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Singapore is a fabulous place where you can plan your trip with your partner or family. Being a tiny state, Singapore is unique in various things like architecture, arts, cuisine, culture - it is a perfect getaway for a family holiday vacation. Visiit guarantees you reasonable and all-inclusive Singapore tour packages or honeymoon packages so that you can witness all the major sightseeing places within your budget. Traveling with Visiit gives you the ultimate pleasure all throughout.

The best of all the manmade attractions can be cherished only in Singapore. Visiit even offers a number of tour packages to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are planning to visit on a relaxing family holiday or planning to visit this destination for a romantic honeymoon, it is the impeccable place for both. This amazing place has a lot to offer to keep the tourists busy during their vacation. Our packages are applicable for all the major cities of India from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to Kolkata. Visiit is waiting for you to take you on a mesmerizing trip. Are you ready?

Singapore Tour Packages

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : universal studios, Jurong Bird Pa..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, City Tour..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena, Ibis Style..

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson

Place : Jurong Bird Park
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson

Place : universal studios, Jurong Bird Pa
Hotels : Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Ibis Singapore Novena

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Universal Studios, ..
Hotels : Moon 23 Hotel, Hotel Arena star

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Place : Kuala Lumpur, City tour of Bangko..
Hotels : Value Hotel Thomson, Hotel Arena ..

Place : Universal Studios, Bird Park, Nig..
Hotels : Cultural Hotel

Hotels : Cultural Hotel

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Sentosa-I..
Hotels : Summer View Hotel

Place : Merlion Park, Genting HighLand, C..
Hotels : Petite Menu (Aqueen Lavender Hote..

Place : City Tour Of Singapore, Genting i..
Hotels : Hotel Moon, Hotel Arena star

Place : Merlion Park, Sentosa-Island, Chi..
Hotels : Hotel Moon

Place : Batu caves, Chinatown
Hotels : Hotel Moon, Hotel Arena star

Walk Along the Beautiful Beaches in Singapore

The beautiful landscape and world-class infrastructure all around will easily impress you in first sight. Each of the beaches in Singapore has a uniqueness of their own. Some of the most eminent beaches with tourists all throughout the year are the Palawan Beach, Changi Beach, Siloso beach, Tanjong Beach and many others.

Here tourists can indulge in many outdoor activities like kayaking, volleyball, and others adventurous activities. Taking a nap or just lying down under the Palm trees is one of the soothing experience that you can have in Singapore while enjoying the beautiful scenic beauty all around.

Enjoy the Happening Nightlife of Singapore

Have you ever indulged in clubbing in a foreign country like Singapore? If not, Visiit gives you an amazing chance for clubbing in Singapore. There are lot of posh nightclubs and bars that make you feel out of the world.

The nightlife of this destination is really fun and exciting. The nightclubs and the discotheques are really vibrant and happening. You can party till dawn in Singapore and it is the ultimate destination for hedonists and party lovers. Almost all the bars and discos serve the best of drinks to its customers. There is a wide range of entertainment venues to choose from and you will never get tired by hopping from one to another.

Singapore is a beautiful tourist destination where apart from witnessing the beautiful sightseeing, you can even enjoy the night safari which is an interesting thing to do as it will give you the best peek into the lives of the wild creatures.

Highlights of Visiit’s Singapore Tour Package

Our Singapore cruise packages are an excellent option if you are traveling with family. Exploring the water getaways is one of the major attractions. Discovering the wildlife in the morning is very common but visiting it at night is once in a lifetime experience. It is not only thrilling and exciting but also the most memorable experience.

Visiit suggests adding the Universal Studios in your Singapore tour package itinerary. The Hollywood inspired setting is really unique and should not be missed. The Singapore zoo has a wide variety of fauna to witness. It is also top tourist attraction place in Singapore. Moreover, this magical country offers a great range of water sports and outdoor activities which you should definitely try out when you visit.

Singapore is a great city in the world. It houses the combination of European and Asian cultures. It is simple to witness elegant colonial buildings standing along with modern high rises and age-old street markets. Singapore government remains strict with visitors and residents who behave badly. When you go for Singapore tour, you need to follow the rules to enjoy this multicultural city. Get Singapore tour packages for reasonable price throughout the year.

