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Clear Swimming right to the falls

In my review of Bouma, I failed to mention that Tavoro Falls is where the hike leads. So, read that review to note the specialness of this 1/2 day trip on Beautiful Taveuni

Becky M ,Taveuni Island, Fiji  on 15 Jan 2019 20:13 PM


This place is magical. People of ANY physical ability level can get to the main waterfall, which is truly the best one. I have really bad knees and decided to try to get to the second waterfall, but... Read Full Review

Megan S ,null  on 15 Jan 2019 14:07 PM

Wat Er Fall's

Booked a taxi to get here from the resort and after about a 35 - 45 min drive reached the base of the place. You have to pay an entrance fee to begin your walk and since it was a hot day we decided... Read Full Review

Augustine F ,Singapore  on 15 Jan 2019 4:05 AM

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