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Sri Lanka is renowned as island of fortune. It is rich with tea plantations and temples masked in m... mist, upsurges from tropical sandy seashores into cool highland areas. Sri Lanka hangs like a tear drop exactly at the Southern point of India. It is the most beautiful country in the world. Surrounded by palm fringed Sri Lanka beaches, the mountainous interior is almost a jungled hinterland wandered by leopard and elephant, rises to cool highlands and produces the world’s famous tea. Sri Lanka is enticed with beaches, nature, wildlife and heritage. It serves as an idea holiday destination for all types of travelers. It claims three years documented history and there are suggestions that it evidences prehistoric settlements.

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. It is filled with several shopping centers, international hotels, partially westernized with own Sri Lanka characteristics. It is the political and commercial hub of Sri Lanka. During your sri lanka tourism, ensure to visit Odel and Fashion House, B.M.I.C.H, Independence Hall, Historic Davatagaha Mosque, Dutsh church, Hindu Temple (Sea Street) and Fort in Colombo. Bentota is a tropical and major river. It provides water sports possibilities.

When you book Sri Lanka holiday package, you get a chance to discover various charms of the island. Water babies can get soaked in the sea, sand and sun at Unawatuna Beach. It is one of the best Beaches in Sri Lanka. You can also plan to enjoy water sports here. Animal lovers should visit Pinnawala Elephant orphanage and Turtle farm as it is a home, breeding place and nursery for several wild Asian elephants.

Tourism in Sri Lanka:
Nature buffs can wander through Peradiniya Botanical Garden. It is the largest garden in the country. You can flounder huge Javan fig tree and collection of orchards among other things. Spiritual trip lovers people love to visit the captivating Tooth Relic Temple. It is the popular place of worship for Buddhists. It has the artefact of Lord Buddha’s tooth. GangaramaVihara is another charm in Sri Lanka. It is a renowned temple that exhibits a great combination of Chinese, Indian, Thai and Sri Lankan architecture. It is sure every traveler would find something special throughout the country.

It houses numerous local cuisine that serves north Indian, south Indian, veg, non-veg and any specific cuisine. Some activities you should not miss in your Sri Lanka trip include hiking at Adam’s park, sightseeing and water sports activities at Unawanta.Climb Sigiriya: It is one of the World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. It is a rock top fortress that is here since 5th Century AD. During peak time, it has remained as Buddhist monastery and royal palace. The atmosphere is serious rather war-like.Travel in a train: There are plenty of roads in Sri Lanka but it is slow and twisty. The train journey remains less stressful.

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Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Hotel Hilltop, Hotel Avian Breeze

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Nice Place Dambulla, Nelinsa Resi..

Place : Dambulla cave temple, Viharamahad..
Hotels : Hotel Sapphire

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort, Devan Hotel

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Rani Beach Resort, L..

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Royal Hills Nuwara E..

Place : Dambulla cave temple
Hotels : Blue Beach, Hotel Nelly Marine

There is more to Sri Lanka trip than mere mythical foot-trails of Ravana and Ramayana. Foiled with romanticism, Sri Lanka vacation is a cocktail of verdant greenwoods, dark blue skies, delectable Oriental spread, giant Lobsters, white unsullied waterfronts, sanctuaries, quaint temples, national parks and more. The country was also in the recent news for being the only country to preserve all of its mangroves and keeping them intact, the island sitting pretty to the south of India on the pristine blue waters of Indian ocean, Sri Lanka is currently one of the favorite travel destination in the world.

Let us go through some of the riveting must-visit places in the island country. The ones you must not afford to overlook, on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka vacation without a visit to Kandy is never a good idea. Situated in the heart of the country’s map, there is lot of luxury to witness; some of Sri Lanka’s colorful festivals is celebrated here on full swing. As a second option, you can also settle yourself on the comfortable beach recliners at the sides of the lake, that is said to be man-made basking in the warmth and serenity of the place. Brimming with classic Buddhist temples, this particular spot is best suited for the ones who desire to enjoy a blissful vacation.

