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Cambodia is one of the most picturesque countries in Southeast Asia. It was officially known as the kingdom of Cambodia, and was a French Colony. On one side, it has the gulf of Thailand, and it also has a rich history that spans over 1200 years. It has a large spread of forest and greenery, and is also equally blessed with national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. All these aspects make Cambodia one of the best places for you to experience your honeymoon. It is no thing of Wonder That the number of people who are on the Lookout for Cambodia Honeymoon packages is on the rise!

Cambodia Tour Packages

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Hotels : Kouprey Hotel

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Best Cambodia Tour Packages at Visiit

Cambodia is a beautiful place if visited with proper planning and and execution that matches with the intensity of the planet. If it is a honeymoon package to Cambodia, it is all the more important that you have to keep intact the elements of romance in everything that you do. All the destination have to be connected flawlessly, and all the places have to be booked in advance. Visiit brings you specialised Honeymoon packages to Cambodia, that you can customise according to your bill and requirement for you to enjoy your Cambodia honeymoon in the best way possible. For all you know, your experience of the honeymoon could be somewhere between divine and exotic!

The islands of Cambodia
Cambodia might not have a lot of islands like sleeping or Indonesia, but it does have a considerable list of islands. The sad news is that this Island are underdeveloped and untouched by any commercial Activity. The happy news is that if you are planning to enjoy your honeymoon in Cambodia on a Cambodia honeymoon package, you should probably consider the aspects of privacy and solitude without compromising on the safety. These aspects make the islands of Cambodia one of the best places to experience your honeymoon. Islands have all what it takes to get a romantic feel. They have visited beaches flanked on the show by powder white sands and the Turquoise waters match with the limitless blue skies and looking into those just with your loved one holding your hand might be an experience of your honeymoon that you would consider treasuring!

This place, which was once reserved for the elite people of Cambodia was a resort that spoke the language of Awesomeness with decadent Vilas and clean beaches. While it might have lost its glamour somewhere in the past, it is regaining its reputation and now it is proud of a growing collection of boutique Resorts that attract the elite tourists from all over the world. There are restaurants that compliment these resorts, and it has moved to create a signature dish that is quite known all around the world. That are stunning properties that have Infinity pools with seaside located huts. These factors make this place one of the best honeymoon destinations if you would like an upbeat honeymoon with an Elite field in Cambodia. To add to The Appeal of this place, the service is excellent and going to this place grant you access to a sailing club and that club houses a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy cocktails over a sunset!

Koh Kong
Cambodia is an offbeat destination for people who like to experience a different kind of honeymoon than the normal. If you are willing to move away from the beaches, hill stations and urban areas for honeymoon, you can definitely consider visiting the tropical forests of the Koh Kong. This place has the blessing of nature to the fullest. It is full of virgin forest that are untouched by human activity, and these vegetations teem with wild orchids and a lot of tropical plants and animals. This area gives you the much needed solitude and privacy that you will need to experience on your Cambodia honeymoon package. If need be comma it could also turn into a luxurious place with floating tends that overlook the mountains. This would be a perfect place for you to experience your honeymoon at Cambodia!

Siem Reap
This place is packed with a lot of architectural wonders and this wonders could also spent Romance. The largest temple complex in the world, the Angkor Wat, live in this region. This might be looked at as a place of Hindu worship and historic importance. However, the feel of the place that is nestled in the deep forest with lush greenery makes even visiting the angkor wat a traumatic experience. If you would like to take your Romance to new Heights, literally, you could also consider hiring a hot air balloon or a helicopter to fly over the temple and get a stunning Birds eye view of the magnificent monuments. This place also houses a lot of luxury Resorts that could provide a well deserved stay for the couple on a honeymoon package to Cambodia.

For some people, honeymoon might be a thing of luxury. For some, honeymoon might be a think of experience. If you fall into the second category and detest the first, then this place is the one for you. You can enjoy the mountainous region which is rustic and unpolished, and you even have a chance to hang out with the elephant that live in this region that they could call their home. Some elephants are so thin that they could even be fed bananas at times.

Apsara dance show
Apsara Dance show is an ancient and traditional art that plays an important role in shaping the culture of Qamar traditions, and it has been in practice for over 1000 years. This culture, however, has seen a Revival in the past few years. Generally, the Dance show happens in the anchor village, and there are two shows that happen every night. It would be a great delight to watch the dance shows and with your partner, it could turn out to be a romantic thing that you can do on your honeymoon, as opposed to the night clubs in various other places!

Riding on the Tuk Tuk
All honeymoon experience is do not have to be massive and memorable. Some honeymoon experience can be really small, and still be memorable. One such experience that you can look forward to in a Cambodia Honeymoon Package is a ride on the tuk tuk. But it is one of the most famous and favourite Modes of transport, not just in Columbia but also in most of Southeast Asian countries including Thailand. It is a three wheeler which can seat 2 or 4 people, and has a motorbike on the front. It is a different experience, and a selfie that you slept together in your tuk tuk tried could be a signature of your experience at your Cambodia honeymoon package!

Cambodia lies in the tropics, and is principally a rainforest. Given this kind of a climatic condition, the best time to visit Cambodia, even for a honeymoon package would be between the month of November and March. Cambodia might not be always crowded. If you would still like an extra question of privacy, you could consider the second season of Cambodia between me and early October. Cambodia is generally hot, and the temperatures do not go below 20 degrees celsius, and you are never in there for a winter honeymoon!

Indulge in Khmer Food
The food of Cambodia is largely influenced by the colonizing French and the traditional Khmer styles. The recipes in Cambodia are generally a Confluence of Health and taste. When on your honeymoon at Cambodia, it is definitely a great idea for you to try out the dishes that are native to the place, and it could also turn out to be a romantic thing that you can do in your honeymoon package!

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