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Alluring Zimbabwe Tourism

Zimbabwe which is a Savanna region that has been booming in tourism sector to retain its name by building a good rapport between the tourists. It doesn’t create a pleasant impression at first, however one cannot miss this country situated in the southern africa. It's a playground for the Big Five in its biosphere and we would love to indulge in the archaeological sites with some world wonders. Stunning landscapes, ancient rock art and ruins of stoned fortresses and a rich wildlife creates every adventure enthusiasts to take a trip into the wilderness of Zimbabwe. And for the photographers, biologists, nature lovers, Zimbabwe tops their bucket list.The rhino tracking is also possible in this beautiful country where the wild animals are seen by its originality.

Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Place : Chobe National Park
Hotels : The Kingdom Hotel, Bridgetown Res..

Must see points of attractions in Zimbabwe

Though the country is known for its civil wars and politics, Zimbabwe draws the tourists attention for its beautiful teak forests , cypress tree hills and wildlife habitats. The Victoria Falls largest of the world, the man made lake called “Lake Kariba”, Great Zimbabwe Ruins & Monument, Hwange National Park, Matobo National Park (Matopos), Gonarezhou National Park ,Vumba Mountains , Harare City and the list goes on.

Victoria Falls
Victoria falls lies between the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe which is the largest waterfall both in the width and height. Like the Niagara in United States and Canada, Victoria falls offers a breathtaking experience to the tourists by its thundering, misty, steamy white water contrasting the pitch dark rock cliffs with green patches of trees and bushes popping out from the sides. The tourists should surely try out the white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter rides and river cruises for a lifetime memory.

Matobo National Park
Matobo National Park contains the caves that were inhabited by man before thousands of years where the rock cave paintings serving as the proof. The balancing rocks and the granite mountains attracts the tourists to enjoy a spectacular view of the rhinos feeding into the vegetation, eagles soaring high above with wildebeests, leopards and antelopes.

Nyanga National Park
Nyanga National Park is a highland that is 1,800 meters above sea level covered with Msasa trees and cypress trees letting the cool breeze to blow across the maze of mountains with boulders bringing in a feel like that we are transmitted to another world. The cozy wooden cottages accommodates the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the whole place. Old World Samango monkeys, leopards and lions can be spotted in Nyanga while we take a surprise dips in wild waterfalls , hike through the mountain paths and end our day next to a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins & Monument
Dzimba dza mabwe or “House of Stones” attracts a lot of tourists and explorers to witness the ruins . The massive stone built walls creates a wow factor to the structure and adding to it is the stone carving of the bird which is now the national emblem of the Zimbabwe.

Hwange National Park
Hwange is home to the largest population of elephants. It provides a 15,000 square kilometers of protected landscape with hyenas, african wild dogs, leopards, 400 species of birds, giraffe and cheetahs whirring fast beside our gypsys. There is a guaranteed fun for the kids and the adults of a family when we watch the baby elephants trumpeting and skidding next to their mama elephants. It also holds a watering hole which offers a great show for the spectators.

Vumba Mountains[Bvumba]
The mountain range of forests is a complete contrariety for the Savannah regions of Zimbabwe. It holds rare bird species with a touch of fantasy world offering picturesque beauty and nature walks with a short visit to the neighbouring country Mozambique. Many homestays and cottages are provided as the accommodation for the tourists amidst the coffee plantations.

Sadza is the most common and staple food of the Zimbabweans. It is a cornmeal that is plain cooked and served with any gravy or stew. It can also be made with peanut butter since they love the peanuts.

Mopane Worms
We quiver when we hear worms, but it is a basic snack that is high in protein and fried or cooked into a stew that is popular in Zimbabwe and many places of Africa.

Muriwo Une Dovi
Muriwo Une Dovi is a dish made with any type of greens in peanut sauce. The greens can be spinach, pumpkin leaves or lagos spinach,etc

Mupunga Une Dovi
Mupunga Une Dovi is the food made by adding peanut butter to anything and everything. It is a cooked rice with peanut butter served with slow cooked meat and gravy with some vegetables.

Muriwo Na Nyama
Muriwo Na Nyama or “ Leafy beefy” or “High field stew” after the popularity of the dish from the Zim suburb that is made with beef slices, oil, onion, tomatoes and covo vegetables.

Muboora is a pumpkin soup cooked with tomato sauce and can also be innovated with peanut butter as Zimbabweans love peanuts and can be accompanied with sadza or roasted meat.

Zimbabwe can be reached through flight either to HArare city or through Johannesburg and it can be reached through car from the countries around it and through train from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls and the train also passes through the largest national parks of Africa called Hwange National Park.
Zimbabwe is dry with a short cool season during May to September helping us to enjoy the wild animals in action with a very less amount of rain showers where as from November to March it receives heavy cloudbursts. Harare and Bulawayo are the regions of ZImbabwe that receives 8 hours of sunshine each day at an average rate. The country is warmer in the afternoon and cooler in the night providing a better climate for the travellers and wildlife fanatics taking the tour packages of Zimbabwe.

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