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The moment you see this topic, a lot of questions might have popped up in your minds. The two words “tourism” and “Pakistan” doesn’t go hand in hand. Some might have even gone a step further and would have thought that instead of something they might have typed it as tourism. Thanks to most of the media, this country is branded as something and it has nothing to offer. But the truth is that this country possesses some unique travel destinations that can sweep you off your feet at the very first sight. Being one the most under explored countries in terms of tourism the purity of every place remains the unaltered.

Pakistan Tour Packages

Place : Nathia Gali, Neelum valley, Jhelu..
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Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
If those names brings a sense of nostalgia, you sure do have some good memory power. Never would have thought that these places would have such an historical importance.Its just literally gives us goosebumps to know that it belongs to 2600 BC. Harappa is actually located near Lahore in Pakistan. Mohenjo Daro is located in Sindh region.Just a stroll through the remains of these historic place revels and enlights a us a lot about the evolutions and human civilization.

World’s most glorious mosques
The architectural and artistic extravagance of these mosques really stand as a testimony for the dedication of the Mughals to their religion.A masque that is entirely made out of marble which was commissioned by the one of the greatest Mughal emperor is one thing that stands as a ever lasting memory in our minds.The Gol Masjid mosque situated in Karachi has unique feature.The single massive doom that it holds bering the minarets and calligraphy is is nothing less than a treat for our eyes.The Badshahi mosque,Shah Faisal and Wasir Khan Mosque are some of the famous mosques that needs a special mention.

Naltar Valley
A two and a half hour journey from Gilgit leads to Naltar which is famous for its colourful lakes.This place is also famous for cultivating tomatoes at high altitudes.The valley covered with pine trees has the potential to transport you to whole new world. If you want to experience the so called “Love at first sight” this is the place where you need to be. This place for sure is heaven on earth.

Neelum Valley
Located in one the most troubled borders in the world, this place bears some exotic locations that can definitely make good dp for social media handles. Neelum is without second thoughts is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azaad. This place also has some proud possessions that includes some breathtaking views, freshwater streams, majestic green mountains and widespread forests.This is one place where you can witness the mountain streams ends its journey as a stream and starts its journey as a river.

The central Gilgit, which is located in the northern part of Pakistan is a pinnacle of beauty and has a special touch of mother nature. The seven hour journey from Jaglot on the Karakoram Highway itself has got its own perks.The highway is filled several natural extravagance like streams and springs that could be an absolute treat. Shangri La which is nothing less than a paradise is situated on the other side of the river Indus.T reach Shangri La a wooden bridge above the river has be crossed. If you are an adventurous person. These are the kind of activities that you need to indulge yourself in. There is an air crft structured restaurant that you cannot afford to miss.

Gojal Valley
Its everyone's wish and a craving is to reach greater heights in life, don’t lose confidence in your self, because you can and if you are in Gojal valley you can exactly reach a great height of 15,397 feet above sea level. This snow covered beauty is an absolute stunner. One of the important and must see is the karakoram Highway that connects Pakistan and China.The Chiprosun in the North Eastern part touches Wakhan region in Afghanistan.

Deosai Planes
This astonishing beauty is located in the boundary of Karakoram and western Himalayas. The Deosai Planes is like 4000 meters above the sea level. Eight months of the year the entire place is covered with snow.The remaining four months is the exact opposite of the eight months, during which the place hosts a wide range of flowers and the entire place is filled with bright vivid colours.

Rama Meadow
Just about a eleven kilometers away from the Rama Village is the serine beauty Rama Meadow. This is ne place where you can experience the awesomeness of nature. A place to let go of your routine and stretch a little bit . The wide spread green grasses , the fresh streams and pure air can definitely have very positive impact on you.

Even though this place has dark history because for the terrorist penetration, the beauty of this place is remains undisturbed. Beside if a person is on the lookout for adventure this would be a perfect place coz’ who wouldn’t want step foot on the exact place where the terrorists had their camps. Another one of must things that you need to experience is the vision of the Hindu Kush Mountains engulfed in the pure white clouds.The surrounding is also rich in nature filled with a diverse variety of plants , small ponds and freshwater streams.

Ayun and Bamburet Valley
Ayun a village located in the lap of the mountains is one place that is blessed with the richness of nature. The sprawling green fields is sheer pleasure to watch. Just twelve kilometers away is the river Bumburet. The Banburet has great historical significance because there are traces of Alexander the great in this locality.

Even though the place might be filled with some extravagant beauty, but if there no perfect situations and ambience to enjoy the destination then its of no use.Hitting the preferred destination at the right time is one the major things that needs to taken into consideration for any to the travel to the fullest. When it comes to Pakistan October is the most prefered month to visit, because the whether not too hot nor too cold and it at the perfect levels.

For every person out there, if you are someone who cannot survive without non veg in your menu this is the kind of place where you need to be. Being an islamic state its mandatory for them to offer some delicious meat. When it comes to food in Pakistan you need to prioritise because the numbers here are just so high. So begin with a starter The authentic Haleem,Then the starters like Kabab and now the main course One of the greatest contributions of the mughals The Briyani and finally the dessert Lassi.

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