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You can't believe what you are seeing and the unbelievable feat of engineering it took to build it. Worth the cost of visiting the observation deck, don't miss it. easy to get to as it is a stop on... Read Full Review

marimar2222 ,null  on 14 Nov 2019 17:29 PM


I went at night and the views were beautiful! The elevators have videos playing for the fast ride up and down. There are three elevators and the videos are different in each. It wasn’t busy when I... Read Full Review

444madelineu ,Spring Hill, Florida  on 14 Nov 2019 16:55 PM


We went to the 154 floor it was £210 and it was not worth the money, we picked to go up to see the sun set which was okay, remember that it is hazy not clear sky in Dubai so we didn’t see as far as... Read Full Review

Gillian J ,null  on 14 Nov 2019 16:39 PM

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