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The floating pearl island, Sri Lanka is a magnificent place to visit for a refreshing and active vacation. The place is also famous for its world best Ceylon tea. Not only this, it is truly a paradise for anyone who wants to spend their leisure time in the middle of the nature. Due to the Sri Lanka’s scenic island, this place welcomes a large number of tourists all over the world. What you must know about this place is that it is amazingly beautiful and is worldwide known for its diverse attractions.

Plan a tour to Sri Lanka from Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India is a place with rich culture and heritage. The place has lots to offer to anyone who visits here. If you are a Delhite or someone who is planning to go to Delhi on a vacation must know that it is a place that truly represents India in the best way possible. From historical buildings, mouthwatering street food, colorful bazaars to a large number of cafes and restaurants, this is one such place where you will get the best of everything. Every year large number of people fly from Delhi to Sri Lanka for uncountable reasons which include the availability of direct flights. There are many flights that fly between Delhi and Sri Lanka.

For anyone who lives in Delhi, Sri Lanka is definitely a place that you must travel to once in your lifetime. Sri Lanka is a nature paradise with perfect climatic conditions, cascading waterfalls, lush beaches, exquisite surroundings, crystal clear water as well as mesmerizing natural surroundings. But to explore the place in the best way, it is suggested that you take Sri Lanka tour packages from Delhi to enjoy a hassle free trip.

What you will love about Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is not just a place of serene beaches, it is also a land of calming Buddhist spirituality. Though the country is small, yet it is a home to 8 Unesco World heritage sites. You will be amazed to see the dining here. Not many people know this, but Sri Lankans eat with their right hand, and never uses the left for eating. Albeit a small nation, each region of the country has a unique food culture. The people are so welcoming and helpful.

Plan your trip with Visiit

Visiit offers a wide variety of Sri Lanka holiday packages from Delhi to Sri Lanka. These packages are not just affordable, but are designed keeping all the requirements and needs of the client in mind. Experts at Visiit make sure you get everything you need on your trip and enjoy your time with family and loved ones to the fullest. Happy Traveling!

Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Hotel Hilltop, Hotel Avian Breeze

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Nice Place Dambulla, Nelinsa Resi..

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
Hotels : Hotel Sapphire, Hotel Hilltop, Ho..

Place : Dambulla cave temple, Viharamahad..
Hotels : Hotel Sapphire

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort, Devan Hotel

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Kan..
Hotels : OZO Kandy Sri Lanka

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Rani Beach Resort, L..

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Royal Hills Nuwara E..

Place : Dambulla cave temple
Hotels : Blue Beach, Hotel Nelly Marine

Sri Lanka tourist places
Adam’s Peak
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka is Adam’s peak. Located at the height of 7,500 ft, this peak is situated in the Rathnapura district. It is also the second highest peak on this little island and is considered as a sacred place by the locals. This place is also a pilgrimage center for the people of many religions who visit this mountain every year. The mountain is also known as Butterfly Mountain due to its butterfly population.

The city of Kandy
The city of Kandy is a place well-known as a home to the Temple of the Tooth. The people on this island believe that the tooth of the Lord Buddha is enshrined inside the temple. The place has also been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site and is largely visited by the people who are ardent followers of Buddhism.

Galle National Museum
This museum is another most visited tourist place in Sri Lanka. The museum house crafts, and native arts that help travelers come close to the culture and tradition of this place. As the island is a home to turtles, the place is also known for the turtle shell wares like combs, bangles, jewelry boxes, as well as spectacle frames.

No matter you are traveling with your kids or friends, Sri Lanka is a place that has something to offer to people of all age groups. Being on this small island, you can also not miss to visit its magnificent beaches that never fails to entice its visitors.

Bentota Beach
Located at a distance of 62km from Colombo, Bentota beach is one of the iconic beaches to visit in Sri Lanka. Whether you are a nature lover or someone looking for some adventure activities, you will get it all on this beach. Soak yourself under the sun or enjoy the amazing water sports- the choice is all yours.

Arugam Bay
It is Sri Lanka’s ideal surfing destination and is located only 350km away from Colombo. The beautiful surroundings, crystal clear water and fresh breeze make this place perfect for newlyweds and honeymooners. There are many water sport activities available for visitors. One can also enjoy many underwater activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, as well as underwater photography. All those people who love adventure can also go for jet skiing, surfing and other water challenges.

Negombo beach
One of its kind, Negombo is a fishing town and is located only few kilometers away from Colombo. Being a tropical paradise, this beach attracts large number of tourists due to the serenity and beauty of this place. The water is calm here and it is undoubtedly the best place for all those people who wants to spend some time away in the solitude.

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Sri Lanka is one such place where people value and preach culture and tradition with great enthusiasm. So if you want to explore the culture of this place, then Dumbulla is definitely a place to start your cultural tour. Located at the height of 160 meters, Dumballa rock will take you to 5 Buddhist Cave temples. All the 5 temple caves have Buddha’s idols lying in different positions. Travelers always love visiting these caves.

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