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Bhutan is one small landlocked country nestled between India and Tibet. For some people, let us keep the second one is China! Most people comma the expectations from honeymoons are rather flat. They need blue waters, dinners in candlelight and Spa packages for a couple. However, Bhutan Honeymoon Package is not about these things. It is something different and something that is out of the ordinary! It is about the sun sitting beautifully into the snow capped mountains as you hold the hand of your loved one! It is about endless walks in the wooded areas and forests that you would do as a testimony to your walk in life together. It is about breathtaking views of valleys that have nothing but green and blue. If this is your idea for a honeymoon, then the Bhutan tour package is something that you will need to consider with utmost intensity! After all, having your honeymoon in one of the happiest countries in the world is surely going to delight you, right?

Bhutan Tour Packages

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Best Bhutan Tour Packages at Visiit

Bhutan is a beautiful place that is hidden from the rest of the world. It is often known to be a Forbidden place, and only when you explode Bhutan on a honeymoon package, you will understand how romantic the place is. It has got every element it takes to make a beautiful honeymoon destination. Even if not for anything else, the peace that you get when you visit this place is good enough to make it one of the best honeymoon places on the planet.

Honeymoon package to Bhutan requires some meticulous planning in getting the flight tickets. While the place is quite accessible, it is not always available to transit over flight. Also, it needs to be taken care that the accommodation options are adequately set, because even the accommodation plays a role in lighting up the mood of Romance for the couple in love. Visiit brings you specialised Honeymoon packages to Bhutan that take care of all the aspects that are needed to make your honeymoon a complete and a Holistic romantic experience!

Enjoy the flower Gardens of Bhutan
The best season to visit the country of Bhutan is in Spring. The entire Valley of Bhutan is filled with a lot of flowers like clematis, primroses, lily, poppy and rhododendron. Giving you a field of almost being in other lands, you can just take a walk through the flower Gardens holding the hand of your loved one and drinking yourself in the Wall of each other in the right of colours like pink, lavender, yellow, orange and white. The natural beauty of the lawns and flower garden at Dochu La and Chele La treat you to an experience that you might have never experienced before. Adding small bits of garnish to this amazing spectacle of nature are the little streams that roll out of the melting Snow caps and the herds of yaks that relax and graze on the greenery on the floor, and places where you would just like to live and roll down in the green!

Trek at Dochu La
Bhutan is essentially a Himalayan country, and tricks on an inevitable part of any Himalayan tourism package, and the Bhutan honeymoon package will not be an exception. It might not sound like a great idea to go on a trip for your honeymoon, because the experience of a try to be very close to exhausting. However, if you know what lies at the end of the tunnel, you will know how romantic it is. At the end of the trick, you are created to a panoramic view of 200 miles of the pictures Himalayan range. This is you also includes one of the most Forbidden areas in the Himalayas, The Gangker Phunsum, which is the highest unconquered peak on the planet. On a clear morning after the snowfall is over, you will also be able to view about 108 magnificent chortens covered in snow. Seems like hundred and eight is a holy number even for the buddhists! For the uninitiated, Chortens refer to The structures built as memorials or tombs in Buddhist tradition!

Spiritual encounter at the monasteries
The married life is beautiful when it is people. This is one of the most important things that couples seat after their strenuous wedding schedule, and there is no better place to experience the peace that the world offers in the monastery of Bhutan. It is a relaxing and thermal experience to just sit back and watch the sunset or sunrise with the Himalayas in the backdrop and with colourful flags that flutter to the chill winds! And remember, we have not even entered the monastery! You can also consider enjoying a glass of warm bhutanese cider that contrast the cold weather around. The monasteries as much as they give peace, are difficult to reach. You have to go on an early morning Trek on a cliffside trying to reach the Taktsang or the Tiger's nest monastery. If the members of the British royal family, Prince William and Princess Kate of Britain, can do this for their honeymoon, or as a path to enhance their love, then it is definitely a thing to do on your Bhutan honeymoon package!

Nothing but you in the wilderness
Bhutan offers you a sense of tranquility and privacy like no other! If you are a nature lover, and if you are lucky enough to be married to one as well, then your Bhutan Honeymoon Package is sure not to disappoint. There are paradises for birdwatchers in the Glacier Valley near the jigme singye wangchuck national park. Geeta, being Christian and untouched by human intervention coming and with nature at its best comma is also the home to a lot of animals like barking deer, Sambar deer, red foxes Himalayan black bear and leopards. If you would like to experience and expand of endless mountains, lush valley and forest, then you forgot to include Lheunste is a part of Bhutan honeymoon package!

Experience the peace that is everywhere in Bhutan
Bhutan has been constantly ranked as one of the most happiest countries in the world. The double superlative is purely intentional! This place, which is mostly taken by the countries in North Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Netherlands, has Bhutan as the odd one out, being the only Asian country to feature in this list. Bhutan is one of the very few carbon positive countries on the planet. This means that Bhutan absorbs more carbon dioxide then it gives out. Thanks to the lush greenery, absorption of carbon dioxide is never in the, and it is rightly complemented by the people whose lifestyle is a fine Confluence of being active in terms of vegetation and helping others, but peaceful and laid back in terms of comparing themselves and rushing into things. We have heard of stories of how the bhutanese people planted a tree to commemorate the birth of the prince. If such a country can exist with so much of elements of peace, nature, understanding, Wellness and health, then, even if not for anything else command this place would be an ideal honeymoon package just to go, take a place to stay near a monastery, and just sit and stare with your loved one in sure surprise of how this small country manages to be so beautiful and so balanced, and above everything, so romantic!

Nepal and Bhutan might not have a lot of differences when it comes to climate. Just like it's friend with a state of India in between them, Bhutan is also best visited in the months between October and December. This is a time in the air is fresh and the place is ideal for a honeymoon package. The weather is comforting Lee cold and the air is fresh and clear and those guys are funny. This is probably the best way for you to experience Bhutan in its most romantic Avatar. The late spring season could also be considered as it is the time when the flowers of Bhutan start to Bloom, but it is important that your Romance blooms more than the flowers!

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