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There are different kinds of Travellers who prefer different kinds of destinations. There are different tourist destinations that also have a lot of attributes that make them a great place irrespective of the tourism. However, if there is one country whose economy thrives entirely on tourism, it has got to be Thailand. Thailand is definitely a destination that people from the city of Chennai will look forward to travel to on a tour package. This multicultural city of Chennai, which is considered to be the cultural capital of India, is known for its food joints, shopping destinations, beaches, sightseeing hotspots, and picturesque viewpoints. For someone from this city who has always seen this kind of attractions, a tour package to Thailand from Chennai will definitely be a treat because it offers almost the same kind of an experience, but with a different flavour!

Thailand Tour Packages

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Place : City tour of Bangkok, PATTAYA BEA..
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Place : City tour of Bangkok, PATTAYA BEA..
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Place : City tour of Bangkok, PATTAYA BEA..
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Place : Safari World with Marin Park, Cit..
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Place : City tour of Bangkok, Temple of t..
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What is that someone from Chennai good look forward to in Thailand on a tour package?

The beaches:

The city of Chennai boasts of the second Longest beach in the world. The Marina Beach in Chennai is the second longest beach on the planet, just after the Miami beach in the key West region of Florida!

To the people of Chennai to whom the beach has been a stone's throw away, beaches might not essentially present as a great attraction. However, Thailand might make a difference in their opinion. For any person visiting Thailand on a tour package from Chennai, Pattaya and Phuket are bound to figure out in the list of beaches that they would like to visit. Apart from the Pristine blue waters, these beaches offer a variety of activities like parasailing and viewpoints. In addition to this, there are very special spots in Pattaya and Phuket that make them beaches to look forward to visit.

Pattaya's proximity to Bangkok makes it a great beach, because you can cover two locations from a single epicenter. There are a lot of activities around Pattaya like the Walking Street, the cabaret shows, the art in paradise gallery, the ripley's believe it or not museum, the teddy bear museum, the Pier of Bali hai, and the Wat Chaimongkol temple which is a centre of Buddhist worship, and hub of many religious and cultural events in Pattaya and its suburbs.

Phuket, on the other hand, is a beach that is a lot less crowded and has quite a lot of elements that make it very close to nature. Most of the activities in Phuket or around adventure. Some of them are Scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. For the people of Chennai who have seen the beaches and have not had an intimate encounter with the blue waters, coming on a Thailand tour package from Chennai should surely attract them to indulge in these kinds of adventures. The places around Phuket also features a lot of golf courses, spas, and even places where you can see Thai Martial artist do some boxing.

Here are a few pointers to note.
* While there are a lot of places where you can get a little adventurous with food and massaging, it is advised that you exercise care and meticulousness in choosing what you would like to do.
* Though the beaches of Pattaya and Phuket are not known for monstrous waves, it is advisable that you do not venture out into the deep waters.
* It is always possible to learn the nuances of Scuba Diving and snorkeling in an instant. However, learn it with the mind that you are a beginner and note every instruction that the instructor gives you regarding your breathing and movements.
* There is abundance of information on the Internet. If you are going to interest your activities to a local tout, it is definitely going to cost you more for an experience that might not even be worth half of that price.

The Metropolis of Bangkok:

Here is one more aspect of Thailand that would put a person from Chennai on a tour package to Thailand in a state of awe. It is to be agreed that Chennai is one of the finest metro cities in India, and is an essential member of the Fab four - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. With the information technology Revolution, Chennai has evolved to be a city of vital importance when it comes to technology and manufacturing. It is always said that the grass is greener on the other side and Chennai and Bangkok cannot be exceptions to this golden rule.

