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On one side, there is Romance as a feeling. On other side, there is Romance has a school of thought. If there is one place that cradled civilization, and created a few mysteries that will never be solved until the end of time, it has to be the country of Egypt. In Egypt, your Romance can acquire a very old school charm, which you can explore and enjoy on a well-planned Egypt honeymoon package. Your luxury star rated history could be replaced by a rustic homes made of stones. Even a river ride on and I'll be an experience that you could take down for a lifetime. You can also take a moment to reminisce on the great luxurious life that the pharaohs of Egypt had, and the extravagance of their love for their Queens. The Egypt honeymoon package will be a great test money come or not for you alone but even for the ones around you to tell that Egypt is not about History alone!

Egypt helps you escape the classical notion of honeymoon. As we all know, this place has a prominent role to play in the history of the planet, and it might give you a different feeling. While most of your friends are either rushing to Europe or some of the islands in the Indian Ocean for their honeymoon, you are a gift honeymoon package experience will definitely be different and more stunning. Egypt is relatively less crowded, and this solitude definitely helps in enhancing the romantic mood of your honeymoon, making Egypt an ideal destination for a honeymoon package. There are a lot of things to do at automatic level in Egypt. You can take a cruise or just take a moment to wonder at the sheer magnificence of the pyramids during the sunset point agent does retain the charm that it had more than 2000 years ago, in all its glory and with a flavour of romance!

Egypt Honeymoon Packages

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Best Egypt Honeymoon Packages at Visiit

Egypt is one of the most exotic locations on the planet, and the way history shapes itself in Egypt is a standing testimony to how much this place stands for romance. A lot of destinations in Egypt make perfect backdrops for any honeymoon couple. No wonder, the ancient Kingdom in today's context has been considered greatly for people planning Honeymoon packages from all over the world.

Visiit brings you amazing Egypt Honeymoon packages. With the option to customise the package according to your needs, you can explore Egypt and also intervals in a few romantic affairs with your better half in the golden Hue of the Sands and pyramids, and with the flow of the river Nile providing the background!

Cairo -magnificence on the banks of Nile
Rivers have been the cradle of Civilization, and the entire Egyptian civilization grew on the banks of the river Nile. The capital city of Cairo, which is one of the most ancient cities in the world and also the most romantic in Egypt, lies on the banks of the river Nile. The fact that a river is an essential part of the urban ecosystem should be good enough reason for Cairo to be the top destination for you to visit on your honeymoon tour package to Egypt.

You can consider riding the special felucca on the river and into the sunset. This ride can further be announced by planning a dinner Cruise where you can gobble scrumptious Egyptian food as you float in the waters, and if you are a person who is smitten by old school Chand as much as you are by the love of your life, you can also consider riding on a horse drawn carriage. Are these things good enough to put karo on one of the most romantic destinations in the world for honeymoon packages? In addition to this, also has an open house and aquarium grow to Garden and even a camel safari that is one of its kind!

Sharm El Sheikh
If you are honeymooning in a country that is lined by the Mediterranean sea on one side and the Red Sea on the other, beaches have to be an essential part of your gift honeymoon package. One of the best beaches in Egypt is Sharm El Sheikh. This beach is doctor in between the Sinai Peninsula And The Red Sea. This location makes it all the more attractive, and is one of the most favourite destination for people who come on a honeymoon package to Egypt. One additional offering that this place has is that you can dive underwater and explore the awesomeness of the Red Sea. This is considered to be one of the most picturesque and finest diving spots on Earth. If the beach wasn't enough, the short pay and the Sinai Peninsula give you a great view of the region. You can probably take a desert safari, or witness the most mountains or even try the glass bottom boat if you are and a person who is adventure enough to try Scuba Diving or snorkeling.

If your Romance comes with an additional thirst for knowledge, you should probably consider exploring Alexandria. Alexandria, with 8 million books, has the largest library in the world. It was named after the great macedonian king Alexander, and was the home to one of the Ancient wonders of the world -the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Why Alexander has a lot of importance in general history, which could include the castle of Qaitbay and the Royal Palace of haramlek in addition to the secret hideout of the queen and Alexandria, there are a few elements that talk about romance as well. You can consider taking a tour of the royal Gardens of king for OC who was Egypt's last emperor. There are tons of royal palaces, royal beaches and other structures that spell royalty in everything, and with your better half by your side, you could also consider adding Romance to the royalty.

The Aswan Dam
Taming one of the largest rivers on the planet to build a dam is no me task. Rven outside the engineering marvel, this place is quite known for its romantic touch. The waters and the desert side by side giving a perfect balance between the warm orange and the cool blue. You can take a cruise from Luxor to this place, and also have an experience of the elephantine Island. A few romantic things that you can consider doing are two done at a river boat restaurant or take a private tour of the dam. The dam offers breathtaking views and is a great place to just hold your hands and marvel at the Grandeur.

Luxor - where Royal Meets Romance
Luxor is probably the most royal place that you can experience in Egypt. The place called the valley of Kings dates back to the 11th century BC, and you can come across a lot of tools and structures that has dedicated to the pharaohs of Egypt. In all of this, Luxor is also one of the most romantic places in Egypt. You can consider taking a hot air balloon ride, and explorer archaeological wonder of this amazing place from up above. You can also considered visiting the world's largest open air museum and also attend the light and sound show at the temple of karnak.

El gouna
If you are on your honeymoon package to Egypt, and Would Still like the flavour of a classical honeymoon in addition to all what you have experienced, El Gouna is the place to be. El gouna is a place where Egypt gives you a feel of a classic beach honeymoon. There are blue lagoons and waterways that you can experience with your loved one. There are tons of water activities including but not limited to not giving and windsurfing. You can also experience and unpolished version of the sea in the catamaran rides. If all that wasn't enough, you have romantic Resorts, beaches with mangroves, golf clubs and even spas where you can relax and unwind with your loved one!

The best time to visit Egypt is between the month of October and April. The temperatures are really pleasant, and given that Egypt is more of a desert graced by the river Nile, it is best to choose the time when the climate is variable. It is better to to get drenched in the love of each other then get drenched in the sweat!

The tick season is in the month of December and January when most of the places are crowded, and if you are going on a honeymoon package to Egypt, it is suggested that you avoid these months!

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