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Seychelles is nothing more than a quaint island in the Indian Ocean, and it is only of late that the island paradise has acquired a charm that makes it one of the most romantic destinations in the world. This country that is made up of more than 110 islands is abound with a lot of beaches and perfect and perfect spots for sightseeing including sunsets that will make it one of the best locations for a honeymoon package.

Seychelles, which was once an uninhabited island command is now remembered as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, especially for honeymoon packages. Despite being in Africa it has a high Human Development Index, and a high per capita income, although on the other end, you have a disparity when it comes to income levels. All these things do not stop Seychelles from becoming one of the best honeymoon destinations on the planet and especially on the Indian Ocean! Seychelles shares a lot of similarities with Mauritius.

Seychelles Honeymoon Packages

Place : Praslin, Mahe
Hotels : Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort Ca..

Visiit Seychelles honeymoon packages

With the vast number of beaches and the other places that speak of romance in every possible way, Seychelles is one of the best destinations for you to visit on honeymoon package. It has everything its takes to become an ideal honeymoon destination. In addition to the beaches and the other natural elements, even the urban side of Seychelles also make sure that you have the right accommodation without compromising on the quality and comfort. It is not a surprise that the number of people who are taking up Seychelles Honeymoon packages, especially from India, has drastically increased over the years.

Visiit brings you exclusive Seychelles Honeymoon packages that are designed to exude romance in all aspects of it. Right from the moment of planning your food to the accommodation options and even the activities that you can undertake together as a cloud, Seychelles has all the things it takes to become a perfect honeymoon package, and we complete it with our comprehensive plan for your honeymoon. Our team of travel experts ensure that your social experience this truly romantic in every sense, and with the option of customisation, the also ensure that your Seychelles tour package of your honeymoon complies to what you would want out of Seychelles and not what is been imposed upon you!

Taste champagne on the shoreline viewing the dusk
Most shoreline side resorts in Seychelles offer half-board and full-board bundles on the off chance that you are checking in for a special first night bargain. Proceed, book a sumptuous shoreline side resort and let them spoil you while you are caught up with sitting by the shoreline, clasping hands, viewing the dusk and tasting champagne. One such property I'd unquestionably suggest is MAIA Luxury Resort and Spa. They offer you full board alternatives, alongside an individual head servant, accessible every minute of every day. Every manor is enhanced with a private unendingness pool, kitchenette, outside gazebo and a sun deck.
Offer the world's greatest coconut on the shoreline
Stroll by the Coconut Plantation on the Anse Source D'Argent Beach and enjoy the world's biggest coconut "Coco de mer". It is sufficiently expansive for both of you to share. Try not to get careful about its looks! Coco de mer is genuinely one normal magnificence, that will convey a grin to your face when you see it. Remain in a comfortable Airbnb a couple of steps from the shoreline to abstain from consuming an opening in your pocket and still get the most out of your sentimental escape.
Helicopter Ride over Seychelles
Albeit entirely costly however totally justified, despite all the trouble, is a helicopter ride over the Mahe Island. Far superior in the event that you book your stay at a private island with its own air terminal and take a departure from Mahe. From up over, the perspectives of these islands are stunning. Denis Private Island in Seychelles is one such property, set among tropical vegetation. It offers rich houses and manor facilities with outside washrooms, a private patio, relax zone and a broadened deck.
Sail on an extravagance yacht
Another colorful island with a terrific resort. Cerf Island is found simply off the shoreline of Mahe and can be come to by a helicopter or yacht. This property has everything to offer, ideal from all encompassing perspectives of the sea, to marine life, creole diversion, extravagance eating and private estates.
Get a couples rub and look at the stars on a forlorn island
Fregate Island Resort is additionally available through ocean or air as it were. It has 7 shorelines and a wilderness on the island. When booking a bundle, you can likewise request the one that incorporates a correlative hour long couples back rub and I can guarantee you, it will be a superb withdraw. The spa at Fregate Island Resort offers an assortment of back rubs. Prepare to energize your body and overlook the worry of work. You additionally get free non mechanized water brandishes and guided nature strolls around the island. Every manor in the property brags of a private boundlessness pool, open air feasting patio and daybed.
Candlelit supper by the shoreline
Albeit the majority of the properties in Seychelles are shoreline side, couple of inns have a shoreline side eating set-up. One such property which possesses all the necessary qualities, yet doesn't consume an opening in your pocket, is situated on the best shoreline in Mahe; the Beau Vallon Beach. Without further ado, simply ahead and reserve a spot for two at Hotel Coral Strand Smart Choice and have the most sentimental candlelit supper by the sound of the thundering floods of the sea.
Walk around Victoria Streets
Gee golly! These aren't Victoria's Secrets. These wonderful British propelled paths frame the capital of Seychelles. Go looking for trinkets in neighborhood craftsmanship displays and make markets to bring home the recollections of a lifetime you made in Seychelles! In the inside is the Victoria clock-tower, ticking since 1903. Far better in the event that both of you get your own "Ah, back home again" to unwind in while in the core of Seychelles. Stroll around the roads, clasping hands and spend a long unwinding get-away far from the uproar of the confused city life.
Visit Eden Islands
On the off chance that I could name one man-made paradise on this planet, it must be the Eden Islands. It is a private property, yet calling it rich is undermining it. You will discover lines of private yachts stopped here, all encompassing perspectives of the sea and a golf truck at the passage to enable you to take a voyage through the whole Island. Add more to your excursion to Seychelles and remain in this delightful separated waterfront Home-away, settled in the Eden Islands.
Seychelles lies close to the equator, and is best avoided when the day is Sunny and scorching. In fact, people who have frequent at this Island have isolated a few months that could be considered the best. They are the months of April, May, October and November. This is the time when the climate suffers a transition between the hot and humid through to the cold. This is the best time of the year to experience the beaches in all its isolation, the nature, and every other aspect that makes Seychelles one of the best honeymoon destinations to go on a package tour.

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