Nuwara Eliya
Located to the south of Kandy is the magnificent arty-crafty village of Nuwara Eliya, is an another most famous tourist spot in Sri Lanka that brims with the fragrance of tea and is styled in the most whimsical manner giving you the feel of a Dutch countryside. Dotted with offbeat churches and houses molded like those in the age of Tudor, Nuwara Eliya boasts of perfectly trimmed green tea shrubs enshrouding the tranquil hillsides.

Polonnaruwa takes you back to the time-worn days of Sri Lanka through the ancient relics and remains. Spotted with precious treasures like Stupas, statues, temples, tombs etc. You can easily help yourself to sketch ancient Sri Lanka through these ruins.

Adams Peak
Chosen as one of the biodiversity hotspots, Adams Peak is an attractive peak that sits over viewing world’s most beautiful sunset. Also selected as one of the many World heritage sites by UNESCO, this peak undoubtedly wishes to have your presence there to witness the true glory of sunsets and evening silhouettes.

Sigiriya Rock
Sigiriya, takes pride in flaunting its prodigious frescoes, ancient relics and remains in the astounding scenic beauty viewed from the top. You would not want to leave when you are at the top soaked in the essence of unfathomable beauty of nature that clasps you sheer joy. Each of these Sri Lanka tourists attractions are some of the best chosen ones for your trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the place if you are an avid adventurer.From unearthing Sri Lanka’s time-worn history at the remains and ruins, to basking away, in the serene golden sea fronts. Get lost in the virgin beauty of this island. Start planning for your stay in Sri Lanka to avail the best Sri Lanka holiday packages.

Cave Temples
Perched some 160km above sea level in the south Dambulla, Cave temples comprises alluring frescoes as many as 150 in five individual caves, known to be the first place given birth to the first and foremost Buddha images, thousands of years ago. Cave temples is a must visit if you have interest to paintings.

Sigriya Museum
The perfect gateway for all art lovers, Sigriya Museum holds out the most evocative paintings of the country. Besides, the museum is well known for the detailed overview of Sigriya. It explains with absolute perfect details as to how Sigriya is more than a beautiful landscape.

Horton Plains National Park
Best preferred for some of the country’s well known hiking expedition in the second and third highest mountains of Sri Lanka, Horton Plains National Park must not be avoided if you love expeditions. Moreover, the National Park reek of foggy lakes, thick canopies, rock-strewn outcrops and lattice waterfalls. The multifarious variety of wildlife compliments the diverse range of landscape. Get there to witness some of the most enticing bird-watching experience, which includes yellow eared bulbul, the Ceylon blackbird, fan-tailed warbler, babbler, flycatchers etc.

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress
Perched 100kms above the sea level, from the encircling plains, Yapahuwa rock fortress boasts of interesting history and features. The embellished staircase paving way to the famous tooth temple is a thing of beauty. Along sides, the museum distanced some 300mfrom the parking area of Yapawuha is a must-visit for the riveting display of Vishnu and Kali’s stony sculptures as well as the illuminati exhibition.

Get hold on to one of the Sri Lankan tour package to avail fetch the travel packages and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Festivals in Sri Lanka are a thing to witness once in your lifetime. The rich culture brought out through the gaiety and magnificence of Sri Lankan festivals, is a thing to gloat over for ages.

Mentioned below are few of the country’s most rejoiced and celebrated festivals.

Navam Maha Parahera
Navam Maha Parahera, retains the thousand year old expression through a colorful diversity display. This festival mainly revolves around thousands of Sri Lankan taking to the streets clad in majestic hues along with giant tusks dressed in intricately embroidered cloth pieces dotted with lighted bulbs. The people who get dressed magnificently, hold Buddhist flags along with the tusks, parade down the road following the ace dancers, who are experts in somersaulting and flipping.

Maha Shivarathri
Believed to be the marriage day of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, this festival of Shivratri is widely celebrated in the country, religious rituals are performed in all of the Shiva temples. Idols are worshipped and are dressed in silk.