Singapore tourist places
Marina Bay Sands :
It is one of the important places to see in Singapore. It was opened in 2010 and said to be the most expensive building in the world. The construction cost of the building is US$5.7 billion. Marina Bay Sands delights travelers from various parts of the world. It is a combined resort with a convention center, numerous shops, restaurants, hotels, several entertainment centers, Art Science Museum and a theater. The convention center is said to be the Asia’s largest one. There is also an indoor skating rink completely made up of synthetic ice. Marina Bay Sands is included in majority of Singapore Malaysia Tour Package.

Singapore Flyer :
The Singapore Flyer offer stunning views below. It is a huge Ferris wheel. It can occupy around 28 people and they can circle ahead of the city. It was opened in 2008. It is said to be the world’s highest Ferris wheel. It can reach 165 meters into the skies of Singapore. It is also possible for physically challenged guests to enjoy ride in this giant wheel. You need to inform in advance and special arrangements would be made. It is located on Marina Bay. The terminal of flyer has three levels of shops, restaurants and other services. Make your Singapore trip memorable by enjoying a ride in this gigantic flyer.

Night Safari :
It is one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore. If you feel tired of clubbing and wish to enjoy a different kind of nightlife, you should head to Night Safari. You will encounter lots of nocturnal animals during the safari. It was established in 1984 and since then it remains as top Singapore sightseeing places. It is estimated that one million people visit annually and enjoy the tram ride the most. There are three Singapore hotels featuring unique menus. The entertainment activities reflect jungle lifestyle.

Singapore Botanic Gardens :
Singapore Botanic Gardens are free to visit. If you are planning to go for Singapore one day tour or purchasing budget Singapore holiday packages, you need to include Botanic Gardens in your itinerary. You need to pay only for National Orchid Garden. It is said to be the most visited part in the garden. There are more than 60,000 varieties of animals and plants in the garden. The first children garden in the world is established here. You have lot of payment options when you buy cheap packages to Singapore.

Clarke Quay :
It is a part of olden Singapore but remains as a happening place. One of the important Singapore tourist attractions is Quay. It is situated at the entrance of Singapore River. During 19th century, it was the hub of commerce in city. The hustles and bustles are seen till date with a different type of commerce like pushcart vendors, unique boutiques, trendy restaurants and more with a blend of European and Asian influences. It was a market long back and always shines as a market. Clarke Quay offers a different look only in the night when teams with stylish nightspots.

Orchard Road :
Singapore’s famous shopping street is Orchard Road. It is frequented by foreign tourists and locals. It was given the name Orchard Road since the road leads to fruit orchards. The road is filled with numerous hotels, nightclubs, cafes, coffee chains and upmarket restaurants. The official home of Singapore President- the Istana is also located here. It is an amazing view to watch Christmas decorations along the Orchard. If you are thinking to visit Singapore this vacation, you need to stopover Orchard Road. Most honeymoon packages to Singapore are affordable and available easily.

Enjoying a New Culture by Visiting and Exploring Singapore
There is much that you can explore when you visit a new country, especially when you take some of the top Singapore holiday packages. You can visit nature sites, historical sites, museums, landmarks and other popular tourist locations. There are numerous places that you can also head to shop, so why not enjoy your full vacation?

Historical Sites and Museums :
For those who are into history, then you should make sure that your Singapore holiday trip packages include visits to some of the most popular historical sites and museums in the country. You can visit Fort Canning Park, Chijmes, Emerald Hill and Lau Pat Sat Festival Pavilion where you can learn more about the history of the country. Also, you can visit some of the gorgeous museums, such as Battlebox, The Changi Museum, The Intan and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Landmarks and Tourist Locations :
When you plan your Singapore holiday packages, make sure that you pick out some of the best landmarks and popular tourist locations to visit. You can visit the Singapore Flyover, Supertree Grove, Orchard Road, Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios. This will ensure that everyone in your family is happy and you can enjoy plenty of activities while you are there.

Singapore is an extremely popular tourist location, which is why there is plenty for you to see and do. Make sure to visit all of the historical sites along with the other historical locations to get a true feeling of the country. Why bother planning your own Singapore holiday trip packages when VISIIT Tours can take care of all of the hard work for you?

