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The city of London, which is the home to the royal family of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, could be considered the city with a modern touch and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It has a history that spans about 3000 years, and recorded modern history that spans more than Thousand Years which includes but is not limited to construction of universities, churches and a lot more. In addition to all of this, London has a lot of let out that have a very romantic flavour. The increase of the number of people taking up a Lantern Honeymoon Package is a resounding testimony to the fact. London offers a lot of pleasantness in the monuments, the lakes, the river rides, the restaurants and dhabas that make London one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe!

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Best London Tour Packages at Visiit

London has some of the best places to visit, and on Honeymoon packages, all the places acquire a scent of romance. London might be a compact city, but it is about little experiences in this compact City that make your honeymoon a really memorable one. In fact, London is the first corporation of the world, and the urban planning of London is one of the best in the world!

Visiit brings you the best London Honeymoon packages that out meticulously planned to not compromise on the romantics flavour of the place, and at the same time, visit all the places that make it a parallel trip for a London tourism package as well. Enjoy all the nuances of London in its most romantic flavour in the highly customisable and flexible London honeymoon package brought to you exclusively!

The eye of London
The eye of London is the captivating name given to one of the largest Ferris Wheel in the world. This might be yet another Ferris Wheel if you have to take the experience of just writing in there. However, if you combine the beautiful cityscape of London that looks stunning in the nights with all the lights, and add that to the idea of having a champagne with the loved one of yours atop the rest of the world around you, and you will understand how romantic it is. Even if not for honeymoon, the eye of London is a must visit place, and with the augmentation of these romantic things like champagne or snacking, the eye of London is definitely the place that you will need to visit on your London honeymoon package.

Buckingham Palace
The Abode of the royal family of the Great Britain is the Buckingham Palace. The palace spells magnificence in its very site. Lavishly appointed facilities of this astounding premise make you feel tiny in front of its magnificence. Buckingham Palace has been a place of beautiful love stories. Right from the days of Charles and Diana, And to this day when the royal wedding broke all the stereotypes of being a royal wedding, Buckingham has always had its love stories to script. When you add your element of romance to the Buckingham Palace, going around on a tour to some of the most Royal places on the planet, it is a way to rekindle your romance, and remind your loved one that she is the queen of your life! It is quite a coincidence that even the Bollywood blockbuster Queen deals with London being a honeymoon location, but in a very special way!

Horse riding at the Hyde Park
Hyde Park is considered to be the largest park in the world with a lot of attractions and a sprawling spread of greenery and attractions all over. While just sitting in the park and relaxing might be a great romantic experience if you would buy on with your loved one, it is still more romantic to know that there are horse riding options available, and those horse riding options with your loved one as they brought along the spread of the park would be something really romantic that will Spice up the mood of your London honeymoon package.

The Big Ben
The big Ben is the icon of London, that has stood the test of time... Literally! Watching a clock tower might not essentially be a romantic experience, but the fact that you are with your loved one who can make you lose a track of time, with the cityscape of London silhouetted against the golden colours of the sunset, would definitely can do the spirit of romance in you!

The London helicopter ride
London has been built over centuries, and a lot of people have contributed to making the City 2 what it is today. London is full of places that have a story to tell in themselves. It might not be as beautiful as you love story, but it is true story in voter list. If you would like to get a bird's eye view of all these stories told in brick mortar, Asphalt and a lot of other things, you should consider taking the London helicopter ride. The London helicopter ride is an essential part of your London honeymoon package, and it also gives you a chance to take your Romance to great heights, literally. Sitting beside you are not one in a Helicopter and enjoying the cityscape below your feet is one of the best things that you can gift to the better half of your life!

Experience luxury at Shangri La Shard
This place is one of the tallest Towers in the whole of Europe, and catching up on a date with your loved one on the top of the world is a great experience. I had that to the amazing options of coffee, drinks and desserts that are available on the top of this place, and you have elevated your honeymoon experience to a different altitude altogether. There are a lot of budget options available for stay, and if you wish to splurge on your honeymoon, you can even consider staying right here and even if you wake up suddenly in the night and look at the window, you would be in the middle of romantic dream!

London has all the aspects it it takes to make a perfect honeymoon destination. It includes the weather and climatic conditions that are contributed by the geographical location of the British Empire. London is best visited in Spring and autumn, like any other European country. The best season to visit London is between the months of May and September. After a gap of a month, London becomes quite attractive in the month of December as well. These months are perfect times for you to spend the honeymoon at London on a London honeymoon package.

A cruise on the river Thames
All the cities of the world have a river running through them, and that river enhances the mood of romance of the entire City. New York is blessed with the Hudson river, and Paris is blessed with Seine. Likewise, London has the river Thames to its Friday. It is quite a romantic things to take a river cruise on the river Thames and enjoy your dinner coupled with champagne and cocktails on your luxury yacht. It could also be a great time for you to confess your love in the middle of the cosy lights of the night and the chill of the waters. After all, honeymoon is about this kind of little joys that make your London honeymoon package quite a memorable one!

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