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Wonderful Honeymoon In New Zealand

New Zealand Honeymoon destinations like Rotorua and Queenstown are heavily promoted and well documented in many places on the web, and of course, in the Lord of the Rings series. The natural beauty of the Milford Sound, a thrilling Experience of adventure at Queenstown, or a relaxing holiday in Rotorua – New Zealand has a lot to offer In terms of being a perfect honeymoon destination where young couples can enjoy the little aspects of romance in this Island country. There are a few standard places that make it in almost every New Zealand honeymoon package. The Forgotten world Highway, the Waitangi, Te Papa Museum,Mount cook National Park, lake Taupo and the Franz Josef Glacier are a few essential inclusions in a New Zealand honeymoon package. Here, we have compiled a list of places that would make New Zealand an ideal destination for honeymoon.

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Best New Zealand Honeymoon Packages at Visiit

A lot of Indians might not know New Zealand beyond Lord of the Rings and the black cap cricket team. New Zealand has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, the climate is extraordinary, and its proximity to both a commercial country like Australia and an adventurous place like Antarctica makes it a very Wholesome tourist destination.

With all its flavours of romance, planning a New Zealand Honeymoon Package is definitely I think that a lot of young couples would look forward to. With its expertise in Planning both honeymoon and New Zealand, Visiit brings you exclusive New Zealand Honeymoon packages that you can explore with your better half, and come back with experiences that you will enjoy Reminiscing for the rest of your life!

Here are a few destinations that would make New Zealand one of the most awesome Honeymoon destinations in the world.

Coromandel Island
The word ‘Coromandel’ has its roots in India. It is a misfigured transliteration of Cholamandalam. For people who would like to experience their honeymoon amid the Pristine nature, Coromandel Island is the place to go. This Island is located at about two and a half hours of drive from the Auckland airport.

Not only is is charming, but its hot pools at the aptly named Hot Water beach are something that people can’t resist themselves from experiencing. Hire a shovel and dig a pool for you and your partner and get into your custom-made DIY private pool for you! Step in the piping hot water with steam billowing from the surrounding sand. For something a bit more cooler and more contemporary, make sure you check out the cafes, restaurants and other eateries for a taste of some locally-produced art, down some craft beer and relish on some some local seafood.

Stargazing at Mount Cook
Once you’ve spent the day gazing lovingly into your partner’s soulful eyes, you can turn your attention towards the sky, and do some stargazing at night. New Zealand is the proud host to the largest International Dark Sky Reserve, which is one of the best stargazing sites on earth. Flaunt your star and constellation-naming knowledge and make wishes on shooting stars together in the glittering dark skies of the Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park with your special someone. The Mount Cook National Park region is about 3 hours away by car from Queenstown Airport and about 4 hours away from Christchurch.

Rotorua - The Warm Amid The Cools
Around spectacular geothermal scenery of New Zealand, the complex at Rotorua allows you to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic mud bath and sulphur spa. Get down and dirty (well… just literally and not anything more!) with your partner in this mud bath used by the Maoris for thousands of years to ease muscle pain. You can try the night time version called “Twilight Spa” which will allow you to bathe under the stars. This place, aptly named the Hell’s Gate is a 5-minute drive away from Rotorua International Airport. It also features the biggest mud volcano in New Zealand and the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Glow-Worm Caves at Waitomo
The Waitomo Glow-Worm Caves are located near Waitomo on the North Island. It is 2 hours away from Auckland Airport and is the home to the rare and amazing glow worms. These tiny creatures produce blue-green light that illuminate the roof of the caves with a twinkling glow. Yes, it’s literally a cave full of worms, but these worms can count themselves among the natural wonders of the world. You can, with your partner, take a quiet boat ride through 30 million years of geological history to gaze at mother nature’s light display, which will be as romantic as being under a blanket of stars on a clear night.

Boat Cruise at the Tasman Glacier
If you fantasize cold climates and ice is your thing, it is time for a trip to New Zealand. It can offer you an experience that will make you feel as if you are in the continent of Antarctica! Another amazing way to enjoy the awesomeness of New Zealand is by cruising on a boat with Glacier Explorers and Polar scientists. You can experience that feeling of looking at those massive ice-boulders in the mesmerizing views of glaciers from Lake Tasman which is New Zealand’s longest glacial lake that stretches for 27 km. The usual meeting meeting point will be The Hermitage Hotel, which is at Aoraki Mount Cook Village followed by a bus ride and a 30-minute alpine walk on the semi-white slopes.You will be able to see the glaciers melting before your eyes as icebergs of countless shapes and sizes break off. It’s nature at its most powerful and dramatic.

Skydiving at Queenstown Airport
For thrill-seekers who have adrenalin in addition to the pheromones, tandem skydiving in New Zealand is something that will seal the experience of honeymoon This is as close as you’ll get to experiencing true flight and free falling. At NZONE Skydive, you will enjoy a breathtaking 15-minute flight, and after taking in the views from above, you will be harnessed by space age materials to an expert paratrooper who will guide you through your plummet towards earth at 200kph for 60 seconds and make sure you land smoothly and safely. Create a lifetime memory with the person you cherish.

Helicopter Ride at ChristChurch Airport
New Zealand’s natural beauty looks completely different when viewed from an elevation at the bird’s eye. These scenic helicopter rides with The Helicopter Line based out of Christchurch will be one of the most beautiful things you will see on earth as you discover New Zealand from above. They even offer wedding ceremonies and wedding photo shoots high in The Remarkables mountain range or the glaciers as a backdrop. Or if you’re more into simplicity, you can just opt for a romantic mountain ledge picnic.

Phuket is in the tropics, and you cannot expect anything more than a warm tropical climate. It is best to capitalise on the lukewarm winter and to experience a different flavour of Phuket in the monsoon season. The peak tourist season for Phuket is between the months of November and February, when the temperature is moderate and it remains cool and dry. After February begins the scorching summer and it lasts at least until may. The monsoon starts with me and goes until end of October. This makes the gap between November and February the most ideal time for you to visit Phuket, especially when you are planning on a honeymoon package.

The food of New Zealand is a fine Confluence of Maori, European and Asia Pacific. The dishes include boil apps, sweet potatoes and a lot of vegetables. With the excess of vegetables growing in New Zealand, and the excess of sheep, you can expect a lot of delicacies that revolve around sheep meat. A few of the signature foods are pavlova, colonial goose, Lolly cake and the famous Anzac Biscuits.

With these amazing options that spell romance in every Mile and in every activity, New Zealand can differently be considered as one of the best honeymoon destinations on the planet, especially for people from India who will experience a different kind of honeymoon as opposed to the usual hill stations.

New Zealand is well connected via Singapore and Australia, and all it takes is a thorough understanding of the place and the attractions to create a perfect honeymoon package to New Zealand. With our experience, Visiit brings you highly customised and flexible Honeymoon packages to New Zealand. Book yours now with us and explore the land in a way that you would never have experience, without compromising on the flavour of romance!

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