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Magical and Exotic Honeymoon in Bali

A well-planned honeymoon package to Bali guarantees you and your partner the most exotic and magical honeymoon which you will cherish forever. The capital city of Indonesia is one of ideal destinations for the newlyweds. The sandy beaches, as well as the high mountains where the couples can spend a lot of time together, is the main reason why it is such a perfect honeymoon destination.

Bali provides you with a perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon. The beautiful shores, the lush greenery and the deep dense jungles and the great volcanoes attract a large number of tourists every year. It is a very lively place intermingled with culture and a rocking nightlife. Here you can enjoy great privacy too.It is laid back romantic destination with beautiful romantic air all around. You can enjoy the romance both in the privacy of the hotel as well as in the exquisite beaches. The crystal white beaches and the walks along them make it the most unique and exciting experience of all times for the couples.

The beautiful lakes and the panoramic views and the romantic walks and rides in Bali are very popular among the couples. The tranquility and calmness in Bali are one of a kind. It offers you the most unique and enchanting vacation with your partner. It even offers a lot of adventures for you and your partner.

Bali Honeymoon Packages

Place : Kintamani, Batur, Tanjung Benoa W..
Hotels : Holiday Inn Express Bali Raya Kut

Place : Kintamani Volcano, Bedugul Sunset..
Hotels : Adi Dharma Hotel

Bali Honeymoon Trip at Visiit.com

Bali is the perfect romantic getaway for your honeymoon. It has the perfect exotic locations and the ultimate romantic setting to indulge during the honeymoon. You will cherish every bit of Bali with your partner especially when you plan and make special arrangements with Visiit.

Bali is a place that offers something for everyone, and couples in love or not an exception to this golden rule. With the beaches flanked by white sands and Adventures under the water, and with the plethora of options to stay and enjoy with Spa packages, you can expect Bali to delight you and your better half on your Bali honeymoon package.

Planning a Bali honeymoon package requires an intricate understanding of the way in which flight costs vary from season 2 season. Sometimes, the flight costs have been seen to vary on a day of the week basis point with our expertise in handling Bali vacations and Bali Honeymoon packages, you are sure to encounter one of the best planned Honeymoon packages to Bali customised according to your will. Let us plan your Bali honeymoon package for you to enjoy the place in a way that you wanted to enjoy with your loved one!

Here you can actually experience the different shades of life with the different shades of sky. Our all-inclusive Bali honeymoon packages are always a great hit in the market, since you can get at reasonable price any time of the year. We have sufficient experience in travel industry and we have served thousands of travellers these years. Our travel agents are experts in personalizing and designing domestic and international tour packages as per your needs.You can also book Luxury Bali Honeymoon Trip online in advance. Another benefit of booking your Honeymoon packages in advance is that you get special discount deals.

Sail away to Crystal Bay
The Crystal Bay is the most romantic place to visit on your honeymoon tourism. You can travel on a high catamaran. You can even try snorkeling with your partner. It is a great experience in Crystal Bay. You should definitely walk and explore the great coral reef. The mouth-watering barbecue should be definitely tried here.
Have unforgettable memories at Kuta
Kuta vacation is filled with community markets from where you can shop a lot. It even has a great happening nightlife. The Tanah lot temple can be visited on your honeymoon trip. It is perched upon a high rock. They allow you to release baby turtles in the vast ocean but only if you visit during the months of May and September.
Incredible love in Ubud
Here you can do really interesting things with your partner. There are village tours where you will get to see the rustic side of Bali. It is a great experience. You can even try jewelry making workshops and even bamboo crafting workshops. These are really interesting things to do in Bali.
Feel love at Git Git waterfalls
The typical Balinese life can be witnessed in the village of Lovina. It is famous for its serenity and calmness. The Banjar hot springs are really popular where you can relax and rejuvenate yourselves. The enchanting waterfalls are filled in couples in the evenings. It is a very soothing sight and a memorable one.
Find respite at Pasir Putih beach
In the Pasir Putih beach is a beautiful place where you can enjoy privacy with your partner as it is free from a huge number of tourists. It is more of a secluded spot but has beautiful white sandy beaches. Candidasa offers you to rent a fishing boat to reach this place. You can have a romantic dinner or lunch with your partner over here.
Get relaxed at Ayana Resort and Spa
During your honeymoon tour, you can have the best experience of relaxation in Ayana Resort and spa. It will rejuvenate you and remove all your exhaustion so that you can enjoy the best vacation ever. They even offer a romantic flower bath which you can have while having a glass of champagne.
Dive into the Mejangan waters
This is one of unique experiences that you can have during your honeymoon in Bali. If you love to explore what’s underwater, this is a must try for you. You can see a diversified marine life in these waters. You can explore this beautiful place without trespassing on your required privacy in Bali.
Visit the rainforest restaurant
If you can hike and go to Mount Batur, which is very high in altitude. You can watch the beautiful sunrise over there. It is a memory to cherish forever. The Gunung Batukuru restaurant offers you the perfect ambiance of a rainforest to relish your meal with your partner. It is an unforgettable experience.
The romantic ride in South Bali Holiday tour
You can indulge into the mesmerizing beauty of South Bali by riding down the beautiful beach. You can cross the river creeks, the paddy fields, and the peaceful villages. Canggu is the top popular place which you must definitely try visiting during your honeymoon. The horseback riding tours with your soulmate in Bali is a must try.
Try scuba diving and snorkeling
Most of the popular beaches in Bali offers various kinds of water sports like parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, scuba diving. If you and your partner is a water lover, there’s a lot of activity for you to do during your honeymoon. It has the most exotic marine life to be explored when you dive underwater.
Try the Balinese way when in Bali
You can try a huge number of Balinese dishes when you are in Bali. There many authentic local Balinese food to be tried. Nasi goreng or Babi guling are some of the most popular Balinese dishes to be tried. The Gabah restaurant and bar provides you with the most authentic Balinese cuisine.
Blending it up
You can experience the best cultural cuisine at RIMBA. The authentic Balinese cuisine is offered here which is varied as well as mouthwatering. They even have a display of the sunset ritual procession which portrays the best rural culture in an exceptional manner. The best thing to be tried here is barbecued prawns.
Wonders at Bale Udang
Here you can experience dining above water in the true sense of it. There are wooden bales where you can dine with your partner. The entire place is surrounded by water which will make you feel as if you are actually dining above water. You can just sit there and enjoy the scenic view all around while having your food.
Try Babi Guling at Selingsing Cepaka
The pork lovers should definitely gorge on this. The entire pork is laid on the table for you with exceptional spices which makes it mouth-watering. It is open from 2 am to 9 am and you can have the best of dinners over here. It’s crispy, tasty and mouth-watering which you will enjoy with your partner.
Indonesia might have a lot of options for honeymoon. It is indeed a Holistic honeymoon destination. However, there is a destination right with Indonesia that could make a self sustained tourist package for itself. It has got everything it takes to become a tourist destination. It is blessed with a lot of forest, and it also has its Tryst with history in the form of temples that spell divinity point to complete all of this, there is also a wildlife adventure right in this area. We are talking about the island of Bali. Bali is one of the greatest honeymoon destination, and in this section, we will explore some of the best and the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon package to Bali.

