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Exploring the Emerald Boulevard of Tashkent

Tashkent is a beautiful city and is the capital of Uzbekistan. Being the major economic and cultural center of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is a gorgeous and well-planned city which has many pedestrian pathways and parks, gardens and differently designed fountains. It is one of the most popular cosmopolitan city. There are many architectural sites and monuments in Tashkent. Most of them are designed in the pattern of the medieval buildings. Here you will get the essence of the true Soviet Era. The art and architecture of this place take you back in time. The wide streets and the mud-walled houses are a special attraction here.

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Tashkent Tour Packages

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Amir Timur Museum
Amir Timur Museum is one of the major attraction in Tashkent. Here, you will find many details about the Timurid dynasty. It houses many manuscripts and many other relics. If history inspires you, this is the perfect place to be visited during your vacation. It also houses archaeological and numismatic materials which attract a number of visitors every year. There are also many musical instruments and military items in this museum.

Museum of Railway
Museum of Railway is very popular among the tourists. You can find a wide range of rail items. It is also associated with the railway. You can even get a ride with Afrosiab which is a very popular high-speed train. There are many interesting things to check out from the world of invention of railways. You can even find the kind of rails used during the previous times.

Tashkentland is the most popular amusement park over here. You can spend minimum 3-4 hours here. There are many interesting things to do in the park. There is also a recreational center inside the park. It is basically like Disneyland which offers a lot of entertainment to its people. It houses many rides like a roller coaster, hammer, etc. Best time to visit this place is morning and evening.

Lamenting Mother Memorial
Among many memorials dedicated to soldiers, Lamenting Mother Memorial is the most popular one. It is entirely sculpted in pink stone and is dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. Near to that, there are other memorials too which are dedicated to other soldiers.

Visit the Palace of International Forums
Located in Amir Timur Square, Palace of International Forums is the official representative building of Tashkent. It is famous for political conventions and maintaining national and international contacts. It is built with many exquisite materials. It is among the most popular administrative buildings.

Spend quality time at the Independence Square
Independence Square is a recreational park with many fountains. The monuments here shows the Uzbek culture. There are also many impressive buildings which reflect the modernity of Tashkent. The entire area is decorated with gorgeous flowers which make this place even more beautiful.

Visit the Tashkent zoo
In Tashkent Zoo you will find more than 500 or 600 different species of animals. It is the perfect place where you can visit with your family. You even get to see animals like giraffe, gorilla and zebras and even hunting dogs. It is the fascinating place that you can visit with your kids during your vacation.

Tashkent is known for its culture and heritage mingled with modernity. The eating houses and the cafes are also textured in the pattern of the European and Middle Eastern style. The Russian ballet and opera is also noteworthy and deserves acclamation. It is also popular for belly dancing, dance bars and massage parlors.

Autumn is the best season to visit Tashkent. If you wish to see the grand celebration during their Independence Day, then you should plan your vacation around 1st September. You can also visit during the time they host the International Film Festival. You can even prefer the dry months of the year as they are just perfect for trekking. From March to May, the temperature is very pleasant and during this time, many fairs and festivities are also hosted.

Efendi offers all kinds of international cuisine. It is gorgeous for its beautifully highlighted outdoor area. It offers its customers great views and it is a true visual treat. All kinds of Turkish dishes and Mediterranean food is the major specialty. You should definitely try the Turkish coffee and the desserts over here. It is located at Saqik Azimov Street. It is open from 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

April Verdant Restaurant
April Verdant is a posh restaurant with the vibrant and enchanting environment. The place is famous for its natural beauty of lush greenery all around. It is famous for European, Italian and Japanese cuisine. The must-try dishes are sushi, pasta, and desserts. The food is served in a properly garnished manner which makes it look even more tempting. It is located in Salam Popolam. It is open from 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

To enjoy the best flavors of European cuisine, you should definitely visit caravan. The wooden furniture and the ambiance make it worth a try. You should definitely try Shashlik, kebab and chicken steak here. You can even enjoy live music over here. It is a great place to spend quality time with your family or partner.

The Tashkent International Airport which is the nearest one connects direct flights to a number of major cities all over the world. Many airline carriers offer direct and connecting flights to all the major cities. From the city center the airport is 12 km away, so always keep the extra time in your hand.

Transport Convenience in Tashkent
There are many modern buses with which you can roam around the city with great convenience. Double-decker city excursion buses are also there which is also easily available and very convenient. Daewoo minibusses are also very popular among the tourists for its speed and convenience.

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