Experience Little India
Little India in Singapore is a delight for sense. It is not only enjoyed by Indian tourists but also by foreign country travelers. The blaring music, the aroma of spices, the bustling crowd and mouthwatering foods makes you feel like you are in India. If you miss visiting Mustafa, it is useless to visit Little India. It is round the clock department store. There is everything from small perfumes to expensive gold.

Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple :
Chinese are popular for building temples to various gods and several other things. However, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is slightly different. In the 1980s, it was planned to construct a Buddhist temple in the China Town. It was decided to construct as the best traditional temple. Later, it was derived as Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It is said to be home of Buddha’s tooth relic. It is situated in Central Chinatown. It consists of various culture and artworks of Singaporean Buddhists.

Spend A Day At Gardens By The Bay :
Gardens By The Bay is must to include in your Singapore honeymoon package. It is recently added in the tour packages of Singapore. If you are a person highly interested in gardening, you should not miss visiting this place. It was opened in the last ten years. It is constructed on cultivated land of Central Singapore.

There are three gardens such as Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. The Bay South is the largest garden. It consists of tropical horticulture and tree-like structures that are 160 feet in height dominating the landscape of the gardens. Bay East is the entrance phase and the section remains complete with green landscape. Bay Central connects the other gardens with a waterside walk.

Stay At The Raffles Hotel :
As part of Singapore sightseeing tours, you will be shown the Raffles hotel. It is one of the top landmarks. The graceful colonial style building remains as a main highlight of Singapore. It was established in 1887. It immediately became a popular lodge and hotel in Singapore. It became popular when writers like Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway, Somerset Maugham and others stayed whenever they visit Singapore. The essence of luxury holds about 15 bars and restaurants. The Long Bar is famous since it is where cocktail named Singapore Sling was created. The hotel museum is located on the third floor of hotel. The lobby remains open to public. When you buy honeymoon packages to Singapore, surprise your beloved by staying in this hotel.

Buy Electronic Gadgets At Cheap Price :
Though Tokyo would be hottest in electronic gadgets, Singapore has the best and widest range. When you travel to Singapore, visit Sim Lim Square and Funan Digitalife Mall. These two are the best malls where you can buy laptops, MP3 players, hi-tech cameras, mobile phones, portable DVD players, handicams and other kinds of imaginable electronic devices at reasonable price. The prices are about 20% cheaper than other commercial outlets. When you are willing to pay in cash at Sim Lim Square, many shopkeepers offer gadgets with large discount. You can easily buy your favorite gadgets at excellent deals. If you have enough time, go for Singapore city tour.

The ethnic and religious diversity of Singapore is clearly seen by the variety and number of celebrations and festivals celebrated in Singapore throughout the year. Some of the major ethnic and religious events are Deepavali, Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.

Cultural festivals in Singapore include Singapore Food Festival, Singapore International Film Festival and the Singapore Arts Festival. The National Day is also a big event celebrated to remark the anniversary of Singapore Independence. When you buy Singapore tour packages, see whether you are visiting during festive season. It is the best way to enjoy, explore and learn about the culture and lifestyle of Singapore natives. Moreover, you will enjoy sightseeing in Singapore during festival season.

Singapore Arts Festival :
During the months of May and June, the evenings are crowded with long cultural exhibition with art and music installations and international dance groups. Singapore museums, playing fields and shopping centers are changed into gallery and theater venues. The entire island resembles a contemporary look.

Singapore River Festivals :
The entire week in June celebrates Singapore River Festival near the Quay. The river party will be conducted by the bars and pubs located along the Boat Quay. All bars remain open and serve cocktails from sunset to dawn. During June, International dragon boat troops slope on Marina Bay shores for high octane Dragon boat festival competitions. The cost of Singapore and Malaysia package during festival season can be slightly expensive. Ensure to check with your travel agent before purchasing. Singapore tour packages from Chennai and Singapore tour packages from Bangalore are reasonably priced.

If you are obtaining Singapore holiday packages from India, you should know about the temperature and weather in Singapore. Check online guides to find out the best time to visit Singapore. This way, you can easily know whether it is right time to visit Singapore. Some people plan and purchase package tour to Singapore without checking the weather or temperature. At the end, they would regret visiting the country in times of bad weather. Whenever you purchase Singapore Malaysia package or Singapore package, be sure about the weather conditions.

