridge. A must do!

Pylon12 ,Toronto, Canada  on 11 Oct 2019 17:24 PM

Good for thrill seekers

If you enjoy being scared sh*tless this is the place for you!! I was scared on several occasions! I enjoyed how you get to learn the history of London whilst the scare factor is added! Definitely... Read Full Review

ruby0808 ,Croydon, United Kingdom  on 11 Oct 2019 1:41 AM

Really good but short

Firstly I’m giving it 4 stars because we really did get the stuffing scared out of us on several occasions and we had a great laugh and the staff were all friendly(?!) and overly picked on our friend... Read Full Review

LeanneR102 ,Sidcup, United Kingdom  on 10 Oct 2019 18:46 PM

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