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Must do

There are three waterfalls total. First is low and easy to get to if you do not wish to climb. Number two has two entrances which are upper and lower. If you have good conditions and are in decent... Read Full Review

travelerOrangeCounty ,Orange County, CA  on 10 Jun 2019 21:50 PM

Amazing waterfall

We loved visiting this waterfall in Taveuni, it's simply stunning. It was also very quiet and peaceful when we visited - not many tourists around and in the heart of nature. Swimming was great too... Read Full Review

Gareth-James-Evans ,London, United Kingdom  on 15 May 2019 19:18 PM

2 recommend

Me and my family (wife, 18 months old girl + 6 yo. boy) enjoyed this activity up to the second waterfall. It is a whole day trip. Do no hurry, enjoy the nature, birds, gekoons, butterflies... Read Full Review

pamatu049 ,Prague, Czech Republic  on 08 Mar 2019 0:34 AM

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