It is best to plan and trip to Singapore between November and March. Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner in Singapore. It is one of the major festivals. It is recommended to get holiday packages to Singapore at the time of Christmas. You can enjoy the mega dance event to the extreme. During December, you can find lights and decorations throughout the corner of the city. Singapore climate is humid and warm throughout the year.

Several travelers’ tour to Singapore between July and August as it is the festive season. It is obviously the right time to visit Singapore. You can have a great time by indulging in Singapore Food Festival and Great Singapore Sale. During the months of December and January, the country remains cool. It remains hot in June and May. The weather remains pleasant in February and April and you can easily participate in all kinds of outdoor activities. Check tour packages for Singapore that remains best for your requirement.

Singapore is the best places to try multi-cuisines. You can enjoy a rich legacy of food dishes comprising of Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese influences. Here listing some real Singapore dishes you should taste before you die.

Bak Kut Teh :
It was invented during the olden days. It can also be referred as pork bone tea. It is a humble, simple and tasty dish. It is prepared with Pepper and Star Anise Herb. It is best to select pork ribs meat since it is tender to bite. Klang Bak Kut Teh is another variant. It is highly flavored and dark herbal soup originated from Malaysia.

Wanton Mee :
The Hong Kong cuisine influences the Wanton noodles in Singapore. It has been entrenched in Singapore culture in the last few decades. You can see certain changes in Singapore version. It will be dry, filled with light sweet sauce, wanton dumplings packed with pork, pieces of pork char siew and served with a cup of soup. When you pick the spicy type, you can see chili mixed into vegetables. If you are taking kids, you can order non-spicy type that will be mixed with tomato sauce. Wanton dumplings will be served in soup dumplings or deep fried form.

Other popular foods you should try in Singapore are Dim Sum, Fried Carrot Cake, Soft Boiled Eggs and Kaya Toast, Chilli or Pepper Crabs, Laksa, Curry Fish Head, Bak Chor Mee, Hokkien Prawn Mee and Oyster Omelette. Make sure to try all these best foods during your Singapore holidays.

Singapore can be easily reached by airways, waterways, roadways and railways.

By Railways :
Singapore is well connected to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Malaysia by rail via Bangkok route. It is best to purchase Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour packages or Singapore Malaysia package since you can cover two to three countries in single vacation. Moreover, the cost of Singapore and Malaysia tour will be affordable as you are purchasing a combo package.

By Waterways :
Singapore is an island country. Singapore cruise packages are famous for various reasons. The country has base for cruise all around South East Asia. It provides regular ship services to Indonesia (Riau Islands) and Malaysia (Tanjung Belungkor). It is the second busiest port in the world regarding entire shipping tonnage. Pasir Panjang, Keppel and Jurong are important ports of Singapore. Some of the popular cruises leaving from Singapore are Celebrity Cruises, Zamara Club Cruises, Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Costa Cruises and Star Cruises.

By Airways :
One of the lively airports in the world is the Changi Airport. In Southeast Asia, it is the best-connected airport. Serving as the main connecting hub, several international airlines fly to and fro Singapore. Some major destinations connected are New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, West Asia, America, South Asia, Europe and North Asia. Singapore has an excellent quality of airlines like Tigerair, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Silkair, Scoot and Jetstar Asia Airways.

Popular tourist spots in Singapore Changi Airport include butterfly garden, airport lounge, orchid garden and duty-free shopping. If you have enough time apart from Singapore city tours, you need to check these places. Singapore Malaysia honeymoon package is the latest trend and it is purchased by thousands of newlywed couples. You can get all inclusive Singapore packages at unbeatable price deals.

Singapore is situated north of Equator. It remains humid and hot all over the year and maintains tropical climate. During daytime, the temperature will be around 31 degree Celsius. It varies according to the season. The temperature remains hot in April and May. It is cooler in months like December and January.

Singapore enjoys two different monsoons. It does not have distinct dry or wet seasons. The Northeast Monsoon is between December and March. You can experience frequent rain when you visit during this season. You can see showers mostly between November and January. If you are planning for Singapore honeymoon, you need to visit during this time. The cold weather and beautiful scenario around will make you feel more romantic with your loved one.

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