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Philippines is one place that reflects the true essence of the term archipelago. It is a lot of islands gather together to form an amazing country that has its signature of culture in everything. Even in terms of places to visit on a Philippines honeymoon package, Philippines stands quite different from the rest of the world. Here are a few places that you can consider visiting on your Philippines honeymoon package.

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Place : Manila City Tour
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Place : Manila City Tour
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Visiit Philippines Honeymoon Packages

Philippines is one of the best locations that you can considered visiting for your honeymoon. With a plethora of islands and a lot of options that you can entertain yourself with your loved ones, that is a great deal of experience trends in romance that awaits you in this Island.

Visiit brings you exclusive honeymoon packages that are highly customised to your requirement. With the exciting options of romance available in Philippines, it is essential for you to plan your honeymoon in such a way that it is exclusively designed for you. We specialise in creating packages that are intended to shape your honeymoon in a way that you have always wanted to enjoy Philippines on this Philippines honeymoon package!

Tagaytay City
Let of the egg recipe from the mainstream destinations like Manila. At about a few hours from Manila, this city is a great place for honeymoon in Philippines. Considering its cool weather, the volcanic touch and the amazing views it offers, this place is a favourite among a lot of honeymooners. This place is complementary by restaurants that serve scrumptious pinoy food and if it wasn't enough for the stomach, you also get amazing and stunning views of the Taal lake.

While looking around and drinking yourself in the climate is a good thing to do, there are also a lot of activities that you can do together like taking a zipline, engaging in wakeboarding, visiting the fantasy world, going on a horse ride at the fabled sky Ranch or even wakeboarding and picnicking at the Picnic Groove. In short, this place has everything it takes for you to enjoy all the aspects of a honeymoon in a Philippines honeymoon package.

Baguio City
Baguio City is a splendid place for people who love a beach honeymoon with a touch of a hill station. This place is a lot older than the rest of the Philippines, making it an ideal location for you to enjoy with your partner on a Philippines honeymoon package. Do romance of this place only gets better with the cool Breeze and cuddling together give a very cosy feeling for people in a relationship. You can take a walk along the Burnham park, and experience the goodness of the weather. Just like any other place that stripes on good weather, this place also has a voting option, and you can also consider visiting a museum.

Outside being a honeymoon destination, this is also an amazing place for you to just look around. The place might be crowded during the flower festival that happens every February. If you have ideas outside the honeymoon to visit Philippines on a Philippines tour package, you can definitely consider this place. To compliment the feeling of romance, you can have hot chocolate and marshmallows, which would only add to the amazing feeling of honeymoon in Philippines. And last but not the least, one of the little joys that you can get in this place is picking strawberries together!

Vigan City
Vigan City is a chance for you to take your Romance into a classical realm. This is one of the most historic cities in Philippines, and is considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The fact that this city has been conferred this corner stand as a testimony to the experiences it offers. This place is quite a historic city and it has got any visitor a few awesome things to offer like sites that Captivate all your senses, and delicious food that catalyzes your tongue. For people in love, you can walk on the streets of Calle Crisologo and consider taking a ride on the horse drawn carriages, which is quite famous in that street. You can also visit the famous Bantay Church bell Tower as it is one of the most wonderful architectural Marvels. Right next to it, accessible over a short road trip, is quite a contrast that is unlike any other part of Philippines. You have the sand dunes and the windmill that give you the reason why Philippines is sometimes referred to as the Holland of the East.

Often considered to be the romantic Paradise of the territory of Pagasinan, this is a place where couples enjoy a classical definition of honeymoon in the white sand beaches. This is also referred to as the sinking Island. Couples in romance can explore the rock formations or the Lighthouse that has visited a lot of natural calamities. One speciality about Philippines is that the mountains are situated right next to the seas and you can even consider exploring these mountains. There are also a lot of secluded beaches where you and your loved one can just lay back and enjoy a drink of your champagne or wine by the beach!

This is one place that should never be missed on a Philippines honeymoon package. The chief attraction of this place, the twin lagoons of Coron, is quite a testimony to watch honeymoon and romance is all about. These two lagoons complement Each Other as if they were made for it. This is a scenic beauty that couples would definitely love to enjoy on the relaxing honeymoon package to Philippines after a strenuous schedule for marriage. An interesting aspect about this twin lagoons is the greenery surrounding it, and also the way in which the water temperature varies from cold to warm at different places. Right at the optimal level of accessibility from the Twin lagoons, there are other tourist spots like the Kayangan lake, Coral the garden and the Malwawey reef.

For the couples who look forward to an offbeat honeymoon with a lot of adventure, parties and dinner dates, boracay offers a perfect solution point on one side, you have beaches blessed with white sands, and sunset views with a golden rate things. While this could be considered to be a natural phenomenon, what makes this place more special is the wild side of it. Display is account with a lot of parties happening almost all the nights of the Year. You also have options to get couple massages, enjoy romantic candle light dinners and just walk on the shows. One interesting thing to do is you can ask the kids in the local area to build a sand castle with your name. There are options for parasailing and swimming as well!

Been summer tropical Island, it is important to visit Philippines in a season that is drive. The range only do in the mood of your honeymoon, and it is not going to think that you would want on your romantic encounter. The best time to visit Philippines on Honeymoon packages between the month of November and April. This is the time when the place is dry and not so intimidating with the heat. You can enjoy and access almost all the islands of Philippines, and we all know how the entire archipelago brings about a mood of romance in every Mile!

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