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Honeymoon in Phuket

Phuket is bound to be listed among the most romantic destinations in the world. The blue waters of the beautiful beaches and the sense that the flank them give a picture perfect appearance to this destination. Forget has everything that it takes to become the ideal Honeymoon spot. It is not uncommon for a lot of couples, not only in India but all over the world to plan their honeymoon In Phuket.

Phuket Honeymoon Packages

Place : City tour of Bangkok, Phi Phi Isl..
Hotels : Bel Aire Hotel, Grand Alpine

Place : City tour of Bangkok, Phi Phi Isl..
Hotels : The Ashlee Plaza Patong Hotel & S

Place : City tour of Bangkok, PATTAYA BEA..
Hotels : The Seasons Pattaya, The Ashlee P..

Place : Safari World with Marin Park, Cit..
Hotels : Bel Aire Hotel, Hotel Sunda Resor..

Place : Safari World with Marin Park, Cit..
Hotels : Bel Aire Hotel, Golden Beach Patt..

Place : Safari World with Marin Park, Cit..
Hotels : Hotel Diamond Place Krabi, Golden..

Place : City tour of Bangkok, Temple of t..
Hotels : Bel Aire Hotel, Pattaya Loft Hote..

Place : Phi phi Island, James bond island..
Hotels : Ibis Samui Bophut, Bel Aire Hotel..

Exotic Phuket honeymoon Packages for Couples at Visiit

Given all these aspects, Phuket is more than just a tourist spot with islands and beaches. Couple it with the right person for one of the most memorable trips of your life time, and you will know why Phuket is one of the best honeymoon destinations that you can explore.

It stick and intricate understanding of the distances, the requirements of the couple, their taste in food and their penchant for adventure to plan a perfect honeymoon package to Phuket. We at Visiit, with our team of travel experts who specialise in Southeast Asia will take care to craft and customise the perfect Phuket honeymoon package that you will Treasure for a lifetime and your generations will Treasure for more than just your life time!

The best beaches of Phuket
Phuket beaches are extraordinary. They are peaceful and serene places where you can relax and enjoy the waters in the day. In the night, they become centres of hot and energetic wildlife. The party scenes, the beach shacks, the water sports and the couples having their own time without bothering Each Other are some of the highlights of the beaches in Phuket.

Some of the most popular beaches in Phuket are the patong beach, the Karon beach, the Kata beach, the Freedom beach and the Mai Kao. In addition to this popular beaches, there are beaches that specialise in a few adventure activities like snorkeling. The Paradise Beach, the Laim Singh beach and the Ao Sane are a few beaches where you can explore the beauty that is hidden under the surface of the Azure blue just that just meet the I from what you see in the shores.

Apart from all this, there are a lot of secret beaches in Phuket. These beaches give you the much needed private time where you can spend a few moments with your loved one. The beaches that fall in this category are the Banana beach and the Pansea beach.

Religious places of interest in Phuket
As much as honeymoon is about romance, it also has a bit of a divine connotation. Couple, especially Indian couples, see the blessings of the divine entities for them to have a peaceful and happy life ahead with each other. For these purposes, Phuket has answers as well. There are Buddhist temples like the wat salong that stand as one of the greatest landmarks in Phuket. If you visit Phuket, irrespective of you being in a Phuket honeymoon package, this temple is a definite inclusion for any trip that you might take.

Picturesque viewpoints in Phuket
Imagine this! You and your loved one, holding hands with each other, facing one of the most amazing things that you have ever seen in your life together. These are the experiences that the viewpoints in Phuket offer. The sunset view, a 360 degree panorama, a landscape view of the Jungle and the blue waters stretching from all sides are a few of the viewpoints that you can Crusher for the rest of your life time. If you are lucky enough to have a person who can help you with the photograph, maybe silhouette of you against the backdrop of the sunset will be one of the best photographs that you will get of you both.

Some of the best viewpoints in Phuket are the Karon Dew Point, the monkey hill, the Rang hill, the Prompthep cape, The radar Hill View point and the Wassa homemade bar.

Phuket has everything it takes to become a proper honeymoon destinations. Phuket has a lot of amazing hilltops and viewpoints that give you stunning views of the landscape, the sunrise and the sunset point these are the little pleasures that contribute in igniting the Romance between the couples on honeymoon package to Phuket.

Phuket and beaches go hand in hand. The entire area is flanked by beaches all around, and there is no beach which can be preferred over the other, because all the beaches are equally romantic and beautiful. The glittering science, the water sports, the beach shacks, or just relaxing on the warm shores would be a perfect thing for a honeymoon package to Phuket.

Phuket is not just about a spot, but also about exploring a lot of things that are around it. There are a lot of islands around Phuket that give you the much needed and the well deserved private time. A few islands around Phuket are the Photos Phi islands, the James Bond island, the similan island, the Coral island and a lot more.

Honeymoon is not just about spending time with yourself in the confines of Solitude, but also about exploring the wild side of your togetherness in party in and dancing. Phuket is one of the best hotspot when it comes to nightlife and parties. The bars, the restaurants the Beach Club and cabarets are quite common in this area. There are beaches that offer you an exclusive nightlife experience, like the Patong beach and the Bangala beach.

For some people, honeymoon is about just spending time together. For a few others, a honeymoon is about a grand occasion where they would like to stay in some of the most luxurious hotels in the region, and also explore the auxiliary pleasures of massages, pass and a lot more. With the diversity of attractions and the different kinds of tourists that Phuket draws, there are a lot of accommodation options ranging from economy to luxury.

Phuket is in the tropics, and you cannot expect anything more than a warm tropical climate. It is best to capitalise on the lukewarm winter and to experience a different flavour of Phuket in the monsoon season. The peak tourist season for Phuket is between the months of November and February, when the temperature is moderate and it remains cool and dry. After February begins the scorching summer and it lasts at least until may. The monsoon starts with me and goes until end of October. This makes the gap between November and February the most ideal time for you to visit Phuket, especially when you are planning on a honeymoon package.

If there is one aspect where Phuket does not match up to be a perfect honeymoon destination, it has to be in the domain of food. It is not that the food is in perfect, just that it is not perfectly catered to honeymoon. There are a lot of food options to explore in the Phuket island. There are a lot of options including luxurious restaurants that offer a romantic fine-dining experience to street food that offer a raw and unpolished flavour of the Thai cuisine.

The soups that lavishly use Herbs That Give A signature fragrance to the dish. There are fried items that use the fresh seafood available in Thailand. Thailand is an incorporation of Indian, Australian, Chinese and Malay cuisines that use a lot of things like to rice, seafood, noodles, chicken, beef, duck, pork and all the other kinds of meat. The tastes vary from super spicy to an indulgent mix of hot and sour.

Phuket is well connected by air to most of the hottest destinations and departure points in the world. The Phuket Airport is the second busiest airport in Thailand I'm only next to the Suvarnabhumi airport at Bangkok. With respect to India, a lot of airlners like the Thai Airways, the Malaysian Airlines, Singapore airlines and Jet Airways operate frequent flights between major Metropolitan cities and Phuket. It should never be a hassle for you to reach this Paradise of an island from anywhere on the planet.

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