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A very rich experience

Starting at Imjingak park, the tour was very enriching as you get to understand the division between North and South Korea and the attempts at unification. Going through the 3rd infiltration tunnel... Read Full Review

helenne2018 ,Baguio, Philippines  on 29 Dec 2018 22:37 PM

A very sensitive “place”

Good. A very sensitive for south @ North Korea. Wish they are getting better and have good relationships.

PestonFoong ,null  on 04 Nov 2018 3:21 AM

A must on any trip to DPRK

My second visit this time. Unfortunately, we were not able to enter the "blue building" crossing the very border where they meet for talks this time. did it on my last visit.

548michaelc ,Stockholm, Sweden  on 13 Sep 2018 9:42 AM

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