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Alluring Honeymoon In Turkey

Without any question, Turkey is one of the most important places in the world, as it serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe. We all know that's Turkey is one among the very few countries to be a part of two continents in a single piece of land. The capital cities of Istanbul, one known as Constantinople, was considered to be one of the most important trade routes. It is only the capture of Constantinople by the stocks that lead to a series of exploration, and it is Turkey that played a very important role in the discovery of India by Vasco da Gama.

In all this, Turkey is not just about History, but has got a lot to do with romance. It is quite evident in the fact that there are a lot of people who look forward to Turkey Honeymoon packages and has also seen an increase in the number of tourists who come in here.

Turkey Tour Packages

Place : Bosphorus Day Cruise, City Tour o..
Hotels : All Seasons Hotel, Dogan Hotel, B..

Place : Bosphorus Day Cruise, City Tour o..
Hotels : All Seasons Hotel, Burcu Kaya Hot

Must see points of attractions in Turkey

Here are the places that you can consider visiting at the Turkey honeymoon package.

Mount Nemrut
This remote mountain in the of Turkey would have been forgotten if not for the 2000 year old Tomb and the holy resting place of the king of Commagene, King Antiochos. An experience of this place is so real, and The structures are the testimony to the orders of the king. He intended this site to be used both for prayers and for the entertainment of the people in his Kingdom. The Hike could be steep but the reward at the end of it is definitely worth. You can see a giant carved statue and the 150 foot tumulus that is made of small stones. If you are A person whose adrenaline levels are as high as your love hormones, you can consider visiting this place by Sunrise Where The scenery is almost dramatic and outworldly!

Turkey and Greece have had a lot of cultural connections. In fact, there was a time when Turkey was a part of Greece left a significant impact on the culture, art and architecture of Turkey. Assos is one such please. It has a temple dedicated to Goddess Athena, the Greek God of War and wisdom, commonly depicted as a brave women with an owl on her shoulder. Another Greek connection that this place has is that it is the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, who was also the mentor of Alexander the Great.

Assos is a Hilltop village that has houses made of deep red stones. These traditional houses have mostly been converted into staying outlets offering bed and breakfast. The ancient ruins of this city overlook the Aegean Sea, and it is a great place for you to look as an option if you want to move away from the urban-flavoured Istanbul. The evenings in here could turn out to be interesting as you can make a trip down to the old Harbour, enjoy a dose of fresh seafood for your dinner at the sunset, and even enjoy your small affair with the Waves.

This place was earlier known as Cirkince. The literal translation of this place is ‘ugly’. This was the name given by the natives of this place to hide their beautiful hills from any invasions. However, true could not be eaten for long, and the place was renamed to its current name, and now it means ‘pretty’. Now, this place seems to be aptly named.

All this beauty was, for stranger reasons, abandoned in 1923, and it was eventually rediscovered. What was found after the rediscovery is nothing short of legendary, and the Ottoman houses that once inhabited this Hill has been arrested to what it was! These developments have made Sirince a popular destination on people who visit on Honeymoon packages to Turkey. We can consider taking a stroll in Moonlight through the raw streets of the village and into the olive and beach Gardens and the vineyards. You can also consider enjoying a few glasses of wine made from local fruits and made by hand. These Little Things make this place a famous one and an apt one for a turkey honeymoon package.

All countries have a Tryst with history that has manifested itself as something exotic and multicultural. When it comes to Turkey, the place that sells this title is the region of cappadocia in Central Turkey. The entire landscape is comprised of churches, monasteries underground cities and feelings of the people of the past with their carvings onto the rocks. These places are commonly known as fairy chimneys for the strange cone shape. Some of these structures have taken a commercial avatar, and have started to serve as boutique hotels.

If you would like to get a bit more romantic, the best way to go about it is to wake up early in the morning, and upon to a hot air balloon and weight through the golden coloured morning sky. If your balloon by that is expert enough, you can even go down to the levels to touch the tips of these conical structures!

Some places for Honeymoon are so perfect and so ideal that it doesn't matter if you have to struggle a little to reach that place. KalekoyIs one such place that you can experience in your honeymoon package to Turkey you can reach this place going on a dirt track or taking a boat. However, what awaits you at the end of the journey is definitely worth it. This is a place that promises tranquility by the side of Turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea. This place has a lot of cafeterias, hotels and a lot of olive trees that give a very classical feel to this place. The castles of the Byzantine era and the stone sarcophagus of the inhabitants make this place quite an exotic one to visit on your Turkey honeymoon package.

It has to be understood that you are going on a honeymoon package and not on an adventure trip. It is better to choose the best seasons to visit any place if you are planning your honeymoon tour packages. For Turkey, the climatic zone makes it experience some words that are too hot and winters that are too cold, and it is not a surprise to see snow in the winter. The best season to visit Turkey is during the Seasons of spring and autumn that happen in the months of April and May, and between September and November, respectively. Just make sure that the skies are clear and the weather is pleasant. The presence of cities like Istanbul near the sea also ensure that the place is a bit windy in the autumn, although not as bad as winter winds.

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