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Sri Lanka Tour from Hyderabad

Sri Lanka is the beautiful island located at the Southern tip of India. Colombo is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka and has a population of over one million. Colombo is the biggest city in Sri Lanka. The harbor at Kelani River served as the biggest trade route in Sri Lanka. The Portuguese, Dutch and the British dominated Sri Lanka, especially Colombo at one time.

Sri Lanka is a perfect blend of modern architecture and high rise buildings as well as the ancient and traditional colonial-era building. The island may look tiny but it is filled with numerous street markets, which offers you fruits, vegetables as well as exclusive clothing and shoes.

Sri Lanka has a wide range of fragrant spices which are exported to all over the world. There are many Hindu and Buddhist temples as well as Muslim mosques and minarets. It is filled with people and workers by daylight and is more or less empty after nightfall. But the nightlife is rocking at many international hotels as well as in clubs and pubs.

There are several high standard restaurants which are filled with high-end tourists and customers. The colorful street markets, the lively people, the churches, temples and mosques, the museums and the parks make Sri Lanka a very lively and colorful city to visit and live in.

Colombo is the main seaport of Sri Lanka. The central zone of Colombo is called the Fort till date. There you can see the British touch in the architecture almost everywhere. The colonial designed queen’s house is a specimen of splendid architecture.

Major Attractions in Sri Lanka

The Fort
The Fort which is located between Colombo Harbour and the Beira Lake is the most beautiful centrally located harbor in Colombo. The Portuguese had built this harbor and had even extended it for their trading purposes. It is the financial and the trading hub of Colombo. It is filled with international hotels and is buzzing with tourists all the year round. The government of Sri Lanka lies here.
The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower which is located at the corner of the Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha is another popular landmark in Colombo. It was previously a lighthouse but is now a clock tower and a mere landmark. The presidential gardens and the presidential house are also located here. These are Neoclassical buildings which predominate the city of Colombo. Sri Lanka’s president stays here but tourists are not allowed to visit the place.
Pettah (in Colombo) has a maze of streets which has a grand display of colorful goods and shops selling various kinds of articles. It has everything, starting from gold and silver to that of fruits and vegetables. There are a wide variety of shoes and clothes. The tourists can get anything and everything from here. It is an ultimate paradise for the shoppers. The sea street in Pettah is another popular place which has many temples.
The Vel Festival
The Vel Festival is celebrated in a very grand manner in Colombo. It remarks the marriage of God Murugan. It is usually held in August. The Grand Mosque of Colombo is a popular mosque among the Muslims in Sri Lanka. It is one of the heritage sites in Colombo. The Jami ul alfar mosque is also there in Colombo. It is famous for its brickwork and its red and white structure.
The Dutch Period Museum
The Dutch Period Museum is also very popular among the tourists. It was previously the residence of Count August van Ranzow who was the governor of the East India Company of the Dutch. It is located on the edge of Pettah. It is basically surrounded by shops selling antiques and common market goods. It has a rare collection of weapons, coins and pottery. It even has a rare collection of portraits and furniture.
The Galle Face Green
The Galle Face Green is located on the south of fort. It is facing the Indian Ocean. It is a very long park which faces the Indian Ocean. This fringe is separated from the Slave Island by the Beira Lake.
Galle Road
Galle Road is the longest seafront of Colombo. It is usually filled with traffic and tourists. It has some of the best shopping malls in Colombo. The US embassy is also located here. It has some of the most popular 5-star hotels too.
The National Museum
The National Museum was the first museum in Sri Lanka and Colombo hosts it. It has a wide range of cultures which is greatly highlighted here that existed during the Sinhala times. There are many remnants of the last kings of Kandy. There are many wooden and bronze carvings in this museum. There’s a lot to be admired by the tourists which are done by the artists in Colombo. Inside the museum, there is also a puppetry and children’s museum. Sri Lanka has a great heritage behind puppetry and it is all beautifully shown in this museum. It is open from Saturday to Thursday.
The Independence Memorial Hall
The Independence Memorial Hall or The Independence Square is the national monument of Sri Lanka which is located in Colombo. It was built when Sri Lanka got independence. It marks the respect to start self-rule. It best to visit this memorial during the time of independence to see the grand celebrations and ceremonies that are held on this occasion.
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Kandy is a famous breeding ground that has more than ninety elephants. It is best to plan a day trip to this place. Elephants are allowed to stay in their regular environment. You can enjoy watching these adorable creatures playing, bathing and feeding foods.
Temple of Tooth Relic
Temple of Tooth Relic is the most significant Buddhist temple located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The devotees can pray in the room where tooth is housed. This temple is popular because Lord Buddha’s tooth has been enshrined at this place. No one is allowed to see or touch the tooth. It is said that it is preserved in a golden casket which looks like a stupa in structure.

Why Should People from Hyderabad Visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful island which can be visited at any time of the year. There are many flights from Hyderabad flying to Colombo daily. It is a popular destination for people all over the world.

There are many must-see places in Sri Lanka which people like to visit. Hyderabad is very rich in culture and heritage and Colombo itself is also very rich in culture. It is very economical for people living in Hyderabad to visit Colombo or Kandy in Sri Lanka. There is a wide variety of cuisine to be tried in Sri Lanka and people of Hyderabad love to try different dishes.

Sri Lanka is rich in Hyderabadi cuisine too. There are a lot of seafood to try in Sri Lanka. The cost of living is more or less same in Hyderabad and Sri Lanka so it’s even more comfortable for them.

Things to do in Sri Lanka

There are several things you can do on your vacation in Sri Lanka. If you are a water lover, there are many thrilling activities for you like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, paragliding, walking on the waters. You can try various means to see the underwater marine life.

Hot air balloon tour is the must to do thing in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy excitement of flight ride in a silent way in this hot air balloon tour. The best part is you can easily view things below from bird’s point of view. You can start the trip from North Central Plains. If you wish to surprise your loved one or a give a special birthday surprise or propose your loved one, then you need to go for hot air balloon trip. It is operating from Dambulla.

Plan for a tea estate trail or tea estate stay in Nuwara Eliya or Hatton and Dickoya. Sri Lanka is popular for tea estate. Three popular tea destinations are Hatton and Dickoya, Nuwara Eliya and Haputale. If you have heard or tasted popular Ceylon Tea, you should go and visit a tea estate in Hatton and Dickoya.

In Colombo, there are many spots like the Galle Face green where you can have a picnic with your family and others. It is an interesting activity which you can do when you are on a vacation.

Colombo is popular for its street stalls and markets from where you can buy from items for your friends and relatives. There are many malls in Colombo where you can just hang around and shop. The cost is really reasonable over there.

You can go for a cycling experience. You can just go around in a cycle. Colombo is filled with Tuk Tuks. You can ride a tuk-tuk and go around Colombo. There are many cafes in Colombo where you can surely try the authentic Sri Lankan food. You can buy loads of shoes and clothes from Colombo. There are endless places to shop from.

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