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Qatar is a little Island that stands obscure among the masses Middle East countries. It might be separated from the mainland, but it has got a lot of culture and heritage that make it one of the best places to visit on a corporate tour package. Its capital city of Doha has emerged as an economic epicenter and one of the most Central airports in that region. Qatar is a Kingdom to this date, and has been ruled by the house of Thane since the 19th century. Is one of the richest countries with a high income economy and all the credit goes to the world’s third largest Reserve of natural gas and oil. This has made Qatar emerge as the country with the highest per capita income in this world. This has also let Qatar to be qualified as a place with high Human Development Index and is often considered to be the most advanced Asian country even pushing Dubai to the second place. Even in spite of its small area, Qatar has a massive influence in the middle Eastern politics and market. It would be surprising to know that Qatar is all set to host the soccer World Cup of 2022, and has not built the stadium yet. This gives Qatar the distinction of being the first Arab country to host a FIFA event.

Qatar Tour Packages

Best Qatar Tour Packages at Visiit

In spite of being an economic power-house, Qatar does not enjoy a lot in tourism. It might be quiet deceiving to know that Qatar has a lot of places that could make it an amazing tourist place ideal for packages. There are a lot of mosques that stand as a testimony to the artistic and architectural mastery that the people of Qatar had over in cricket forms of art. The Doha desert is one of the most Pristine deserts in the world, and you can enjoy this dessert just the way the initial human beings enjoy that about 40000 years ago. The fortress talks about the royal Legacy of this country. The cryptic carvings talk about the mystery and the museums are the best places where the Exotic history of this Small Island is recorded. In addition to all of this, the museum of Islamic art makes sure that all the recorded artistry of this religion is well preserved.

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State Grand Mosque
"Grand" is a well-suited depiction of this mosque. The outside is wonderfully scary, with the presence of an invulnerable fortress, while the inside is sensational. The domed roof is high over your head, with stone white columns all through and basic crystal fixtures dangling above you. The space itself is stunningly expansive, and you will be rendered puzzled by the engineering. Around evening time, the mosque's outside is especially delightful, as it is lit up with purple lights.

The Doha Desert
The Doha desert lies for the most part immaculate, and ought to be a piece of your visit to Qatar. Almost no is as shocking as miles and miles of perfect, smooth sand. The excellence of the desert perspectives will abandon you feeling small and in stunningness of the immeasurability of this new scene. The sand is immaculate, the hills are rolling, and this beautiful desert scene can be delighted in on any desert safari day. Rev your motors and mix up the clean to encounter the allure of the desert firsthand.

Al-Zubarah Fortress
Amidst no place, sand extends in front of you for miles before this brutal fortress comes into focus. The fortress' excellence lies in its depression, and you can approach it on camel-back at a restful pace. As you remain underneath this fortress, you will feel a feeling of being associated with an energizing and influential history. To enable you to comprehend the historical backdrop of the fortress better, Al-Zubarah regularly holds presentations of the site. This fortress will make them feel lowered; you will feel that there is something superb about realizing your own irrelevance.

Al Jassasiya Carvings
Al Jassasiya is a standout amongst the most charming locales in Qatar. Its puzzle lies in its petroglyphs – complicated and tremendous carvings in the stone that are unfathomably uncommon. It is trusted that these carvings are indications or some likeness thereof, and they highlight shapes that speak to animals, pontoons, and daisies. Huge numbers of the examples and signs are not unmistakable, and their implications stay incomprehensible. It is trusted that these markings are several years of age, making their safeguarding really momentous.

Al Wakra Museum
The Al Wakra historical center is a site that has a portion of the best engineering in Qatar. The shows in the historical center are very intriguing and highlight old antiquities and the points of interest of the historical backdrop of Qatar. Regarding the historical center's excellence, you won't want to venture inside – simply loll in the magnificence of this building. This old fortress has a ghostly quality to it which is peculiarly luring. This baffling allure will abandon you feeling captivated and in full appreciation.

The National Museum of Qatar
The National Museum of Qatar is so convoluted in its outline that it could almost be mixed up for an origami artful culmination. The white building has sharp and bending edges and, on an architectural level, appears to be almost outlandish. The building is right now under development and is gradually making the planner's stunning outline a reality. The exhibition hall's plan is enlivened by the desert climbed, a natural marvel shaped by crystals in specific atmospheres. The modeler trusted that the desert rose spoke to the progression of time, and needed to typify this thought in the plan of the building.

Barzan Towers
The Barzan Towers highlight splendid design, however to completely encounter their magnificence, you should advance toward the best. Once there, devour your eyes on the perspectives. The building itself is very impressive and delightful in its own specific manner. Make certain to take a camera; the spot is eminent for being a decent place for photography.

Doha Fort
This military fortress is situated in the core of Doha and was worked in 1927. This fortress was eventually changed over into a historical center, and now has presentations that element wooden trimmings, old angling hardware, oil canvases, and old photos. The post will make for a charming outing on the off chance that you are hoping to comprehend Qatar's history and the ways of life of its tenants somewhat better. Be that as it may, the most striking component of this stronghold is its outside. It is grand and imposing and makes a feeling of being encompassed by something frightfully intense. This makes for an incredible affair. You will love seeing this wonderfully scaring building.

The Museum of Islamic Art
The Museum of Islamic Art is situated in the core of an assortment of still, clear water. As you approach you will cross an extension over the water and feel yourself being attracted by the striking appearance of the historical center. The white building has sharp, boxed edges, and remains solitary on the water. In the daylight, the historical center appears to sparkle with splendor and its convincing vibe is improved. When you advance inside, you will be struck by the complexities of its inside, which forcefully appears differently in relation to the straightforwardness of its outside.

Being in the Arab region and having very minimum rainfall, it is best to avoid visiting Qatar in the months of Summer with Falls between June and September. The best time to visit Qatar is between the months of November and April. This is the kind of climate that allows you to relax and enjoy the place in the most pleasant climate possible.

Qatari cooking is comprised of conventional Arab food. Machbūs, a dinner comprising of rice, meat, and vegetables, is the national dish in Qata r.Seafood and dates are staple nourishment things in the nation. Some of the best Qatari dishes are Qatari Machbous, Kabsa, Arabic coffee, hummus, Mehalabiya and Other desserts that include baklava, kanafeh, and qatayef, as well as local variations on desserts from the Western World.

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