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Do go in and look at the Murals

The big event in this building are the historical murals on the second floor. There is a placque explaining each. There is good security here as well as nice bathrooms.

EstherP1882 ,Chicago, Illinois  on 18 Nov 2018 14:54 PM

typical colonial

Nice colonial building with a simplle light-show after dawn. It's right oposite the cathedral wich gives the whole plaza a beautiful impression.

INKA97 ,Frankfurt, Germany  on 19 Oct 2018 16:39 PM

Colonial building

This place is highly recommended. Not only does the building has the authentic look, but outside they have the dancing in the streets, Old traditional dancers and singers make this place a great... Read Full Review

grtjr1117 ,San Diego, California  on 10 Oct 2018 23:51 PM

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