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The tiny little land located in the north of British Isles is filled with historic caves and battlefields in every nook and corner that attracts a huge number of tourists. Bagpipes music, tartan kilts, deep brimming lakes, craggy castles, golden whisky and of course the Scottish highlands marks the beauty of Scotland in a well distinctive way with big skies and stunning landscapes. Hundreds of Castles perched on top of the highlands remains as an example for the country’s compelling history starting from the escape of Bonnie prince to a cave to the royal palaces like Edinburgh and Dunnottar castles. The emerald green fields with Lilac tinched hills is sure to excite any tourist’s heart.

Scotland Tour Packages

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Best Scotland Tour Packages at Visiit

The Edinburgh remains as the capital of Scotland since 1999 being second most populated city in UK with Rose street housing over 700 pubs. The Scottish ballet, Scottish Opera, Archery and Golf portrays the deep culture of Scotland combining the young and modern insights of it. The Hogmanay, Edinburgh Fringe are major festivals that must be indulged to get the best out of Scotland. The deep curvy roads with highlands on either sides, spotting rustic forts perched on hills is a perfect way to enjoy a fun road trip with our loved ones. VISIIT Holidays helps in the betterment of your trip through the amazing tour packages to Scotland.

Must see points of attractions in Scotland

Like a fine single malt, scotland is a connoisseur of sceneries. Scotland is known for its spectacular sceneries , sophisticated cities with loch lomond, Kelvingrove art gallery, Riverside Museum, Glasgow Cathedral, Holyrood palace, Edinburgh castle and the famous Glenfinnan viaduct attracts numerous tourists every year. It lives in the Chronicles of Shakespeare's “ Macbeth”.

Loch Ness
Lying calmly in the Glen Mor or Great Glen bisecting the Highlands is a deep dark lake called Loch Ness. The sharp rise and fall of the level of the loch is one reason for the scanty flora of the waters, while another being the great depths of the loch near the shoreline. Loch Ness covers more than 700 square miles with many rivers including the Oich and Enrick. This deep loch is said to be a home for an aquatic monster. If we are lucky enough , we might click some shots of this long-extinct plesiosaurs intriguing many visitors. The Loch became so famous which led to the making of the film “Water Horse”.

Urquhart Castle
At a short distance from Loch Ness, there lies a castle on a stubby peninsula turning many heads with its coarse walls. The bizarre shape of the castle depicts the the irregular outcrop of rock on which it was built. The castle is shaped like a “B” structure. The narrow part of the castle is located beyond the gate which is erected slightly to the left and there is also a water gate which allows the access to pier. A grant tower, kitchen, great hall and a chapel can be seen by the tourists leaving our imaginations wild. The Grant Tower remains as the most preserved part of the tower with vaulted cellars , original wallhead and gable including the spiral staircase letting us to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Loch Ness.

Edinburgh Castle
This oldest surviving castle has played a significant role in Scottish history as a royal residence and also as a military stronghold. This mighty castle on top of a volcanic rock dominates the city of Edinburgh and visible from 10 miles at any direction. The brooding, black crags of Castle Rock is the very reason for the existence of Edinburgh. It remained as a much protected hilltop castle which saw huge numbers of Roman Legions and countless battlements to the Jacobite troops of Bonnie Prince Charlie which houses the Scottish crown jewels. The entrance is bounded by a statue of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace letting a cobbled lane. There is a famous event called 1 o’ clock gun located in the very end of Mills Mount Battery where a cannonball is fired as remembrance of the soldiers who fought in WW II.

Arthur’s Seat
It is a jagged grassy hill that is sprawled near the urban centre of Edinburgh. It is a short hike but a strenuous one through which the tourists are rewarded with breathtaking views of Edinburgh. It is located in the Holyrood park which is an extinct volcano which erupted 350 million years ago. The arthurs seat earned its formation due to the outpour of Lava and long outline can be spotted that is created due to the eruption exposing basaltic sill.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum features 22 themed art galleries which displays 8000 objects of natural history, arms and armor, art from many art movements and periods of history and many more. The Salvador Dali masterpiece ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’ can be found here and there is also a Spitfire LA198 that is a Mark 21 Spitfire built in 1944 with a Rolls Royce Griffon 61 engine and a five blade propeller hanging in the ceiling that raises our eyebrows in astonishment. There is Dutch gallery displaying 17th century works of Dutch and a French gallery with works of Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Van Gogh. Glasgow Style Gallery features furniture, decorative panels from Ingram Street Tearooms that are designed by Mackintosh. The Glasgow Boys Gallery, The Scottish Colourists Gallery and Fulton’s Orrery are other notable ones.

The crazy fans of Harry potter recognizes this place with a glimpse. Yes, this place has brought in a huge number of visitors from all over the world for its striking sceneries and special atmosphere. The Hogwarts Express shots took place in this very Glenfinnan for the Prisoner of Azkaban and Chamber of Secrets. The first and longest mass concrete viaduct in Scotland or England was built here in 1901 which still carries the rail traffic through a Jacobite steam train that runs from Glenfinnan to Fort William and Mallaig. Every year of August, Glenfinnan Gathering and Games take place and also the famous Bonnie prince association brings in tourists to this great huge 21 arched concrete crescent that are 1000 ft high.

A true Scottish experience can’t be obtained without tasting their cuisines. Be sure to chug a glass of orange marmalade, the angus steak, buy a tartan kilt as a souvenir and try to taste the golden whisky. Visit the castles and forts reminiscing with elegance and charm and nourish in the astounding Scottish Highlands. Don't forget to take part in the Fringe festival and strut in the most funniest costume.

It is the most enjoyed New Year Eve Party that is known all around the world. The grandeur of this party cannot be expressed in words but instead experienced through a visit. The evening starts with a candlelit concert at St Giles Cathedral, the immense medieval church on the Royal Mile. Later the party begins as a street party in Princes Street with fireworks bursting vibrantly in the sky as the whole city winds down and looks skywards to celebrate the New Year.

Edinburgh Fringe
Fringe is actually an amalgamation of five festivals happening together where the Book festival houses top authors in Charlotte Square , International festival hosting expensive art collections, Art festivals with exhibitions and art galleries, fringe festival heaped with all manner of comedy like mimes and acrobats and finally theatre and music festival from pros and amateurs. Any person can become a part of Fringe festival just by a simple enrollment process.

Burns’ Night
The famous Scottish poet Robbie Burns is honoured by celebrating Burns Night where the people gather and have dinner together while enjoying burn’s poetry and Bagpipe music performed by men wearing tartan kilts. They have a traditional meal of Scotland called Haggis which is made of sheep heart, liver and lungs with turnips and potatoes.

Scotland’s beauty can be enjoyed during the months of Spring and Autumn. The Springs are warmer with teeny snowflakes melting on the Highlands and summer months are warmest of the year. The mid November are the best days to explore the marvelous autumn foliage. The winter months are difficult to travel due to the weather,but it can be enjoyed as leisure in wooden cottages snuggling under a blanket with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.

Scotland can be reached through Flights landing in Edinburgh and Glasgow that are well connected to most of the cities across the globe. Buses are the cheaper and comfortable way to travel in the inter city connecting different places of Scotland like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and other neighbouring cities. Trains are less expensive even than the buses with various ticket types as per our convenience.

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