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Appreciation of ancient ingenuity!

To see the fortress and the ingenuity that went into building it, making water available and protecting the site was an amazing experience. A tour to this site is a must when visiting Israel!

Reineth ,Pretoria, South Africa  on 07 Jan 2019 2:47 AM

Ancient Fortress

During the vacation, our family took a day out to visit Masada. And I recommend a day out because it’s in the middle of nowhere, and there isn’t even a road the connects the two sides of the... Read Full Review

Max K ,null  on 06 Jan 2019 21:20 PM

Herod’s fortress near the Dead Sea

Seeing this palace fortress atop the mountain was incredible - what an engineering feat. The ritual bathing pools, the rooms, the view, all incredible. And knowing that the Jews had their last stand... Read Full Review

JRCCPA ,null  on 06 Jan 2019 15:00 PM

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