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Indonesia is quite an exotic country, and a honeymoon to Indonesia will definitely be filled with the experiences that you can never get to experience anywhere on this planet. Romance is an essential aspect of any honeymoon package, and Indonesia is not an exception when it comes to offering a lot of romantic things to do scattered across all the places in the archipelago. Scattered across 13000 islands in the topics, Indonesia has got a lot to offer for anyone who looks for a perfect some soaked honeymoon. Indonesia is quite Holistic when it comes to giving experiences. There is wildlife commander ancient temples, there are breathtaking mountain views, there are magnificent volcanoes and there are luxurious rainforests. All these aspects make Indonesia a great place to choose for a honeymoon tour package.

Indonesia Honeymoon Packages

Place : Kintamani, Batur
Hotels : Park Regis Kut

Place : Kecak Fire & Trance Dance, Water ..
Hotels : ibis Styles Bali Benoa

Place : Kecak Fire & Trance Dance, Uluwat..
Hotels : Hotel ZIA Bali - Kuta

Place : Kecak Fire & Trance Dance, Bali S..
Hotels : Hotel Kuta Lagoon Resort, Aston K..

Place : Kintamani, Batur, Tanjung Benoa W..
Hotels : Holiday Inn Express Bali Raya Kut

Place : Kintamani, Batur, Tampaksiring Te..
Hotels : Bali Rani Hotel

Place : Kintamani Volcano, Bedugul Sunset..
Hotels : Adi Dharma Hotel

Place : Uluwatu Temple, Water Sports, Sun..
Hotels : ibis Styles Bali Benoa

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Water Sports, World..
Hotels : Hotel Arena star, Park Regis Kuta

Place : Sultan’s Royal Palace, Museum Son..
Hotels : favehotel Kusumanegara

Place : Borobudur Buddhist temple
Hotels : favehotel Kusumanegara

Place : Ancol Dreamland, Ocean Dream Samu..
Hotels : Best Western, Ibis Bandung Trans ..

Place : Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika
Hotels : Best Western, Ibis Bandung Trans ..

Best Indonesia Honeymoon Packages at Visiit

Indonesia, with its expanse of beaches, volcanic structures and rich history and all the culinary awesomeness it offers command deserves to be enjoyed as a Holistic honeymoon location. Everything around its Pizza flavour of romance in almost all activities. Your hands could be high in the sky so deep inside the water but still the mood of the Romance never fails to disappoint.

Visiit specialises in Planning Honeymoon packages to Indonesia and we also have the option to customise your honeymoon package according to your requirement, so you can enjoy the most romantic spots in Indonesia in a way that you would like to enjoy it!

Komodo is an exotic place to visit, and it carries a charm like no other island in Indonesia. The blue waters surrounded by Pink Sands give a visual treat at the pink beach, and watching the beauty of the blue waters and the corals that are a different and exotic lifeform give you an experience that you will Treasure for a lifetime. You can also go with a lot of adventure activities together with the Merah beach, the Batu Bolong, and Tatawa Islands. We are sure that the very name Komodo would Trigger the memories of an exotic animal. The Komodo National Park is the home to the Komodo Dragons, and it won't be a surprise if you could get an up close and personal encounter with these creatures. Is one of the best places that you can consider visiting in Indonesia this honeymoon.

Ora beach
Honeymoon is all about having a time and place for yourself that gives you a lot of privacy and a little world of yours within the big world that surrounds you. If you are a person who looks at this kind of a honeymoon, then the Ora beach in Indonesia is the destination for you. Unlike the previous counterpart, this beat is made of white sands and crystal clear waters that it give you a perfect view of the Land below. The Sawai Bay is a place where you can dive into the waters or choose to snorkel. You can also go trekking into the wooded areas of Jayaram and it is famous for the abundance of birds that come and visit the Manusela National Park.

This place is as exotic as the name sounds. Imagine you opening your eyes to the side of a rainbow... Not found in the skies but found in rocks. If you climb up the mountain a little bit, you will be amazed by the side of the blue, for Once, not from the ocean but from the volcano. The Ijen volcano spurts out blue films that Sprinkle down on the sulphurous yellow rocks. This is quite a sight to behold comma and probably as colourful as your Romance is. You can also watch the baby Turtles slowly wade into the ocean Sukamade beach. If all that wasn't enough, you can also consider taking a safari ride through the Baluran national park, where you have the chances of fighting a wildlife in its wildest form, and also go snorkeling at the Bama beach. If you are a little more adventure enough, you have surfing options at the Pulau Merah Beach as well.

Banda Islands
The Banda islands take your honeymoon to a different level of romance. It is one of the most Pristine beaches in Indonesia, and The crystal clear waters are the home to some of the most exotic Marine species. It is not just the beach that makes this place romantic, it is everything auxiliary about it. You can go on either sailing or diving at Pulau Ai, Batu Kapal, Hatta Reef, Nusa Laut and a lot of other places. In romance, some of the smallest things make the biggest contributions. In that respect, you can get a view of the sunrise at Gunung Api and this could be one of the best experiences of your honeymoon in Indonesia. Even if not for anything else, just taking the hand of your loved one, walking on the beaches during the sunrise or the sunset is probably an amazing romantic experience!

Lake Toba
Lakes are an essential feature of any volcanic formation, and Indonesia is quite gifted in this respect. Lake Toba is one of the most exhilarating places to visit in Indonesia on a honeymoon package. It is a volcanic lake that has picturesque mountains with an enthralling view for a backdrop. There are a lot of activities that Surround the lake. You can go swimming, fishing, canoeing, water skiing and a lot more at the town of Parapat. One more respect that makes this Lake impressive like many of its counterpart is that, even if not for anything else, you can consider taking a walk around the place. The walk around the place has a couple of views that will sun you. One is the beautiful river valley of Naborsahon, and the Batak Toba where you can experience some of the traditional architecture. There is Simanindo where you can also get a glimpse of the traditional tribal music, dance and a lot of other visual art forms can be experienced.

Togian Island
With Indonesia being such a beautiful archipelago, islands are never in short for your experiences. These islands have a story to tell, and some of the stories are told in the most beautiful and silent way. This is quite exemplary of the romance and the love that you have to watch your loved one. The waters that are so pretty and the scenery that unfold under the surface make the Togian island a perfect place for honeymoon package to Indonesia. Just like any other Indonesian beach, this place has a few stunning things to offer, both on the Sands and under the water. Since we know a lot about the options of Scuba Diving and snorkeling, no points for guessing what is there for an adventure underwater. However, from here you can also try to engage in hopping from Island to island, and for all you know, you could encounter a lot of security beaches that make your Indonesia honeymoon package experience even better than you thought of!

Last but not the least, we all knew that Barley had to be in the list. No honeymoon package to Indonesia would be complete without the mention of this beautiful island complete with beautiful beaches. Bali is the official tourist capital of India. Bali has everything that a Holistic tourist destination has to offer. It has got a wildlife, Beautiful beaches and divine temples. You can drink yourself in the warmth of the sun and the walls of your loved one at the same time in the beaches like Kota and Uluwatu. You can also consider going on a wildlife adventure on a safari, and also explore the Marine park and if you would like a little bit of a difference in your honeymoon experience, you can even visit the Benoa Harbour for a tour of the mangrove forest around it.

Indonesia is a Subtropical Island, almost close to the equator, and it is essential to visit Indonesia in a time where it is dry and Sunny compared to a time when you would get drenched In The Rain irrespective of your location of visiting Indonesia, even for a honeymoon package. The best time to visit Indonesia is between the months of May and September. The temperature remain high in the rainy season but it is the rain that will play spoilsport.

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