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Taj Maha viewing at sun rise .

Taj Mahal is a must see during the sunrise for which you have to reach the monument early but definitely worth the effort , There is less crowd and you can take great pictures in the early sunlight .

Atul2066 ,Singapore, Singapore  on 16 May 2019 2:53 AM

Better than Brighton pavilion. Get a guide.

I was a little skeptical, thinking the Taj Mahal would be just a slightly better version of the Brighton pavilion, but now I do appreciate its beauty. I strongly recommend you pay for a guide. We... Read Full Review

PatrickInUk ,London  on 15 May 2019 15:46 PM

overrated and mildly disappointing...

i was really excited to visit the taj mahal as it is known around the world to be beautiful and majestic... what i saw let me down, i just feel as if there isn't special about the place, it was very... Read Full Review

glowcherries ,Dublin, Ireland  on 15 May 2019 12:03 PM

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