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Make your honeymoon exceptional with Singapore Honeymoon Package

Looking for a picture perfect location for your romantic Honeymoon Trip? Book Singapore Honeymoon Package! It is the most favorite honeymoon destination among the couples. It is a fantastical dreamland which has a lot of vibrancies, a friendly atmosphere, and a large number of fantastic tourist attractions to make your honeymoon trip an unforgettable experience. There are several reasons why couples choose Singapore for their honeymoon. From a relaxing day in an explored island to a memorable candle light dinner followed by night safari, Singapore has everything that you are looking for.

Apart from exploring the famous places, ensure to indulge in the cruise rides which are highly personalized and included in our Singapore Honeymoon Package with Cruise. The island tour is one of the added advantages in Singapore. You can even try doing many lively adventure activities like scuba diving, cruise stays and snorkelling that enhances your honeymoon excursion.

Singapore Honeymoon Packages

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : universal studios, Jurong Bird Pa..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, City Tour..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena, Ibis Style..

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson

Place : Jurong Bird Park
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson

Place : universal studios, Jurong Bird Pa
Hotels : Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Universal Studios, ..
Hotels : Moon 23 Hotel, Hotel Arena star

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Place : Kuala Lumpur, City tour of Bangko..
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson, Hotel Arena ..

Place : Universal Studios, Bird Park, Nig..
Hotels : Cultural Hotel

Hotels : Cultural Hotel

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : Merlion Park, Genting HighLand, C..
Hotels : Petite Menu (Aqueen Lavender Hote..

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Genting i..
Hotels : Hotel Moon, Hotel Arena star

Place : Merlion Park, Sentosa-Island, Chi..
Hotels : Hotel Moon

Place : Batu caves, Chinatown
Hotels : Hotel Moon, Hotel Arena star

Make your romantic tour relaxing with Visiit

The Singapore Honeymoon Package provided by Visiit includes accommodation, hotel and airport transfers, traveling the places of tourist attraction and sightseeing so that you can enjoy your honeymoon and make the most out of it. Visiit guides you throughout your journey with proper booking assistance and confirmation in case of flights and hotels. The package inclusions and exclusions differ from one to another. Ensure to check in our website while booking. You can choose the packages online according to your need and requirements. Our guidance and assistance have always ensured the complete satisfaction of our clients and we do not compromise on that ground. Our Singapore Packages are applicable for all the major cities of India from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to Kolkata. Visiit is waiting for you to take you on a mesmerizing trip. Are you ready?

* Visiit has an expert team that makes your journey plan so easy. We not only plan your itinerary but also execute it very smoothly.
* Visiit ensures that the expectations of your journey are fulfilled with excellence.

When it comes to honeymoon, the expectation from each couple is different. Some expect natural location, few enjoy great shopping together, while other like to just relax on a beach or have fun in recreational activity. Singapore makes your honeymoon romantic by offering amazing views that are both natural and man-made. With numerous places to visit, here are some that are worth visiting.

You can just plan a trip to Singapore at any time of the year which is one of the most attractive spot for a honeymoon couple. It is also best famous place for wedding photography and pre-wedding shoots. Searching the internet will help you in finding the right deal for your honeymoon. It is always advisable that you book all-inclusive Singapore honeymoon packages, in advance only. This package provides you and your partner with too many romantic options of your honeymoon!
Sentosa Island
If you had gone to Singapore for honeymoon then it would be incomplete without visit to Sentosa Island which is one of the pleasant places for honeymooners. It is known for its fines beach and sea sports. You can enjoy the morning on the white sands beach with your loved one.
Romantic stroll in Changi Point Coastal Walk
How lovely your moments will be when you have a romantic walk with your partner in a tranquil place? Changi Point is one of those places, which offers a leisure time to open up your mind and build a bonding relationship. The coastal walk begins at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and ends near the Changi Beach Club. The beautiful seaside walk stretches for about 2.2 km along the coastline.

Visit the coastal walk with you partner for a nice morning or evening stroll. Take a camera with you to capture beautiful moments and get immersed in the scenic charm of the seaside. Nature-loving couples can easily spot plenty of wildlife including monitor lizards, interesting birds, and snakes.
Beautiful landscape at Bukit Batok Town Park
If you are excited to capture your lovely moments, Bukit Batok Town Park is one of the Singapore best places to do so on your honeymoon. With an amazing landscape and a granite rock sitting in the lake, it makes this location a serene for an ideal couple.

