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Fiji is an archipelago in the French Polynesian Territory of the Pacific Ocean. This place is not very affected by the commercialization of tourism command is considered to be one of the best places to visit in that region. It is not everything it takes to become a perfect Ireland destination point needless to say comma there are a lot of beaches and there are places of historical importance that have a colonial touch in them. Moreover, Fiji is famous for its coastal produced and the huge plantations of sugarcane. Fiji also has a lot to offer in terms of light adventure like Scuba Diving, horse riding and catamaran riding. In addition to all of this, little attractions like the sunset, the waterfalls and the experiences of massages and Spa treatments make Fiji one of the best destinations for a honeymoon package.

The biggest challenge to Fiji is not just about the accessibility, but more about the cost of accessibility. Fiji is essentially connected by two series of flights. The Nadi International Airport has direct flights from Auckland and Wellington New Zealand, Adelaide and Sydney in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong from Asia, and Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco from the America's.

Fiji Honeymoon Packages

Place : Sunset Beach
Hotels : Nadi Bay Resort Hotel

Place : Sunset Beach
Hotels : Nadi Bay Resort Hotel

Place : Tavoro Falls
Hotels : Sau Bay Fiji Retreat on the coast..

Place : Port Denarau
Hotels : Nadi Bay Resort Hotel

Place : Auckland Museum
Hotels : Nadi Bay Resort Hotel, Auckland C..

Place : Sunset Beach
Hotels : Nadi Bay Resort Hotel

Best Fiji Honeymoon Packages by Visiit

If you are looking for an offbeat honeymoon and to go to a place that has not been frequented by a lot of people come and experience romance in a way that you will Treasure for a lifetime, then Fiji Honeymoon packages other thing that you will need to look for. Offering everything including beaches, adventure, massages and sparse, and even boating and cruising options, Fiji is one of the best places to visit for honeymoon point all this little experiences make your honeymoon more romantic, and we are sure that with the right package, Fiji would be one of the best destinations that you will ever gets to visit in your entire lifetime!

Visiit knows that it is one of the best places to be experienced, and it becomes mandatory for us, as a tourist operator command to create the best Fiji Honeymoon packages. Our honeymoon packages take care of all the aspects of your travel including but not limited to the flight ticketing, fixing up the best Accommodation with a flavour of the month and ensuring that the place of accommodation provides better access to all the places of interest around, and especially the ones that have a romantic connotation. What makes our travel packages, and a Honeymoon packages more special is that we have the option of customizability. We understand that each couple is different and they would have different expectations from their honeymoon package at Fiji. Fiji has a lot to offer for all the people comma and with that in mind, we bring you some of the best Fiji Honeymoon packages. Book your Fiji honeymoon package with the experience Fiji in its best romantic mood like never before!

Riding on the catamaran
Catamaran saw one of the best discoveries when it comes to sailing. These little pieces of wood locked together to form a Boat can stay afloat irrespective of the conditions. Literally commande unsinkable. You can sale through the magnificent and beautiful coastline of Fiji on a small catamaran. Best part is the catamaran is perfect for 2 people, and it is even more perfect if these two are in love. You can even get into some of the private pocket that are available on the beaches and have a good time together. If you think you can spend a lot of time in the waters, and if both of you are beach lovers, you can even pack a lunch that you can have in the middle of the water. This would be one of the most romantic experiences that you will get in your honeymoon package to Fiji.

Scuba diving
Let your love Transcend the surface and go into greater depth, literally! If you have a thing for adventure, or if you would like your marriage to be an excuse for you to try something new, then you could probably consider going on a scuba dive in the Fiji honeymoon package. Maybe, it is something that is quite out of your comfort zone, but with the experienced instructors and the calm waters, this is one of the best places where you can try scuba diving. The corals and the Exotic marine life that you will meet under the waters is the second most beautiful thing at that moment, only next to a lock that you have for each other.

Horseback riding on the beach Given the fact that this is one of the activities that you can do on your honeymoon at Brazil, or in Mexico, it is not quite the place that you would like to try. However, some romantic actions are quite cliched and horse riding is one of them. With the sunset throwing its Golden colours in the waters, and you riding the horse on the Shore, it is quite a romantic delight. It is not Forbidden for you to enjoy a couple of drinks on your horseback tried as well! Nepal

Engage in a couple massage
It is quite understandable that your marriage was strenuous and stressful. If that has been the case, this couple package for Spa activities is one of the best things that you can do in the Fiji honeymoon package. This is probably one of the best ways in which you can rejuvenate and replenish yourself of all the Lost energy after the wedding. The usage of special salt, Volcanic rocks and a lot of other exotic elements in your fijian massage will only take your relaxation to a different level altogether!

Sunset candle light dinner This might be one of the most cliched activities that you will perform on a honeymoon package come and Fiji is not an exception. With the beautiful beaches, the seas that stretch into infinity and the site of the Golden Goblet of the sun slowly settling itself In The Pale blue waters, your candle light dinner will be nothing short of delightful. The Exotic and fresh seafood that is available elevate your dinner experience. This is one of the most romantic things that you will get to do on your Fiji honeymoon package.

Fiji is predominantly tropical and the climate is quantity elected. The best time to visit Fiji is from late October and early November when the climate is pleasant. It is not just about the climate be present and congenial for honeymoon, but also about having places to stay in the most economic options, and the crowds not getting in. After all, the honeymoon wouldn't be complete without your privacy and serenity, right? If you would like to get a bit adventurous, and both of you would like to take of Fiji from your bucket list of travel, you could consider visiting this place in December, then the place is at its most happening form. You get to experience a lot of beach parties, but at the compromise of the privacy that you might get earlier during November.

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