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Go At Night

Although this was only built in the 1980s and is most likely inaccurate, and although there isn’t much to see inside, it is still worth a visit. It’s an impressive building in a pleasant square with... Read Full Review

CptVonTripp ,London, United Kingdom  on 22 Sep 2019 4:09 AM


There’s very little inside and given the built up area it’s nowhere near high enough to give any kind of decent view - it’s quite cheap but even if free I’d say don’t bother.

NorthEastnostromo ,Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom  on 19 Sep 2019 14:03 PM

Sunday in Kiew

The gate is lovely restored and a nice picture. But don’t expect too much here. The walk from Majdan to here and then to Sophien cathedral is really nice. Then you can include this gate in your... Read Full Review

175olafm ,null  on 08 Sep 2019 16:09 PM

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