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The southernmost state on the Pacific coast of The United States of America is California. California was not the first to be discovered or a next to the United States, but today, United States cannot imagine itself without California. Being the epicenter of Technology, the Silicon Valley in California is the home to some of the world's biggest corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple. Even in between all of this, California Spanish to squeeze a few elements of romance. There are a lot of pictures honeymoon destinations including few amazing features that face the Pacific, the Golden Gate bridge and the famous Napa Valley. With the Peaceful Pacific ocean on one side and with the desert on the other, California presents you with a lot of diverse options to rekindle your Romance India California honeymoon package.

California Tour Packages

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Best California Tour Packages at Visiit

California is one of the most beautiful states in the United States of America, and it has got a lot of diverse experiences that could be augmented with romantic flavour. That makes California one of the most beautiful destinations for your honeymoon. Be it the blue beaches that open onto the Pacific Ocean or the Sierra Nevada Valley or the magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge or the technological marvels at the Silicon Valley, or the awesomeness of the Yosemite National Park everything can have a flavour of romance in California. With these many places to visit in California, it could be considered one of the best places for Honeymoon package in the United States.

California is one of the states that is well connected by a point with the proximity of major airports like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, it is never a problem to reach this place. Operators from all over the world connect the flights to the technological capital of the world. Therefore, planning a tour package to California is an easy task. However, it requires some expertise and a knowledge of the place to know what to plan at what time of the day, and to take care of the little attractions including the site of humongous red wood trees. For all this, Visiit presents you solutions with the perfect and customisable California Honeymoon packages. Book your package with us, and enjoy your honeymoon and California in possibly the best way!

The the state of California is about with romantic elements scattered all over the place. Here are a few key elements that you can do to make your romantic honeymoon package to California for Indians and passionate.

Whale watching from Tickle Pink Inn
Wheels are one of the most magnificent creatures and it is a dress for California that these creatures grace the Pacific coast. Watching these creatures from vantage point is a great scene for you to remember. If the vantage point is a place that gives you all the girls anus and the feeling Romance, the experience of whale watching only gets better, and becomes more perfect as a honeymoon activity. The hotel called the Tickle Pink Inn combines the aesthetics and the utility, much like a 16th century Fortress in the Burgundy area of France. There are a lot of romantic activities like jacuzzis, spas, outdoor hot tub and a lot of other things, only to be garnished by some champagne and freshly baked cookies. All of these complete with the amazing panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Wine making at Napa Valley
We all know the picturesque and amazing views that Napa Valley has got to offer! It is the one that we have seen as a part of the Windows XP wallpaper called bless. Almost all places of the world offer and experience of wine tasting. Wineries at Napa Valley offer you an experience of making your own wine. After all, wine could be considered one of the most romantic things in the world, especially when drinking it from a flute with your loved one. The fontanella family winery is the place that offers this experience. Apart from being a great location that offers A visual treat, you also have a lot of standard wine options like the cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay on the zinfandel.

Experience the warmth of the mono hot Springs
The Sierra Nevada Valley is one of the most impressive places in United States, and in spite of being close to one of the most arid regions in the country, it also is blessed with a lot of greenery and Alpine settings. The magnificent landscapes and the quiet atmosphere only add to the romance of the place. Is the idea of a hot tub for you interest both of you, then the hot springs at mono should be on the list of places you would like to visit on your California honeymoon package. Apart from having one of the craziest yet romantic places, you also have a lot of accommodation options ranging from luxurious to economics. To finish all of it, you can also try hiking through the wilderness is that are available in the proximity including the John Muir wilderness.

A walk at the Moonstone beach
It is important that you stay away from the cross because privacy is one of the most important aspects. There might be a lot of beaches in California that offer you a lot of activities, but none of them are as exclusive to honeymoon as the Moonstone beach. Not just the people on a honeymoon package to California, that even the locals of cambria recognise this place as one of the most beautiful spots in the Pacific coast of California. There are little joys in this beach like the site of colourful stones come on the seals of the Pacific basking themselves on the rocks and even the peaceful box on the shades of the Cypress trees canopy. Even if not for anything else, you have an option to enjoy a long in less walk hand in hand during the time of the sunset, drenching yourself into the joy of love and the golden evening of the Pacific coast of California!

Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge
Each state has a cultural icon that talks about the state at the very first sight, and for the state of California, it has to be the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge has been immortalized in a lot of movies, and it is as romantic as it is shown to be. The pleasantly cold winds flowing from the Pacific make the walk a memorable one. Please do not hesitate to stop buy on the bridge for the numerous selfies that you can click with each other!

With the United States of America having a landscape like a rectangular form them on the beaches are kind of Limited. With California of exam of the best beaches, it is ideal to plan your honeymoon at the time when it would be great to visit these beaches what the time between me October is considered to be the better of the year, and the time of August and September is considered to be the peak season.

As much as it is important to enjoy the destinations come on it is also important to have a little bit of privacy. Given the fact that California is always crowded, it is best also to visit California in late November and early December, to be precise, in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and after the occasions like black Friday and Cyber Monday or over. This is the time in the crowds are quite sparse in California, and you can make the fullest of your California honeymoon package.

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