Private photoshoot for you
If you want to enjoy some islands and island hopping, then the best thing to do is book any of the best Bali is paradise, and it does not exempt either lovebirds or photographers. Why not convert these two interest into an amazing memory? A lot of professional photographers around Bali of you private photoshoot session. You can engage with a professional photographers to discuss the plans, concepts and outfit ideas. The outfit ideas can be arranged according to your conveniences and if need be, according to the experience of the photographer. This will be a great option and opportunity for you, not just to immortalize your Romance, but also to immortalized the picture where the memories that you have had on your honeymoon package to Bali.

Jimbaran sunset dinner
A dinner, in itself, could be a great thing of romance. Add that to the Melancholy of the Waves that was the source, and the beautiful red of the sunset waiting you both in a worksheet of romance! This is what you get when you opt in for a sunset dinner at jimbaran. This is also a great place to unwind and relax after a walk around the eclipse and the temple of Bali. With seafood dinner is nothing short of fresh, and It would be quite an experience for you to look into the eyes of your loved one, and feel the sand on your toes.

You are bound to be started by the range and selection of Grills and seafood offered to you, and the finish is nothing short of culinary perfection. When you know that it is the catch of the local fisherman and it was on the same day, you will have no questions about the freshness. If the food for your stomach wasn't enough, and if the food for the thought about your romantic togetherness wasn't enough, you could probably just enjoy the sunset, which is nothing short of picture perfect!

The hundred candle dinner
The light from the sun set grazing your evening snack or dinner is quite common for a honeymoon. If you would like to push and common to the next level of Awesomeness, you should consider the 100 candle lit dinner.

It is an exclusive ATI offered by the swept away restaurant at the Samaya Ubud. When an experience is something close to heaven, and it is especially with the love of your life, food can take the back seat. However, if food is also an important aspect to note in this candle light dinner, then it is only right that we talked about it! The food is 6 course meal, and you can also compliment your food with your choice of wine. Needless to say, this venue brings you something photographs and memories that are even more stunning!

Dinner in a cave
Maybe having your dinner in the middle of 100 candles could be one kind of a romantic affair. However, on the other side of romance, lie some amazing things in life. One such experience that you can have in your honeymoon at Bali is to have your dinner inside a cave. This experience is a part of the Samabe Resort, and what makes this dinner even more special is that it is on a private beach. Just like it's hundred candle counterpart, you can enjoy a five course menu and let it tantalize your tongue while the sound of the sea and the Waves mesmerizers your ears. All of this happens when you are drenched in love with the better half of your life! With these many options, a honeymoon in Bali is definitely worth a memory and a lot more of it!

A chopper ride over Bali
You getting married to the love of your life will have put you in a new high. With the helicopter ride at Bali, you can take this New Found Romance to a different height all together. One another reason for you to engage in this romantic activity is also because of the convenience it offers - Bali is quite known for traffic jam!

Your helicopter ride to Bali takes the sightseeing and the Romance that you wanted to experience on your Bali honeymoon package to a whole new level. This helicopter ride is operated by air Bali, and is one of the most romantic experiences that you can ever have in Bali. You have always known that Bali is a splendid place with a lot of visual appeal. When you hop onto a Helicopter and look at it from the bird’s eye level, you have no option but to be found. You will feel that Bali is the second most beautiful thing that you are experiencing after your marriage, only next to your loved one!

Bali is a multifaceted tourist destination, and it has got different seasons for different people who expect different things from this amazing archipelago. In general, May June and July are considered to be the best months to visit Bali. However, if you are a serving enthusiastic, you could probably consider the days between July and October because the beaches of Bali see some of the best waves in the world suited for surfing.

Also Bali can be visited in any season. It is filled with tourists during the summer months. But honeymooners prefer visiting Bali during the winter months that is from October to March as the weather is just perfect to have a cozy and romantic vacation with your partner in the changing season.

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