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There are countries that offer nice attractions that help them stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to tourism. This is the reason Portugal tourism packages are always in demand, because Portugal capitalises on the specialities of their tourism which Falls into vertical like health, nature and rural tourism. Portugal is a very important country when it comes to the history of the world. Portugal is the nation that ushered the age of Discovery.

We all know how Imperial some and colonialism change the history of the world. If the concept of colonialism groove in south and East Asia, it has to be credited to Portugal, because it was only because of the discovery of India by Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese sailor that it all began. Portugal was won a huge superpower in the world, and was the Numero Uno when it came to Spice trade. When they lost a lot of their wealth to the fire at Lisbon, and when Brazil gained Independence from them in 1992, their powers slowly deteriorated. The rich history of Portugal has left a lot of places that you can explore on your Portugal tour package. In fact, Portugal has been consistently listed among the top European destinations, and even the top destinations in the world.

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Most of today's people might not know Portugal is not for Cristiano Ronaldo. However, we are looking at a country that played a massive role in restructuring what the world is today. If not for the age of discoveries and Vasco da Gama discovering India, the world would have been very different today. This small country in the Iberian Peninsula has been a contributor to the cultural influence of Brazil as well. It is also interesting to note that the city of Mumbai in India was given as a dowry to the British Empire by Portugal. Even the economy of India has quite a lot to educate to this country. With so much of historical importance, experiencing eclipse of history in Portugal is never there. Portugal has also got quite a lot to offer in terms of beaches. If this country can be the father to Brazil, just imagine the kind of importance it would give to beaches!Lisbon is one of the most well connected cities, both in the European and in the Atlantic front. Reaching Portugal is never a hassle, but to explore Portugal in a way that it covers every aspect of this important place in the history of the world, definitely is.

Visiit brings you exclusive and customisable Portugal tour packages, and you can enjoy this amazing iberian country in a way that it is meant to be enjoyed, including but not limited to history, shopping and the beaches. Book your Portugal tour package with us.

An enchanting city arranged by the Mondego River in Central Portugal, Coimbra is home to a fortune trove of notable destinations, delightful greenery enclosures, the nation's second style of fado music, and a vivacious culture that is based on one of Europe's most seasoned colleges. A standout amongst other activities in Coimbra is to just get lost and find the numerous notable attractions from the dazzling Old Cathedral to the Gothic Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha, which contains the tomb of Queen Isabel. No outing to Coimbra would be finished without a visit to the University of Coimbra to respect one of the world's most wonderful libraries, the Joanina Library.

The Archipelago of the Azores is made out of 9 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, situated around 1,500 km (930 miles) west of Lisbon. Famous for world-class whale viewing, hot mineral springs, and curious shoreline towns, every island has its own particular intriguing character. São Miguel is the biggest island of the Azores and is known as "The Green Island" while Pico is home to the most noteworthy mountain in Portugal.

World acclaimed for its generation of fine port wine, the bustling city of Porto sprawls along the slopes sitting above the Douro River in northern Portugal. At the core of Porto is the enchanting person on foot zone, the Ribeira, a barometrical place on the stream, humming in unrecorded music, bistros, eateries and road merchants. Ruling this mainstream visitor setting is the Ponte Dom Luis, a metal, twofold deck curve connect that connections Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, surely understood for its port wine basements.

Wearing the moniker "Drifting Garden of the Atlantic," Madeira is a ripe desert spring in the Atlantic Ocean amongst Portugal and North Africa, well known for its lavish green scenes, blossom gardens and wines. Must-see puts in Madeira incorporate the Orchid Garden and the Laurissilva Forest, which harbors the world's biggest grouping of shrub. The capital and biggest city on Madeira is Funchal, home to noteworthy chapels, fortifications, vacationer resorts and eateries and additionally the tree-lined Lido Promenade, which presents staggering sea sees.

Extending along the banks of the Tagus River close to the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal's capital and biggest city twists upward among seven soak slopes, framing a charming goal of warm climate, appealing back streets, interesting shops, Gothic houses of prayer, noteworthy scaffolds and brilliant neighborhoods, resounding in customary fado music. The city's most established locale is Alfama, an old Moorish quarter, particular for its labyrinth of cobblestone boulevards, rural design and St. George's Castle. The most ideal approach to encounter Lisbon is by taking one of the vintage cable cars, for example, the notable Tram 28, which twists along memorable quarters, patio nurseries and fundamental attractions.

Given that the culture of Brazil is vastly driven by Portugal, it is not a surprise that the Portuguese love to enjoy a beach holiday in summer. The best time to visit Portugal is between March and may, and in September and October. These are the times when the weather is relatively warm and not unbearable, and at the same time, you can squeeze in a few beach times in your Portugal tour packages.

In Spite of being relatively restricted to an Atlantic influence, Portuguese cuisine has many Mediterranean touches. Portuguese cuisine is famous for seafood. The influence of Portugal's former colonies is also evident, especially in the wide spectrum of spices used. These spices include piri piri (small, fiery chili peppers) and black pepper, as well as cinnamon, vanilla and saffron. Olive oil is one of the most important components of Portuguese cuisine, which is used both for cooking and flavouring meals. Garlic is widely used, as are herbs, such as bay leaf and parsley.

A Must-Try in Portugal is the common Portuguese soup is caldo verde, which is made with potato, shredded collard greens, and chunks of chouriço (a spicy Portuguese sausage). Among fish recipes, salted cod (bacalhau) dishes are pervasive. The most typical desserts are arroz doce (rice pudding decorated with cinnamon) and caramel custard.

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