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Rejoice on the Sri Lanka Trip

Sri Lanka is one of the best and finest islands in the world. The island country is famous for its ...  nature, beauty and ancient history. Here one can enjoy and explore the jungles, the beaches and the temples.

The lion’s rock or Sigiriya is a rock fortress. It is situated in the Matale district. During the Sri Lanka trip, you can climb the ancient ruins and explore the gardens and frescoes. There are about eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka and each of them is popular and unique in its own way.

You should definitely climb the top of Sigiriya to see the breathtaking rolling hills in the deep jungle below. Adam’s peak is a diverse site in Sri Lanka. It is a tall mountain in central Sri Lanka. It is also a pilgrimage route as it is believed that Buddha’s own foot impression is there. You should definitely go to Adam’s peak early at dawn just to sneak a peek at the best sunrise ever. It is the most beautiful sunrise seen from any other spot in Sri Lanka.

Major Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

This is a colonial city which is well-preserved. It offers you the charming and relaxing Dutch styled villas and the perfect seaside views. The Galle Fort is a fort which is built by the Dutch and is now a world heritage site. It is the largest sea fort in Asia established by the Europeans. It has a natural harbor and the Galle International Stadium. It is the most beautiful cricket ground with the best picturesque views.
Yala National Park
Yala is famous for big cats. It has the maximum number of leopards in the world. It also has many Sri Lankan birds and aquatic birds and elephants. The south-east coast of the island hosts this park. It is even filled with monkeys and crocodiles.
It is a coastal town which is famous for its luxurious hotels and beaches. It is a beautiful place which has untouched and unexplored beauty. One can just sit or lie lazily on the Bentota Beach. The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery is a popular spot to be visited. The Mahavihara Buddhist temple is a popular temple visited by the tourists. Here you can even do adventurous water sports and activities like riding the helicopter.
It is a very large city which is a world heritage site. It is surrounded by the highland mountains. This place is very rich in Sinhalese culture. The Esala Perahera festival is very popular over here. The Temple Of The Tooth is a very famous Buddhist temple over here as it contains the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha.
Nuwara Eliya
It is a town which is surrounded by mountains. It is a plateau town. It is also called ‘Little England’ as it still has the colonial buildings and structures. It has the Queen’s cottage and the General’s house. It is filled with scenic beauties like the tea plantations and the waterfalls. Pidurutalagala is the tallest mountain here as well as in Sri Lanka. DO you love to sip tea? Well, Nuwara Eliya is popular for its tea production. You should not forget to have a cup of tea here in Nuwara Eliya.
Arugam Bay
This Bay on the south-east coast of Sri Lanka is filled with surfers all the year round. Although it is a remote place, it is popular for its beach activities and water sports. From this place, you can watch surf breaks. The main point is the main place for surfing. The main point is on the southern part of the Bay. The Kumana National Park is also a popular tourist destination in Arugam Bay.
It is a very large town which has the largest cave temple in the world. It is a cluster of five cave temples. It has Buddhist artwork like the murals and statues. The statues and the paintings depict the life of Buddha. The cave temple complex contains 153 statues of Lord Buddha. There are statues of other Gods and goddesses too and of many Sri Lankan kings too.

Things to Do in Sri Lanka

If one visits Sri Lanka, he should definitely visit the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. This is a 147 acre of natural area. It is the largest garden in Sri Lanka and has more than 4000 species of plants. Here one can have a picnic in the open air. There is also a cafeteria where one can enjoy the local cuisine and relish the different types of dishes over there. It is one of the major tourist attraction in this country which pulls a huge number of tourists all the year round. The Sri Lankan elephants and leopards are very easy to spot when you go on a wildlife safari. There are many National parks in Sri Lanka.

If you visit Sri Lanka during the months of December and March, one should definitely visit the Yala National Park. Here one can spot a variety of leopards and that too large in numbers. The Minneriya National Park is also very popular in Sri Lanka. The white river rafting in Kitugala is very popular among the tourists. It is the best rafting experience that you can have in Sri Lanka. If you are really lucky, you can actually spot a whale when you go whale watching between Galle and Mirissa fishery port. Here one can watch a blue whale, pilot whale, killer whale and dolphins too. It is a great experience to see them in front of your eyes.

You can feel on the top of the world with your hot air ballooning experience. While flying high up in the air, you can view the serene beauty of the land and you can even view leopards. One can even try rainforest camp out in Kitugala Forest Reserve. If possible, you can even try cycling along the village of Galle.

Do you enjoy dipping yourself in water? Well, try bathing and scuba diving in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is an amazing experience. If possible, you can stay around this place in any hotel or nearby places.

Places to Eat in Sri Lanka

* The lotus root stir fry is very popular in Arugam Bay on the east coast. The Elephant Camp Guest House (Tissamaharama) is also a great place for food.
* The seerfish curry made of mackerel fish is a delicious dish in Sri Lanka. The Gallery Café (Colombo) is very popular for its ambiance and mouthwatering cuisine. The black pork curry is the most popular dish in this restaurant.
* Nihonbashi is a very popular restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is run by Dharshan Munidasa who is Japanese- Sri Lankan. The Sushi and Sashimi are the most popular dishes over here.
* Chutneys (Colombo) is a gala restaurant which is very popular for its South Indian cuisine. The onion raga and prawn Masala are the most popular dishes over here.
* Seafood cove (Colombo) is the best place which is famous for its wide range of fish based dishes. It has a rusting setting and the calypso band adds to its setting too.

How to Reach Sri Lanka?

There are flights from Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities which connects to Colombo. Sri Lanka is only reachable by air. The Bandaranaike International Airport is the most popular Airport in Sri Lanka which connects all the important flights to and fro from Sri Lanka to other important cities in India and all over the world.

Shopping Centres in Sri Lanka

* There are many shopping centers in Sri Lanka. The Majestic City (Colombo) is the oldest and the most popular shopping mall in Sri Lanka.
* The Liberty Plaza (Colombo) is another shopping mall which is popular for digital and electronic goods at a reasonable price.
* Odel (Colombo) is a huge shopping center in Sri Lanka. It is designed in a colonial architectural design.
* Arcade Independence Square (Colombo) is a great landmark in Sri Lanka with a huge collection of local and international brands. The house of fashion has a wide range of accessories, jewelry and cosmetics.

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