The city of Chennai does have its fair share of Amazing shopping hot spots, food joints, and a lot of urban sightseeing places. However, for a person who is on a package tour to Thailand from Chennai, Bangkok is a different kind of a delight. Chennai is known to be a land of temples, and so is Bangkok. The only difference is that Chennai temples are dedicated mostly to Hinduism but the temples of Bangkok feature both Hinduism and Buddhism. In fact, the temples of Bangkok stand as a testimony to a time when there was a culture that was more of a Confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism. The wat Pho and the wat Arun are the most famous temples in Bangkok, and it is not something that a person from Chennai would want to miss.

Chennai's Legacy dates back to the 17th century when the British East India company identified the small coastal piece of land as a Centre for trade and Commerce, and that small piece of coastal land expanded to become what is known as the Metropolis of Chennai today. While this is surely a great piece of history, this false flat in the face of the city of Bangkok which has a Legacy that is more than A Thousand Years. This leaves a lot of palaces, abandoned Forts, temples under construction, and ruins of lost civilizations as amazing attractions around the place. One of them is the Grand Palace of Thailand. Do this palace was built in 1782, the precinct holds a lot of attractions and spectacular structures that give you the very unique flavour of Thailand.

Chennai is considered to be the city with the highest percentage of vegetarian population… and parallel to this, Chennai also has a lot of areas where you get mouth watering meet as well. For a city which has food rooted deep in its culture, Bangkok is an alternate bliss. The street foods of Bangkok are the culinary signatures of the city. Rather than indulging in an exquisite fine dining affair, it would be a great adventure to binge on fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, grilled meats, suits and a great selection of other street food delicacies.

Chennai is a great commercial hotspot as well. People from as far as 120 km drop in to Chennai for their festival shopping. For a person in Chennai who has seen roadside shopping in Ranganathan Street and exotic shopping in some of the most happening malls, Bangkok will still be a different experience, thanks to the Floating Market. It is the shops on the boards that and Bangkok the epithet ‘Venice of the East.’everything is pricey in here and it might not be a great idea to shop for things, but the experience of having a buoyant market is a thing worth treasuring literally and figuratively.

Here are a few things that you need to consider when visiting Bangkok on a tour package from Chennai:
• It is always better to take a guided City tour. There are taxes that take you where they wanted to take you, and there are taxis that take you where you want to take them. Choose the latter and not the former. It will surely save you a lot of money!

• Just like Chennai has Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram, Bangkok also has a lot of interesting spots that lie in the outskirts of the city. If you have the luxury of time, it is strongly urged that you consider visiting these places as well.

• Being a tourist hotspot, it is only normal that everything in Bangkok is overpriced. Take out your bargaining skills (Come on! We are Indians, right?) and try to get the best price, be it cabs or food or anything that you get from Bangkok.

• Bangkok has a robust network of public transport that will put you it is to commute from some of the most famous tourist hotspots to the other. There are underground trains and buses. The little amount of time that you lose is worth the money that you will save by choosing to use public transport.

• Always be on the Lookout for scams. You might be met with situations like the taxi metres not working and the cab driver taking you to random gem stores from where they could get a Commission for bringing tourists who would buy overpriced gems.

There are a lot of other places in Thailand that present themselves as amazing attractions to a person who is on a package tour from Chennai. There are the beaches of Krabi and the ruins of the old city of SukhoThai. Travellers who are interested in exploring a few niches can surely consider the above places, but for a person who is on a package tour to Thailand, Bangkok Pattaya and Phuket are the places that they will need to visit if they need a very awesome experience of the beach, party, shopping and food Paradise that Thailand is!

It takes an expert advisor to circumvent all the possibilities of scam, accommodate you in a hotel that gives you the best value for money while being uncompromising on the location where you will need easy accessibility to the places of interest in and around the spots like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Leave it to Visiit.com to give you an experience of Thailand from Chennai in a way that you will never forget it. Our expertise in handling diverse kinds of crowds from Chennai on package tour to Thailand has given us a lot of learning to customise the tools according to the requirements of our customers. After all, it is not about ticking off the places on a list but about feeling what the place stands for!

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