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Romantic Norway Honeymoon Package

This Scandinavian country is a perfect region to spend some quality time with your better half. Drop everything and take up a trip to this archipelago situated in the Arctic circle to experience sheer beauty of the mountains, the fjords like a fairy tale and the midnight sun is a place that is out of the world taking the duo into a wonderland. Norway is a less populated place letting the tourists to enjoy in utter seclusion.

Norway Honeymoon Packages

Best Norway Honeymoon Packages by Visiit

The VISIIT Holidays packs the best attractions of Norway into a small little tiffany box that is sure to excite your partner making the bond more stronger and closer. The honeymoon packages to Norway are the best to be admired in every single step we take in the splendid Norway creating wonderful serendipity.

Must see places of Norway for the Honeymooners
There are many adventures yet to be unveiled by the couples in this picturesque land of midnight sun. Walk through the trendy cafes and quaint restaurants with your loved ones amidst the centuries of historic buildings. The Aker Brygge district is a popular hangout for both the tourists and the locals where we can enjoy a quiet evening admiring the fountains and stone sculptures with a scoop of ice cream from the movenpick parlor. The stunning Landscapes created from the ice ages and the flushed waterfalls are at every turn.

The crazy marvel couples are assured for a surprise since Thor’s legacies can be seen in this very Land from the Norse gods impacts.Oslo, the capital city of Norway lies in the south east of the Aker river prevails to be the gateway to the innate beauty of Norway. The jagged boats on the saltwater seas sings the mighty tales of the Vikings.

Vikings ship Museum
The Vikings ship museum is sure to excite any couples who are into history and Vikings. The addicted duos of Viking series can indulge in the true beauty of the mighty ships and get bewitched by the 800 year old long Viking ships. These fierce warriors were once famous seafarers ever lived on the land. The fram museum displays how they survived the toughest and dangerous polar expeditions in the coldest region. The strongest wooden ship that ever built is exhibited in here and the neighbour museum Kon Tiki displays the wood raft which was used for the great adventure voyage of Thor Heyerdahl from Peru to Polynesia.

Norsk folk Museum
This museum located in the Bygdoy peninsula is a large open-air museum with more than 140 historic buildings with a huge collection of arts and artefacts of the country’s past letting us to live in the Viking days with our partner. We can stroll around the huge arena with our better half hand in hand while enjoying the natural beauty and the rich culture along with traditional folk music and loads of laughter while dancing. We can even take a horse cart rides in the farms to experience the life of farmers in the area.

Oslo Opera House
The Oslo Opera House is a iconic building portraying a glacier with gentle slopes on the roof making it a great place to spend time with our partner to savor a charming sunset and a panoramic view. It displays breathtaking arts on the roof proving it is not just an eye candy, instead it is a epitome of Ballet and Opera performances.

Drive the Atlanterhavsveien
The Atlantic road drive shouldn’t be missed by any couple which is a charming and enchanting drive through spectacular Landscapes and breathtaking sceneries of Norway. It connects the mainland of Norway with a idyllic island of Averøya is a great place for long drive where we can visit the 600 years old Kvernes Stave Church. Get drenched by the occasional waves hitting you from time to time.

Located in Lofoten , it is a small fishing village where a weather doesn’t stop you, instead it makes the place more rejoicing either it is sunny or it is having a great downpour. The place is striking with with quaint little fisherman huts and adds beauty to the whole scene with lofty mountains and vast horizons. The place is scenic, the place is picturesque and the place is tranquil where the shutterbugs exhausts their memory cards when northern lights showers upon the village. The rustic bridge is a perfect place to get mesmerized with your soulmate in this myriads of landscapes.

A good hike with your loved one is never a regret and rewarding them with a cinematic landscape at the summit is another great thing one can do. Each step taken together in the hike will get etched in the minds and hearts of each other. Camp in the woods for a daring adventure experience.

Spa Boat
Getting relaxed and rejuvenated in the middle of Arctic circle? Who says No? It’s a absolute double “Yes”. Hop on to a Spa Boat to find the beautiful places of Norway in a voyage spa boat that provides a luxurious services with unexpected surprises thrown at us. Dive into a hot tub, take a steam bathe in the steam rooms and relax in the saunas while whales swirl down in the Ocean. Dare your partner to take a dip in the freezing cold water for some fun.

It is a dish that is cooked with minced meat and onions which are simmered and pan fried and served with mashed peas, creamed cabbage and potatoes that is enjoyed throughout the country every week.

The Lefse is a dish that is a soft flatbread served with coffee that is made by a mix of butter, sugar, cinnamon which is slathered and rolled. Norwegians prefer this as a mild snack during a travel.

This a cod fish that is pin boned salted, dried and pressed that is later cooked with mashed potatoes and served hot.
The months of June and July can be the best to visit Norway providing Midnight Sun while the May and September are for the budget travellers to explore the Fjords with considerable weather conditions. It is not suitable during the months of Christmas since it will be colder and darker.

Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Stockholm have regular trains to Oslo connecting through the rail route and Oslo’s international airport serves as the gateway to enter Norway and many cruises and ferries are from all over Europe.

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