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Red may define love but blue definitely defines the background for romance. Presenting such a background is the beautiful coastline of the Philippines, a southeast Asian country on the western Pacific ocean. The warmth of the sun , the breeze around the seashore and the pristine sand will make you fall in love over and over again . This archipelago boasts of more than 7000 islands , out of which hundreds are uninhabited, of course. But the habited ones gives some serious couple goals to all the newly married people around the world.

No matter what , what a couple truly loves is some alone time and Philippines being a hidden gem gives visitors secluded environs to cuddle and snuggle. The islands are home to numerous resorts , the luxury of which is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. The place offers an array of water sports which not only give you the thrill but also take your breath away with the beauty that you see while performing them.

Tourists here are in for a treat not just with what nature has to offer but also the beautiful smiles that one gets from the happy locals. An added advantage is the communication factor as English is also one of the official languages of the Philippines alongside the local language called Tagalog. A tour of Philippines is however incomplete without a visit to Manila.

Philippines Manila Holiday Packages

Place : Manila City Tour
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Place : Manila City Tour
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Visiit Philippines Manila tour packages

Philippines is an archipelago in its truest sense and is made up of a lot of islands, and Manila, as one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in the country, stands out with its Cosmopolitan flavour in everything that it stands for. It is a great pleasure for you to explore this Island country and the capital city on and all encompassing tour package. Our experts have made sure that they have created a tour package that covers all the aspects of Philippines and Manila in particular. In addition to all of these, there is also an option to customise our tour packages so that you can enjoy the country of Philippines and the city of Manila in your own terms and conditions!

Coron island
This breathtaking island is a haven for divers, famous for shipwrecks found at the bottom of the ocean that date back to World War 2. Being the third largest island of the Philippines, adventure loving honeymooners get a fair share of splendid activities while feeling safe as this island is protected by legal proclamations. If you are not much of a diver then you can always go snorkelling or take fishing trips arranged at the island.
Dali beach
This 2km long beach houses an amazing resort to spoil you silly. This along with the collaboration of jungles at the backdrop, tiny hills and cliffs beside the turquoise beach is a visual treat and a satiating paradise for water sports at the beach is famous for providing good waves almost throughout the year.
Taal Volcano
While most of Philippines is breathtaking , the view of the Taal Volcano is to die for. It's the second largest volcano on the island of Luzon in the middle of the Taal lake. Sitting beside your significant other while admiring this spectacular view ,enjoying a cool drink in the warmth of this place is something couples will never forget.
Paoay , Ilocos Norte
Get buckled for a surprise , quite literally, as you go up and down the sand dunes of the paoay dessert. Visitors are in for a surprise as this desert is quite unexpected in an island country. Couples will love holding each other on the desert safari or challenging one another for sand boarding.
This capital city of the Philippines is the most crowded of all cities, spread along the bayside of the Luzon island, it's a treat to the eyes as one can see history blending with modernity. The infrastructure and the architecture of the Spanish colonial era exist along with conventional skyscrapers. There is just about so much a couple can do in this splendid place, especially if you're a food lover. You must dine like a local and sample the street food to give your taste buds a surprise as their cuisine is quite unique.

People in love often love art too as they begin to see beauty in everything with the blossoming of their beautiful relationship. Manila gives lovers that sip of refreshing art all around the city as street art is a big part of their urban culture.

The most captivating thing in the city is however the jeepneys. These are basically jeeps left back by the U.S from World War 2. These have become a symbol of Pinoy art and culture, as the colourful graffiti on them is a viewer's delight. Being the most common means of transport they are rightly called "the kings of the road".

People who've seen the rest of Philippines will be baffled by the heavy traffic as this is the most densely populated city in the whole of Philippines and yet it's a must go to place.
Get set for some unique experiences new couples, as Intramuros is quite an intriguing district. Said to be the oldest with historic Spanish influences , the infrastructure and architecture of this walled town are the only of its kind in Manila. One can explore Intramuros on a bamboo bicycle for a sassy retreat or couples can opt for a kalesa ride which is a horse drawn carriage for a little dramatism.

Intramuros is also famous for the following attractions:
● Fort Santiago
● Baroque
● San Agustin Church
● Manila Cathedral.
Famously called the " Old Downtown Of Manila", Quiapo is home to the Quiapo church. Worship here is quite different with what others would call superstitious belief. However couples can seek blessings for love lasting till eternity by either praying in the church or buying amulets and charms sold extensively outside the church . People believe the charms to ward off evil too. Go book your Philippines tour right after you book your wedding venue, of course.
The best time to visit is during the months from December to May as the weather is generally dry at this time. June to October are warm and humid. Although it must be added that anytime of the year is good for a honeymoon in the Philippines. Holiday season such as Christmas and Easter are also often spent here by tourists.

The most feasible way to travel to the Philippines is by air, it being an island country. It's also very convenient as there are numerous international airports with great connectivity with the airports at Manila and Cebu being the busiest.

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