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A jaunt over to Ajanta caves

A definite must see. A place that is semi-intact, built using technology we do not currently possess and over 2200 years old you say? Count me in! Not only was this place intricately carved out of... Read Full Review

ZamoraTG ,Agra, India  on 03 Dec 2019 10:59 AM

Amazing Buddhist Cave Temples

The Ajanta Caves are a group of rock-cut Buddhist caves that date from the 2nd century BC. It’s amongst the finest group of historically important ancient Indian and Buddhist art, sculptures and rock... Read Full Review

macedonboy ,Glasgow, United Kingdom  on 02 Dec 2019 3:29 AM

Amazing Ajanta!

Do not hesitate to arrive here. The place is suitable for the whole family, beautiful and worth any rupees. One of the most beautiful places I have been in India

Omers1616 ,null  on 01 Dec 2019 13:13 PM

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