* Get an incredible view of the soothing lake with huge towering rock cliffs surroundings.
* Take a romantic walk along the banks of the beautifully landscaped park.
* Popular chosen by wedding couples, this park offers a refreshing experience.
* Bird watching couples can spot various birds as there is high biodiversity in the park like forest and pool.
* Discover the beauty of the nature with flowering shrubs fragrance, brightly coloured dragonflies and cheerful birds.
Stroll through the beautiful Botanic Garden
There is a reason why Botanic Garden is a popular destination for couples. Botanic Garden has a pleasant mix of jogging, dining or just lazing about along with an incredible garden. For couples who love to spend their romantic time outdoors, this location is the best choice.

* Take a cosy walk into the gorgeous garden that boasts the worlds largest orchid display.
* Learn about the gardens heritage when you visit the SBG Heritage Museum.
* If you are visiting the garden during the day, do not worry. Have a delicious meal in several restaurants and relax your day in the evening.
* Are you nature loving couple? Do not miss to visit the National Orchid Garden and the Swan Lake to sight numerous varieties of plants and many species of birds.
Take a laid-back trail at Fort Canning
Fort Canning Part is the perfect spot for a couple where they can take a natural and heritage stroll. The walking trails are surrounded by huge trees and shady that makes it an attractive place for honeymoon couples. For couples who love nature, this provides all the greenery and architectural beauty, which makes it the right spot for spending time together.

* Enjoy each other's company in the middle of lush greenery in the park.
* The well-marked trails allow you to learn about the park's heritage while you can have a tasty meal together in nearby restaurants.
* Capture your special moments along with ancient beauty and various vintage buildings on your way.
* Make your vacation romantic by visiting some of best music shows and concerts that Fort Canning offers.
Singapore Zoo: where you get to see a rare ensemble of animals.

Merlion Park: is an iconic symbol of Singapore. It is the true pride of Singapore.

Marina Bay Singapore: To get the best view of the Marina Bay Skyline, Gardens by the Bay is a great place and it is a great experience too. It is surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery.

The Cheese and Chocolate Bar, adding sweetness to your honeymoon
A romantic honeymoon without chocolates is impossible. Singapore does not disappoint you; head to the Cheese and Chocolate Bar to fulfil your insatiable desire for chocolates. If you truly want to a memorable night, this Chocolate bar in the bay area is one of the best places for a couples romantic night.

* Surprise your loved ones with loads of chocolates and cheese on a pleasant evening.
* Make your honeymoon romantic with sweetness in abundance.
* Get a spectacular view of the bay area while enjoying delicious dinner with your partner.

Jurong Bird Park: is the largest walk-in aviary. Here you can enjoy viewing the free-flying birds. Night Safari: is another major attraction. It is popular among the tourists and we at Visiit, organize it with great uniqueness and perfection. The Singapore Flyer is the most historic landmark. It is located on the Singapore River and it is known as the Journey of Dreams.

Duck Tour: is a unique experience in which you will learn about Singapore. At the History Museum, you can learn about the archaeology collection. It is known for its collection of natural history.

Sentosa Island: is another great attraction in Singapore. Here you can spend an entire day with your family and friends. The beaches and nature walk are a great attraction and it is open to the tourists all throughout the year.

Also Singapore Thian Hock Keng Temple or The Temple of Heavenly Happiness is a very pious place which is built in the Chinese Style with sculptures and high columns. The Civilian War Memorial is also a very famous monument.

Visiit not only guides you to all the landmarks and the popular sightseeing expeditions but also show you the true heritage and ethnicity of Singapore. We take you through many cultural landmarks like Istana, Malay Heritage Centre, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Red Dot Design Museum, the Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple and Raffles Landing Site.

Sky Dining at Jewel Box
Do not miss the romantic dinner with your sweetheart while shuttling over the city at Jewel Box. Reserve the Jewel Box in advance to make your honeymoon a thrilling experience. You will cherish those cuddling moments when you pass over the city with a stunning view of lights.

Visiit guides you to all the eateries and the fine dining. It is a great place where you just can’t get enough of the food. It has an ample amount of varied cuisines to try.

* Immerse yourself in an hour-long romantic trip giving you cosy moments.
* Capture your unique moments together while you enjoy delicious food, desserts, and champagne.
* Cherish your honeymoon moments with a romantic dining experience.

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