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Endearing Tanzania Family Tour Package

Tanzania is an east african country with untouched wildlife, paradise beaches, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar islands along with its vibrant culture. It is called as the “Land of Safaris” since the wildlife is found in action. We cannot forget the film “Gods must be crazy” from the 80’s that pictured the african tribes perfectly. Tanzania is a dry place yet it possess a wondrous wildlife attracting millions of tourists each year seeking adventure. It is the best place for the wildlife photographers for capturing great shots. 38% of the country comes under protected areas with many UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites. In every turn we take and in every trail we track, there lies the unsung saga of the wild.

Tanzania Tour Packages

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Best Tanzania Tour Packages at Visiit

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Must see points of attractions in Tanzania

Starting from the dried up migration to the picturesque Zanzibar, Tanzania aces the list for the adventure enthusiasts. The charismatic animals like wolves,hyenas,lions, leopards and african elephants captures the eyes of the tourists in its protected biospheres while the Zanzibar offers the warm water of Indian ocean fiddles our toes along with the soft coral sands and Mount Kilimanjaro being the highest mountain in Africa.

Ruaha National Park
The Ruaha National Park obtaining its name from the word “ruvaha,” meaning “river” lies in the centre of Tanzania where we can spot the animals like lions, leopards, gazelle, elephants,zebras, impalas, jackals and buffaloes along with 400 species of birds. The number of African elephants spotted here are largest in numbers in Tanzania. The green trees becomes a contrast to the caramel sands adding more beauty to the river.

Pemba Island
The Pemba Island from the Indian Ocean is the northernmost one of Zanzibar giving the best scuba diving experience for the tourists. The squishy coral life, vibrant sponges and colorful fishes and marine life is found in the deep ocean. It is also a part of the Spice ISlands due to its Clove produce. Pemba is less crowded when compared to Zanzibar providing a far flung feel for the tourists.

Lake Manyara
The lake Manyara is home to thousands of Pink flamingos along with 300 species of migratory birds. The lake is shrunk during the dry season hosting the rhinos, elephants, hippos, wildebeests and giraffes. The vegetation of the land differs from savannah, marsh and evergreen forests and the sole purpose to visit Lake Manyara could be said as the tree climbing Lions that has now become a rare occurrence.

Mount Kilimanjaro
This mountain in Tanzania lies near the border of Kenya. It is 5,892 meters above sea level that is a highest peak in Africa and highest solo mountain of the world. It has been famous for its snow canopied peak that is preferred by the mountaineers and trekkers around the world. The inactive volcano was formed before 1 million years ago due to the volcanic movement in the rift valley. The trekkers can enjoy the thrill of the mountain path and the breathtaking sunrise from atop where the rays are shone over the rainforest and the alpines creating a golden gloom.

Zanzibar Beaches
The Zanzibar is the island archipelago with beautiful beaches and surfs benefitting the tourists arrival. The stone town with Grand Arabian homes and narrow streets with markets is at the centre of the Zanzibar. The light blinds us when it shines upon the sea creating a glaring reflection.The soft white sand and crystal clear water adds more beauty to Zanzibar.

Serengeti National Park
Time stands still in the Serengeti National Park where the lions sits majestically eyeing its prey from a far distance as the giraffes trods in the sunset. It is best known for its great migration of wildebeests and Zebras. The annual wildlife migration is observed by many tourists and wildlife enthusiasts to see the animals when ran in masses creating a huge dust storm putting up a great show.

Tanzania has so much to offer. From the large kings of the forest and African elephants to the minute birds and insects that soar high with every colors that ever spotted by humans, plants dangling with flowers, but excluding all the culture of the Maasai mara tribes and the people’s warm welcome lets us to pack our bags and take up an adventure to this lord of the jungle. So pick a tour package from VISIIT holidays of your choice and get baffled by the wilderness.

The best wildlife of Tanzania can be watched during the months of June to October. In the months of January to May it is troublesome to catch the wild animals in an excellent way. April to July remains as the best months to see the great migration of wildebeests, zebras and other antilopes from Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve covering around 2800 miles. The December to March are the best months to spot kills and newborn animals.

Ugali is the most prefered food by the Tanzanians which is made with cornmeal, cassava flour, sorghum or millet that is neither sticky or dry when cooked perfectly. It is accompanied with fish, meat, cooked veggies or baked beans.

Pilaf or Pilau is a rice cooked in a broth with seasoning. The rice gets its golden colour due to the light saute in oil that should not be sticky but separate grains. This staple food may include aubergines, chickpeas, beans or peas that is garnished with meat and chicken.

Ndizi Nyama
Ndizi Nyama is a dish made with green bananas and fish with stew of carrots, tomatoes, pepper and ladies finger that is served with rice or ugali.

Nyama Choma
The Nyama Choma meaning the grilled meat is the authentic Tanzanian dish that belongs to the East Africa. It is the dish that is a platter of barbecued fish, goat or chicken served along with the barbecued bananas and ugali on the sides.

Tanzania can be reached through the international airports of Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro connecting various countries and cities of Europe, Africa and Asia. The two Tanzania railways connecting the neighbouring countries like Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda and Kenya. The VISIIT tours and Holidays offers best package rates for a adventurous ride into the untamed.

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