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Blissful Langkawi Honeymoon Packages

An Indian wedding might be one of the most happening as well as the most tiring experiences when it comes to a grand family gathering. If not for anyone else, at least the bride and groom deserve a great honeymoon that would relax them from the strenuous schedule of ceremonies that they have endured for the wedding comma and also prepare them for the life that life ahead, not only experiencing peace but also in understanding each other!

Choosing a great honeymoon destination is one of the most tedious tasks for the bride and groom, apart from the wedding in itself. This generation of people have come a long way from the classical notion of honeymoon destinations. Maldives is a little too expensive, and Andaman is a little too local. Given the want of the couples to enjoy their honeymoon which could be a bit different, and at the same time not heavy on the pockets, Langkawi presents and amazing option as a honeymoon destination!

Langkawi is to Malaysia is what Goa is to India. Langkawi gives a very special taste of Malaysia, with all its 104 Islands abound with Pristine beaches, untouched forests, romantic sunsets, exquisite food and a lot of other things that involve a Splash of romance that make it quite an ideal destination for honeymoon.

Langkawi Honeymoon Packages

Place : Langkawi Sky Bridge, Langkawi Isl..
Hotels : Bella Vista Express Hotel

Place : Dataran Lang, Langkawi Island, La..
Hotels : Bella Vista Express Hotel

Place : Sky Bridge
Hotels : Bella vista Waterfront

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Batu caves, Langkaw..
Hotels : Hotel Arena star, Bella Vista Exp..

Place : Langkawi Island, Batu caves, Lang..
Hotels : Hotel Arena star, Bella vista Wat..

Place : Atma Alam Batik Art Village
Hotels : Bella Vista Express Hotel

Place : Langkawi Island, Batu caves
Hotels : Bella Vista Express Hotel, Hotel ..

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Batu caves, Langkaw..
Hotels : Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, Paci..

Visiit Langkawi Honeymoon Packages

If there is a side of Malaysia that can look as exotic as possible, it has to be Langkawi. As said before,Langkawi vs to Malaysia as Goa is to India. With so much of romance that is possible in this amazing place, your experience of Langkawi honeymoon package only gets better with every passing day that you spend with your loved one in there!

Visiit presents you exclusive Langkawi Honeymoon packages that have been designed to maximize the awesomeness of your romantic experience in Malaysia. Our Langkawi Honeymoon packages make sure that you are in the most romantic places that the territory of Langkawi has to offer, and it only gets better with the experiences like candle light dinner and shopping that add to the flavour of romance. Our option to customise your honeymoon make sure that you enjoy Langkawi in a manner that you have always wanted to with the love of your life!

Here are a few things that you can consider doing on your honeymoon to Langkawi:
Enjoy the beaches:
Langkawi is surrounded by a lot of beaches that range from being crowded and commercial being secluded and serene. If you are the ideal kind of honeymooner, you would definitely choose the second kind of beaches. If you still would like to go to the first kind of beach, there is the Pantai Cenang. However, if you would open for the beat that is situated and offers you a lot of privacy, you have the Tanjung Rhu beach.

The best part about spending the honeymoon at Langkawi is that even when it comes to the most crowded beaches, you can just take your own private boat and go off to one of the many islands, and they are going to assuredly offer you the privacy that you will need.

Stay in the hotel that spell romance:
There are a lot of hotels in every possible honeymoon destination that offers exclusive honeymoon stays. If it is going to be a much sought after honeymoon destination like Langkawi, the honeymoon experience in the hotels is going to be nothing short of exquisite. A lot of Resorts have sea facing suites and a view of the sunrise or the sunset with your better half by the side while sipping on either tea or coffee or beer is going to be one amazing romantic moment that you would love to treasure for the lifetime. In fact, there are a lot of resorts in Langkawi that offer private beaches, swimming pools and even a bathtub on the sea facing side of the room.

Enthrall yourself with a flurry of romantic activities:
It is not just the nature, but even the activities in Langkawi that make it as if this destination was exclusively created for the purpose of honeymoon. A few things that you can do in Langkawi are:

Take an exclusive Cruise to the UNESCO Geo Park. Enjoy the jacuzzi on the topic or treat yourself to an exclusive bbq during sunset on the cruise ship.Indulge in some exclusive tampering with the special massages on repeat that are offered by a majority of resorts in Langkawi.

Take your own private road to explore the secret Island and pictures where you can experience the vast expanse of the sea with you, nature and your loved one!

Pamper yourself to some Spa treatment:
We have already talked about the awesomeness of the massages by the beach. There is, however, something that is very exclusive to Langkawi. You have a hot salt water spring that will give you the relaxation by just dipping your feet in there. Any massage or Beauty treatment that you go to after this little dip will only make you feel more relaxed and pampered!The massage experience is in here include but are not limited to Hawaiian, North America’s Stone Massages, Shamanic, Buddhist and even Thai experiences. There are even resorts that offer an amazing sight-and-sound experiences of the rainforests around! To be with your loved on amid the love of nature is an experience never to forget, right?

The Exotic Epicurean Experience:
No honeymoon package is complete without food. Langkawi coming in Malaysia, offers a perfect Confluence of Malay, Indian, Chinese and even continental foods. However, what makes Langkawi and ideal honeymoon destination is not before, but the places and the manner in which the food is served.

There are a lot of restaurants and resorts which face the sea, and it is definitely a romantic Affair to watch the Waves and enjoy the food with your loved one. Hidden inside the Resorts, you have a lot of pavanas that can facilitate a perfectly romantic candle light dinner with some Sparkling wine for you to enjoy with the love of your life. If this wasn't enough for options, you can even consider having a meal in the middle of a paddy field where you are surrounded by the Greens rather than the blues. Romance has different vivid shades right?!

The sunset:
You might be wondering why something that everyone experiences on an everyday basis is going to be special for honeymoon at Langkawi! When the sunset sets not just the mood but even the entire sea on Fire reflecting the golden Orange shade, and then you see a lot of other couples engaged in a parallel display of romance, then why would not the sunset be something that you can enjoy with your loved one, especially when taking a walk on the beach pampered by the sound of the Waves, and even the waters kissing your feet!

Yes, this has to figure out in the list of things to do on honeymoon package in Langkawi! Shopping might not be the thing on the top of the agenda, but with the kind of Duty Free options, you can consider buying a lot of branded clothing, perfumes and even premium liquor. This might not be great things for a honeymoon, but it is something that would help you tell your family that you even cared for them when you were busy in the activities regarding honeymoon!

All these options, coupled with a lot of variations to stay including but not limited to private villas beach resorts and high end hotels, and more importantly, with the kind of connectivity from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi presents itself as one of the best honeymoon destinations to go on a package tour with your loved one.

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