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Enchanting Krabi Honeymoon Packages

Thinking where to go for honeymoon? The honeymoon is the most romantic time of your life. Krabi is one of the most relaxing places on southern Thailand. A honeymoon trip to Krabi is the ultimate vacation for you and your partner. It is located between Trang and Phang Nga. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and the shining sea, Krabi is the most popular holiday destination. It is the best romantic getaway for honeymooners and romantic couples.

The limestone cliffs and caves and the exotic wildlife there is one of the best natural assets of Krabi. The beaches are perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking. It is the perfect holidaying place for couples and you can have loads of fun in Krabi. Island hopping, rock climbing, and jungle trekking are some of the activities that you can enjoy while you are on a honeymoon in Krabi.

Ao Nang, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, Ao Nam Mao are some of the popular tourist destinations in Krabi. There are so many affordable sightseeing spots that it makes Krabi very popular among the tourists. Krabi is less crowded than Phuket which makes it even more beautiful. It is near from Bangkok, tourists should also try visiting Krabi on their vacation to Thailand. It is the best plan to visit Krabi during your honeymoon because of its untouched beauty as well as affordable sightseeing and accommodation.

Krabi Tour Packages

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Hotels : Aonang Paradise Resort Krabi, Hot..

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Place : Safari World with Marin Park, Cit..
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Krabi Honeymoon Package with Visiit

There are many honeymoon packages for your visit to Krabi. You can either visit Krabi when traveling to Thailand or you can include it with other destinations in Thailand. Visiit has an entire compliant team who can assure you the best honeymoon vacation in Krabi and will do the needful to make your vacation the most memorable one.

At Visiit, we even look after the flight tickets and the visa issues so that you don’t have to think about anything. You can select your own package according to your requirements. We also help in selecting the best hotels in Krabi and suggest great places to explore around. Impress your spouse with Krabi Honeymoon Package and collect some wonderful moments.

The natural scenic beauty and the lush greenery, the beautiful exotic islands, the turquoise blue waters and the colorful marine creatures make Krabi a very beautiful travel destination which gives you loads of memories to cherish forever.

The Tiger Cave Temple
Being the perfect place to seek spiritual blessings, the Tiger Cave Temple is close to the Krabi town and is a very beautiful place to visit. There are many icons and relics in the main temple. The main attraction in this temple is the Footprint of Lord Buddha which you need to climb 1172 step to see the footprints. The temple is also referred as Wat Tham Sua.

Khao Khanab Nam Mountains
Another majestic wonder in Krabi is Khao Khanab Nam Mountains. There are many limestone cliffs which is one of the most popular photographic spots in Krabi. Krabi Emerald Pond is famous for its natural beauty. The crystal lagoon here is also very popular among the tourists. The forest here is filled with unusual creatures. It is located close to Maritime Park and Spa Resort. It takes about 15 minutes to reach from Chao Fa Pier in a long tail boat.

Krabi Hot Springs
Also referred as Klong Thom, the hot springs are the most popular attraction in Krabi. It is soothing, relaxing and can even cure rheumatism. The water is rich in natural mineral salts and offers cure for various health complaints. It is located 70 Kms from the Krabi town. There are many Eco spots around this place which are very good to visit if you can allot some time for that1.

Thara Park and Krabi Riverside
The Riverside have a large man-made park where one can meander all along the long walking trails. It is a cool place in Krabi where you can play football or tennis, run laps, relax near the pond or test your Thai alphabet skills in the children’s statue park.

Wat Kaew Korawaram
Being the largest Buddhist temple that is located on the top of a hill, Wat Kaew Korawaram overlooks the entire Krabi. The large Buddha statue and other Buddhist relics over here pull a huge number of tourists. It is also referred as White Temple since it looks dazzling white from outside. There is no entrance fee to visit this temple and it is open on all days from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Khao Ngon nak viewpoint
It is the perfect place for adventure seekers or hikers. Khao Ngon nak viewpoint is the highest viewpoint in Krabi. When you are here, you will forget your other plans. The tropical jungle, variety of wildlife and plants keeps you entertained throughout your hike. You will be sweating a lot ensure to carry plenty of water. Ao Luk Mangrove and caves is another spot for seeking adventure. There are naturally preserved parks there.

Krabi has been getting loads of popularity in all these years. Here one can do a lot of things with their partner or families.

Plan for Island Hopping in Krabi
There are many renowned as well as unexplored islands in Krabi which you can visit during your vacations. Of them, Krabi 4 Islands is the most famous which you should definitely explore. It covers Koh Mor, Koh Tub, Chicken Island and Koh Poda. It is a short trip where you can even go with young children.

Visit Krabi Fun Park
It is a great place where you can explore the rainforests, and can even ride a Harry Potter Broomstick. Located in rural parts of Ao Namao, Krabi Fun Park is the popular attraction in recent days. It is enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. You have to choose from 4 programs (i.e.) levels of difficulty to experience real thrill and adventure in form of games.

Visit Krabi Elephant Sanctuary
Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is a peaceful place where you can see these gentle creatures living on their own without chains, shows, bullhooks or riding. Here you can even gather information about elephants and can even know about nature in general. It is the best place to visit in Krabi with family.

Visit the Thung Teao Forest Park
Being the most popular sanctuary in Krabi, the Thung Teao Forest Park is a place for unique sites like blue pool, emerald pond and the two freshwater basins. You can even explore the rainforest of Krabi over here. There are shops and restaurants at the park’s entrance.

Krabi Kart Speedway
Krabi Kart Speedway or Paintball Park is the ultimate place to have fun. You can enjoy playing games like Paintball, Buggy Adventures, BB Gun, Archery, and Kids Gokart. These outdoor activities offer maximum fun and enhance your racing spirit.

Try The Krabi Paintball Park
It is also an interesting place where you can try the fun activity of paintball. You can even try rock climbing in Railay Beach. There is also a rock climbing course where you can get yourself enrolled. It teaches the best rock climbing techniques to the beginners.

Krabi is a great place where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine and different other cuisines too. There are many kid-friendly places where you can enjoy good food and great ambiance.

Frog and Catfish
Being a casual restaurant, Frog and Catfish serve great Thai dishes. The soft shell crabs and fries and curries are a must try over there. You can even find the European based dishes, spicy salads and stir-fried dishes. Pla tub tim boraan and fresh crab spring rolls should definitely be tried here. It is located on the outskirts of busy Krabi town.

Gecko Cabane
If you wish to eat sumptuous Asian and European bites, you need to drop at Gecko Cabane. The cool settings and relaxing atmosphere is another plus. Carnivore steak and grill is famous for all kinds of meat-based dishes. The deep green walls create a great inviting atmosphere for the guests.

Khaothong Terrace Restaurant
This terrace restaurant is known for its beautiful views and authentic Thai dishes. The restaurant has a basic décor focuses on the views of Andaman Sea. You can choose dishes from wide ranges of International and Thai cuisine. If you need, the staffs can customize your dish as per your requirement. It is located in the Krabi Town.

Chalita Café and Restaurant
Famous for authentic Italian and Thai dishes, Chalita Café and Restaurant is very popular among the tourists. They use fresh ingredients in the preparation of meals like stir-fries, curries, salads and pizzas. It has been ranked as one of the best restaurants in popular travel site-TripAdvisor. It is located in Chao Fa Road (Krabi Town).

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