Deemed complicated in terms of weather, Sri Lanka is ruled by two individual monsoons.

Sri Lanka’s location close to the equator enables a constant temperature throughout. During the summers, Sri Lanka experiences intense humidity with temperature rising to as much as 30 degree Celsius.

Sri Lanka experiences the wettest monsoon during the months of April-June, Thanks to the monsoons of southwest. The country gets totally drenched in the heaviest of rainfalls during October-November.

It is advisable that you visit the south and west of Sri Lanka during the winter season that prevails from December to March. And the east coast is best enjoyed during the months of April to May. Travel during the winters to avail the best Sri Lanka holiday packages.

Besides soaking in pure relaxation in of the warm cozy Sri Lanka resorts, you might as well want to unravel a few more places in and around the country during your weekend gateways.

Home to breezy and calm seas, Bentota is the perfect weekend gateway for those who seek more. This particular place even boasts of a thick green verdant overrunning with a variety of flora and fauna.

Kalutara, was once a trading port for the Portuguese, British and the Dutch’s. It presently helps people to breathe in some tranquility. Away from the city’s hubbub, Kalutara brims with local crafts that reek opulence and craftsmanship.

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage
Sri Lankan holidays are incomplete without a visit to this place. A twenty four acre land solely dedicated to the tusk species. This orphanage enables you to interact with the jolliest animal on Earth. Or you might simple sit back enjoying the gigantic elephants roaming in full liberty all across the place.

Known as the capital of the island country, Colombo is a perfect mixture of beautiful sunsets and the orchestra of waves lashing against the otherwise calm shore. Colombo undoubtedly is the perfect place to bask in the warmth of romanticism with your beloved spouse.

Weather in Sri Lanka
Tourism in Sri Lanka is the most sought after, for the fairly constant weather prevailing throughout the year. You can always keep your backpacks ready for Sri Lanka as it never enshrouds itself with any sort of uncomfortable weather zone. Even during the summers, temperature is never more than 30 degree. Winters are calm and soothing from the months of December and experiences heavy thunderstorms followed by rainfall during the months of April-May. However, tourism in Sri Lanka is best enjoyed during the winters.

Sri Lankan itinerary has flair of its own. In spite of having similarities with South Indian dishes, it still preserves its own distinctive charm and taste. Sri Lankan itinerary is a flawless blend of delectable dishes and yummy curries.

Sri Lankan cuisine can be easily distinguished by the wide array of spices it uses to enhance the taste and of course the essence of the place. Thanks to the tropical climate that enshrouds the place in full vigor, Sri Lankan dishes most definitely includes sea fishes and coconuts.

Chilly Fish Curry
Made with marvelous sauce, oil and spices, this particular dish of Sri Lanka is sure to treat your taste buds like never before.

Young Jackfruit Curry
Young jackfruits cut and blended with aromatic spices and flavored curry, Polo or jackfruit curry is a thing to taste when in Sri Lanka.

Beetroot Curry
Best complimenting a platter full of hot plain rice, beetroot curry’s flavor is mainly enhanced due to the inclusion of curry leaves and cinnamon. The softness of beet adds to the charm.

Vegetarian Kottu
Mostly distinguished as a local cuisine, this particular dish is made with pieces of Godambi roti which when served with a separate curry bowl, adds to the yummy taste.

By Air
Sri Lanka is best travelled through plane. Be it from India, Pakistan, any part of Europe or Japan. There are several direct flights from places like India, Pakistan, Japan, Europe.

By water
You can always avail the cruise ship service while travelling to Sri Lanka.

By Road
There are no roads connecting this island country from anywhere in the world solely because it is an island country.

Tourism in Sri Lanka is the most sought after, for the fairly constant weather prevailing throughout the year. You can always keep your backpacks ready for Sri Lanka as it never enshrouds itself with any sort of uncomfortable weather zone. Even during the summers, temperature is never more than 30 degree. Winters are calm and soothing from the months of December and experiences heavy thunderstorms followed by rainfall during the months of April-May. However, tourism in Sri Lanka is best enjoyed during the winters.

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